WILW and Oh How Pinteresting!

It's Wednesday which means it's the day for two of my favorite link ups, and I'm gonna jump right on into it!

I'm loving that I have actually been able to stick to my healthy regimen during the week the past two weeks. I've been really thoughtful about what I'm eating, how often, and increasing the amount of water I'm drinking (which subsequently increases the number of bathroom breaks I take, buuuuuut, that's another story).
Cartoon in the paper this morning...I thought it appropriate :)
I'm loving that MG and I  try out new recipes and cook together. Last night we made this deliciousness:
{via}  more on this in another post

I'm loving that the audit we had at our school yesterday, and the interview I was part of, were easy. Now it feels like the stress and pressure of that are off of me! Phew!

I'm loving the book Still Missing that I had read a review of on C-Mae's blog Happiness Is....I took her recommendation to read it, and it is definitely a page turner, even though the story itself is disturbing.  I just hit a part last night that was totally unexpected! I'll post a review once I'm done reading it, but as of now, I recommend.

I'm loving that my school somehow got licenses from Rosetta Stone for any of the teachers at our school who were interested in getting a license for it. So, hopefully this means my Spanish will be way more BIEN than it is en este momento (this moment)! 

I'm loving Pinterest and all of the AWESOME things I find on there on a regular basis.

This week I've been pinning:

I just can't wait for Spring to get here...altho some days around here it actually FEELS like Spring already 
I am a comfy pants fiend...MG jokes about how quickly I take off my jeans and get into comfy pants as soon as we walk in the door from somewhere. Altho, I've noticed he is following suit with that :)

I love these candles, coated in dried peas. So clever, and they look SO nice!

Healthy Pizza Mushrooms  now I just need to add some pepperoni on those...:)

I'm sure you've seen this, but it makes me laugh. What it WOULD have looked like if both of her
 legs were like that one she kept sticking out at the Oscar's lol

My good buddy, Genna, pinned this and I instantly fell in love with it. I want it!!!!
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What have you been pinning this week?? Go link up and show me so I can find new cool stuff to dream about!!

Happy Wednesday!

Review: Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System

Happy Tuesday party people! I was missing yesterday mainly because work was a bit busy and I didn't have a ton of time to write a post, but I'm back today with a vengeance.....ok, not a vengeance, but I'm back dangit! :)

So, the other week I told you all about my excitement over my purchase of my Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System:

It came early last week and I have been using it nightly ever since.  I was interested to see if it would help with my skin in general (which isn't really terrible), but also with this one area of my face that seems to get little itchy bumps on it. I'm not sure if it's cuz my hair is near it all day long, if it was a reaction to some face wash I was using, stress....no idea.

So, after using it for a week,  my face feels cleaner after I'm done using it and my skin is a bit more vibrant than it was before. That sounds cheesy, but I had been noticing my face looking a little bit dull before using this--thought maybe it was cuz it was winter and my skin was dry, or any other number of things.

I feel like this thing helps to clean everything up, and kind of wake your face up a bit in the process.

The machine itself is water-proof so you can use it in the shower (which I do), and runs on batteries (only downfall I can see with it is that it can't be "recharged"). It has two settings and replaceable brush heads (you can get 2 for about $8). This set also comes with a 1 oz. tube of the exfoliating renewal cleanser.

Overall, I really like it--it makes me feel like I'm able to get my face clean of makeup, etc and livens up my skin a bit. 

And those little itchy spots have gone down dramatically. Today I have none!

I would suggest that you should try this! At $29.99 in stores (and $24.99 on Amazon with free shipping) it's a significantly smaller risk than the $100-200 Clarisonic facial cleaners. And it works.

So, go get you one!!
Between that system and this toothbrush I got earlier this year,
I have a clean face and shiny white teeth!  Holla!!

Friday's Fancies: Hollywood Glam!

It's been a bit since I put together an outfit for Friday's Fancies, but I got into the mood to get creative with some fancy clothes, and didn't want to spend the money to do it for real!

So, since the Oscar's are coming up this weekend, {av} at {long distance loving} made the theme for this week Hollywood Glam!

I chose to make an outfit that I would wear if I was a celebrity....ahh, one can dream, right? :)

I did something simple and elegant with a touch of "different" in the bracelet. This is what I put together:

Friday's Fancies: Hollywood Glam

I saw the shoes and fell in LOVE with them--I like that they are a classic dressy shoe but love the swirly detail of it that makes it SUPER girly and awesome :)

What are you fancying this week?? Go head over and link up!

It's OK....

I'm linking up today with Amber at Brunch with Amber for It's OK Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

Today, it's ok....

....that every morning, when I catch the same trains to work, on my second train the "conductor" (is that what you call metro train operators?) sounds like Janet Jackson. Albeit a sleepy sounding Janet Jackson, but it sounds JUST like her. Always makes me wonder if Janet gave up the hard life of a musician to be a train operator :)

....to be annoyed that when people at work used my office while I was gone, to test a kid, that I came back to papers in my office, my post-it notes drawn on with things like cars, etc, my pencils drawn on with my pens....grrr! I HATE when people don't respect your space, especially when they are borrowing it! The same kid/teacher are using my office today and I intend on leaving a note and/or saying something if I see them before I get booted out of here for the morning.

....to have had a little bit of a shopping spree over the long weekend. MG and I hit up the outlets in PA when we were there, and I purchased some great things (a long sleeve shirt from Forever21 for $11, a sweater from J.Crew for under $30--thank you teacher discount!, and a sweater dress from Loft Outlet for $20, and two sweaters for $10 and $15), all of which are totally usable for work. And then when I got to my parents' house, on Monday I did a little cyber shopping in preparation for Jamaica/spring and summer. These were  my purchases:

$16.90  this one just looks like a super comfy lazy day shirt and I wanted it!

$19.90 --could be cute for night dinner in Jamaica and throughout spring/summer

$24.90--just thought this was cute

$16.90--figured I could also wear this to work with a cardi over it--love multiple uses!!

$16.90 --could also maybe get away with this at work with a cardi but love the lace straps

All of that cost less than $100 (before shipping...dang you!!) so I feel pretty okay with the cost.

.....to be reeeeeeally annoyed that Cooper's teeth cleaning is going to cost me almost $500. Why is this so expensive??? At this same vet, they had quoted me $600 for his neutering when he was a puppy (I took him somewhere else). How is getting your teeth cleaned almost the same as getting your balls chopped off?? Tell me that...

....to want to punch people on the metro who insist on singing the songs they are listening to via headphones, out loud, so everyone else has to hear your horrid singing. Or listen to you cuss every other word. Not ok, especially at 7am. Grr!

...to be on a health/workout kick because: 1) I'm just not feeling good about my body. I feel bloated and pudgy and my clothes aren't fitting how they used to/how I want them to; 2) cuz Jamaica is almost exactly a month away and 3) I'm getting closer to 30 and I need to get my habits more stable before my metabolism hits the floor.

...to be super jazzed that my Olay pro-x finally showed up yesterday (even tho the shipping tracker still says it's in Jessup, MD). I tried it out last night and me likey! I'll post a review after I use it for a week or so, but so far so good!!

....to be pumped that the weather is supposed to get up into the high 60's today. But, not so pumped that it's tricking me into thinking that it's almost the end of the school year, and it most certainly is NOT. I'll be enjoying the yummy weather either way (good thing I bought those shirts, don't ya think???) lol

Alright, I need to go prepare to get kicked out of my office. Boo! Hope you all have awesome Thursdays--one more day til the weekend!!!

WILW and Oh How Pinteresting!

Hey bloggie buds! I'm back after a brief hiatus. The last few days Ive been at my parents' house making sure my dad was taken care of while my mom went to my grandfather's funeral. I also got away for part of the weekend (Fri-Sun) with MG up to Philly since we had previously planned on going up there and I didn't want him to miss out on family time. It was an absolute blast, a nice, happy distraction, and I'm really glad that we were able to do it. Every time I'm with his family, it makes me realize why he is the amazing guy that he is--his family is great!

But, today is Wednesday and I'm linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for Oh How Pinteresting and Michelle at this kind of love for WILW:

I'm loving all of the love and support you all offered up and sent my way when you found out about my grandfather. The messages you sent were so heartwarming and they really made me feel supported and loved during a hard time, so thank you!

I'm loving that Cooper got to spend 3 days of fun with MG's nieces and nephew this past weekend. Lets just say that Cooper spend the entire 2.5 hour ride home passed out, and when we got to my parents house, he walked himself into his kennel and went to sleep some more. He had an awesome time and even got to play with a dog ten times his size (literally):
Gunther the 100+ pound Golden-doodle, Cooper the 11 pound mini-poodle
(The funny thing here is that Cooper is actually older than Gunther hehe) 
Cooper got to participate in "dress up"...whether or not he wanted to haha
I'm loving how supportive MG has been through all of the stuff that has happened with my family since we've started dating. When I found out about my grandfather, and got off the phone with my mom, he immediately opened his arms while sitting on the couch and let me cry. He rubbed my back and made me feel safe. I thank my lucky stars every day for this amazing guy. 

I'm loving that I got some amazing deals at the outlets in PA this weekend--including a sweater dress from Loft for $20 that was originally $80. Score! I also did a bit of online shopping while at my parents house in preparation for MGs and my trip to Jamaica. My credit card might be cringing a little bit...but I don't care! :)

I'm loving lobster mac and cheese. MGs parents took us out to dinner on Saturday night and MG's mom and I both got the lobster mac and cheese. This dish was decadent and mouth-wateringly amazing. We also ordered fried pickles as an appetizer which were also incredible. If you ever get the chance to have lobster mac and cheese...DO IT!
I'm loving that our Jamaica trip is almost exactly a month away. Bring it on warm weather, sunshine, yummy drinks and vacation!

And, as always, I'm loving all of my awesome finds on Pinterest on a regular basis, and am linking up with Michelle:

This week I've been pinning....

Baked Avocado Fries

Seems to happen to me EVERY week!

I love this outfit--maybe different shoes, but it looks so cute and comfy!

just too cute!

Butternut Squash Macaroni with Tomatoes, Blue Cheese and Sage because I'm obsessed with mac and cheese in general, and especially since that lobster mac this weekend!

I don't know if you can actually read this, but if you can't the pin is here...and it's totally worth the read. You will giggle!

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I hope you guys are having an awesome week. Thank you again for reaching out and for the prayers and thought you sent out for my grandpa. It meant a lot to me, and I'm sure it meant a lot to him, as well!
Tons of hugs to you!!

A Goodbye...

Hey friends....it's with a heavy heart that I write this morning, letting you know that my grandpa passed away last night. At the age of 91 and 364 days. Yes, he died the day before his 92nd birthday.

Although this isn't terribly surprising news for the family (his health had been steadily declining over the past few months), it is still sad. My grandparents were both at the same nursing home. My grandmother has Alzheimers and basically hasn't really been able to communicate much for the last 10 years or so.  Yesterday they took her in to see him, as they were used to having regular time together. They spent some time, and when she was taken to go have dinner, he passed. It was like he hung on to say good-bye to her, the woman he had loved and been married to for 70+ years. That part pulls at my heartstrings a little bit :)

I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers yesterday. I'm sure that they helped him along and comforted him on his journey.  I can't tell you how much this community means to me, with the outpouring of love and support that we give to each other. It's really incredible. You guys mean a lot to me, and I'm incredibly thankful to have people like you in my life for the happy times, and the times when we need some support. Sincerely, thank you.

A Bunch of Random Shizzzzz

Hey buddies! It's allllllmost Friday, and that means it's almost a 3-day weekend (thank you Abe Lincoln and G-Dubbs for being born!) I'm ready for a long weekend like you wouldn't believe!

**Also, I am guest posting today for Casey over at Poodleism while she is vacationing away in Hawaii (that lucky duck), so go check it out!**

I'm supposed to be going up to Philly this weekend with MG to visit his family, but those plans might change because yesterday we got some bad news about my Grandpa. He hasn't been doing well for the last few months, and it seems things have taken a turn for the worse. He's not able to eat (is having trouble swallowing), and is dealing with fever and infection, etc. I'm keeping him in my prayers...I just don't want him to be in pain.

So, plans might change. In the meantime, I'm gonna talk about happier, lighter things--I just wanted to let you guys know what was going on, and if you have any prayers to offer up, I'd very much appreciate it :)

On to happier and lighter:
Randomness #1:
I went grocery shopping yesterday and Barefoot Wine was on sale for $5.99 so I added two of those bad boys (one Moscato and one Riesling) to my cart. When I got to the register the lady asked me if I wanted a wine bag for them and I said "sure" thinking she meant the little paper bags. Noooo, she did not. She came back with this AMAZEBALLS little bag, which I had not seen before:
It's like those fabric grocery bags, but its smaller and has dividers built in for wine bottles!! After seeing there were SIX slots, I kicked myself for not taking full advantage and buying 4 more bottles! haha, just kidding......(kind of)

Best part? It was FREE! So, find you a store nearby (It was Giant around here, for you D-M-V peeps) and go get you one!! :)

I thought I'd share MG's and my picture from our lovely V-day out since I didn't get it uploaded until last night:
Don't judge my wine glass....originally it was the size of MG's and when I asked for another glass it came in that fish bowl massive glass. Apparently the waiter thought that I enjoy large quantities of wine (and he may have been correct) hehe

During that photo upload I realized I never uploaded my pictures from New Years, either. I tell you, I'm slackin', people. Here's one shot from that night as well since I obviously never shared it with you:

Randomness #3
I'm excited for a new purchase I made to get delivered:
I have been seeing all of these rave reviews about the Clarisonic but I just can't bring myself to spend over $100 on it. So, when I saw this guy, and it had really good reviews too, I figured I'd give it a try. Once it arrives, I'll definitely do a review for you all. My skin has been bugging me lately and Im hoping this helps out! And for $26 bucks on Amazon (plus free shipping), I'm more than willing to give it a whirl!

Randomness #4:
 I saw on facebook a friend of mine just got back from a trip to the Maldives with his gf for his 30th birthday. They also got engaged during the trip. I saw the pics and I can't imagine a more romantical spot for an engagement. Or a honeymoon. Heck, for anything, really. But, I had to look up where exactly the Maldives are. In case YOU are as geography-inept as I am, it's in the Indian Ocean. And it looks like:

Can we say HEAVEN? Let's just say this place is quickly getting added to my list of "Places I Must Go To"....unfortunately I think it might have to be added under the sub heading of "when I have a buttload of money" Ahhh, a girl can dream, can't she??

Today is my blog-iversary! I only just realized it (and had to come back in here and edit this post). I can't believe that I've been doing this for an entire year! And, what amazing people I've connected with through it all. You guys are awesome and have helped me through a ton of stuff over the past year. I am so excited for all of the people I'll continue to connect with, and meet! Here's to one year!

Hope you guys have great Thursdays!! And dont forget to check out that guest post o' mine at Poodleism. It's a good one, I promise! :)

WILW and Oh How Pinteresting!

Happy Hump Day!! I'm fresh off of a lovely night out with my beau last night where we had DELISH Italian food (I'm still drooling thinking about it), yummy wine, a light and heavenly dessert and lots of quality time. Love!

I'm jumping right into things today since I am running short on time this morning!

Linking up with Jamie at this kind of love for WILW

I'm loving the nice night out with MG for V-day. He loved his gifts and even put the Scrabble picture frame on the little mantle that you see right when you walk into his apartment, next to a picture of us.

I'm loving the funny and thoughtful/sweet things MG did for me for Vday. Flowers delivered at work, nice dinner out, and a really sweet card that contained a McDonald's gift card (this was the funny part and is an inside joke), a gift card to Panera (because he knows how much I crave that Broccoli Cheddar Soup in the bread bowl...I probably request about a million times a month if we can go there haha) and a gift card for Amazon so I can get more sweet reads for my Kindle. I loved all of it cuz he put some thought into them and I can TOTALLY use them all!

I'm loving that the weather is nice today. No freezing fingers this morning!

I'm loving that I have MG saying "amazeballs" now....and he even wrote it in my valentine's day card. Muahahah!

I'm loving  that we are going to spend some time with MG's family this weekend. And loving even more that his mom told him yesterday how excited she is for us to come up this weekend. Although, I think it has more to do with her being able to see Cooper. I can't really blame her:
He IS quite a cutie :)
I'm loving that my good buddy Genna didn't get ticked at me when I realized that I double booked this upcoming weekend. Thanks, girl! Totally looking forward to her visit--I miss my Genners!!

And, as always I'm loving Pinterest and am linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for Oh How Pinteresting!


This week I've been pinning...

I love purple!!!! I would totally do the flat with this (or I wouldnt be able to walk in those heels)

Raspberry Mango Sunrise Smoothie  Yummy!!

I am an expert at wine CPR...
Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Chicken Chili  Altho the pic looks a little nasty, read the ingredients and you'll see why it probably tastes amazeballs

Just a little touch of cuteness for the day after Valentine's Day :)
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Have a fantabulous Wednesday!!!