Charleston Wedding

My first Indian American wedding experience was actually really cool. When I saw that there were so many events, and especially how long the day was going to be on Saturday, I was a little nervous, but it turned out to be such a cool and fun experience!

On Friday night from 7-10:30 was a celebration for everyone who was in town. Basically it was like a mini reception and there was a ton of Indian food, Indian music, and lots of dancing! And the saris that the women were wearing were so so pretty!
We got to do this dance with two metal sticks (I don't know the name of it), but it was a lot of fun and the groom's family had a fun time teaching us, and we had fun trying to keep up!
(I had more videos than I did still pictures)
Poor me and my gestational diabetes diet where I had to watch carbs went out the window for dinner when my options were various breads (which I so wanted but stayed away from), potatoes, buttered chicken (my fave) and lentil soup. Needless to say, I did not test my blood sugars that night, but all of the food was really yummy!
We all liked the trays so that we could get a taste of all the different things, but without the different flavors blending and getting mixed together
Saturday the festivities started at 1:15 in the hotel parking lot where the groom got lead to the ceremony with a processional. They had music playing (a mix of Indian music and some traditional hip hop music which was a ton of fun), and we lead the way around the side of the hotel, waving colorful handkerchiefs while the groom got pulled along on a carriage behind us (apparently they had wanted to do a white horse but that didn't work out for whatever reason). Lucky for us it was a gorgeous day out!
We proceeded to the Indian ceremony. I won't lie, we didn't understand any of what was being said, but we followed along with what was happening based on the information in the program. It was a really neat ceremony to watch and the bride looked stunning in her attire!
I loved that the groom was hidden behind a sheet while the bride walked in, and they had to wait to see each other until the sheet was lowered--the anticipation was really fun!

We had cocktail hour after the Indian ceremony out on the terrace of the hotel which overlooked the water, and the weather was so nice so we took advantage of the photo op!
Following that was the Christian ceremony which was really quick, and once again the bride looked stunning in her dress!
After the ceremony we got ourselves together to head to the reception, but caught a glimpse of the married couple darting off into the sunset in their gorgeous wedding car
We headed out to The Cedar Room in Charleston on 1960's white buses which was a trip. The Cedar Room used to be an old cigar factory(?), and it had such a cool industrial/loft feel--it was beautiful!
Unfortunately, there weren't enough tables to sit down at, so our group ended up eating dinner at a standing table, but the delicious southern food made up for it (another carb-buster of a night for me).
And then there was dancing. The music was really good (the DJ's transitions could have used a lot of work), and we all had such a good time tearing up the dance floor. Preggo mama over here even did the limbo (MG asked the guys to raise it for me and then the effers lowered it while I was going under....mean!)
 The whole weekend was awesome and it was so much fun to get to experience another culture's wedding festivities and customs. Lots of blessings to the newlyweds!
I do know that Baby G enjoyed all of the dancing :)
And that wraps up MG's and my last airplane trip anywhere before we become parents! 

Weekending in Charleston

Sorry for the absence at the end of the week last week, but Thursday was nuts at work and then I was off to Charleston that night so I took a mini blog break.
MG and I had such a great weekend in Charleston, like we always have in the past, but this weekend had so many highlights I'm gonna recap in two posts. This one is gonna focus on the time that we spent with our friends who we stayed with Thursday and Friday night.

Our highlights included:
~A super easy flight on Thursday evening and getting in ahead of schedule (still at 10pm but earlier than 10:30!)

~Staying up until 1 am with our friends Chris and Meghan catching up, laughing, and just being silly (and getting a sneak peak of their sleeping 8 month old boy)

~Waking up to this adorable little monkey two mornings in a row
~Having breakfast prepared by Meghan, who's a chef (so so so good!)

~A lazy morning that started in the 70s, followed by making our way into downtown Charleston for a walk through the open market, and then lunch at 39 Rue De Jean (omg if you ever go, get the truffle fries!)
~Walking and stopping in a cute boutique hotel with an art gallery, and a really kick ass rooftop where we took a moment to lounge
~Made our way down to the water (we had to walk off those Fries and the grilled cheese I ate), got a good look at Ravanel Bridge (yes, for you Southern Charm lovers, THE Ravanels) and soaked in the gorgeous weather
~Stopped in so many cute stores, and totally wanted to take one of these metal pineapple decorations home with us
~Made our way back home to relax on our friends' back deck, the breeze and beers (for them, water for me)...oh, and more smiles from this guy
~An afternoon nap, and then we all got ready to head out to happy hour before MG and I had night one of the wedding festivities (more on that later)

~Went to Salty Mike's for happy hour, a pretty view, and met Cameron's sister from Southern Charm who looks JUST like Cameron, except with black hair
After a couple of hours of getting drunk on water (me), we made our way to the start of the wedding festivities which I'll share more about tomorrow. We made it home around 11pm and went straight to bed because we were both exhausted. And then got to wake up and spend more time with this snuggle bunny before we left for the wedding the next morning
I'm guessing you can tell WHO was the highlight of our weekend based on the number of pictures here. Their son is the sweetest, happiest 8 month old I've ever met. We actually both kept mentioning him once we left our friends' place because he's just such a special little guy. And I have to admit, I loved seeing MG in this role.
We also obviously enjoyed seeing our friends, and it was really fun to see them in the role of mom and dad. It only reinforced that we wish our friends lived closer so we could have weekends with them, like this, all the time!

Ill recap my first Indian wedding experience tomorrow--lots of fun and cool things to share there too! For now, I'm gonna stare at this little guy's face and remember that adorable smile when Monday gets rough :)

WHW {#81}: Currently

Happy What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesday, friends! 
Reading ...
The Nightingale--very very close to the end and I can't take it! This book has given me a range of emotions, and the other night I stopped reading right when things got REALLY serious. If you haven't read this one yet, definitely do!
Watching ...
Summer House on Bravo, which is almost over--I don't see the appeal of Carl. He seems like a player and super full of himself and I'm not about that life.  I'm also watching RHOBH and can I say Lisa Rinna has a big mouth (literally AND figuratively) and she has stirred the s**t--I'm interested to see how all of this plays out at the reunion. 
In other housewife news, did you all hear that Heather Dubrow and Meaghan King Edmonds aren't coming back to RHOC? And Kelly Dodd is staying?? #crazylady. I also read that Lydia is going to return--I liked her, but she didn't really add much to the season (other than normality haha). 

Well, I have my Gestational Diabetes class this morning, so I guess I'll find out more about what I'll be eating. From the sounds of it, repetitive meals....I'm already feeling bored. But, whatever I need to do in order to make sure baby girl is healthy, I'll do. Even if I grumble about it a little :)

Looking forward to ... 
heading to Charleston tomorrow night for our friends' wedding. We're staying with our other friends who live down there, and will finally get to meet their little boy! Plus, the weather is supposed to be in the 80s!! Bring on the warmth!
Enjoying ...
having things arriving from the baby registry. And also my mom bringing by a recent find from a neighbor with this travel bassinet which we are totally going to put to use in our room once baby girl gets here!
water water everywhere! I've been logging my water/liquid intake on an app called Water Logged the last few days, just to keep a more conscious eye on how much I'm getting.
the weather this past weekend (and into this week) which has allowed me and MG to take lots of walks, have our doors open during the day and get some fresh air. If we aren't going to get snow days, this is the kind of weather I want!

Wanting ... 
Chocolate. Period.
Wearing ...
Spring-like clothing because the temps are in the upper 60's and lower 70's this week. In February. Mother Nature forgot that it was Winter, and apparently forgot to inform the groundhog.

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Grateful For...
friends who have reached out during (and since) my diabetes freak out on Monday. It's never easy to be told that something is "wrong" with you, and even more so when it can impact your baby. It makes you scared, upset and overwhelmed. I'm grateful that I have the means to control this, and a great support system to get me through.

Now it's your turn to link up with Jessi and I to share what's hap-"pinning" with you!

Long Weekending

....the one that ended with some bummer news.
Despite having a really great weekend overall, my day off yesterday started with bad news. On Sunday morning I got an email saying my results from my glucose test were online so I opened it and read the notes that said "Your test results were within normal limits. We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment"--sweet, right? Until the call Monday morning telling me that not only did I NOT pass, but I failed so hard core that I automatically have gestational diabetes. To say I was shocked (and subsequently pretty effing upset) would be an understatement. So, no 3 hour test for me to re-do everything, I automatically am going to the hospital tomorrow for a 2.5 hours class on how to manage this. 
I would say I'd be more surprised if I ate like crap regularly, but I don't. I've been eating well, and exercising regularly. So, yesterday was just a huge emotional bummer, wrapping my head around something being "wrong"...and digesting the fact that I'm back to more needles and other things that I felt so far away from the start of this whole journey. I'm thankful that it's manageable and it's nothing life threatening, but it's still super disappointing and discouraging.

Anyway, moving on....let's talk about the happy stuff that happened this weekend:

~Friday night I met up after work with 3 girl friends (and fellow SLP's) for dinner--Mexican of course! It was so great to catch up with everyone, laugh, share work stories and just enjoy each other (and I was even healthy and split the whole enchilada meal with my friend! #screwyouGestationalDiabetes)
~Saturday morning we took Coop to get groomed at his regular groomer who did an amazing job, unlike the other one who charged $80 and did nothing but give him a jacked up haircut. He even got a cute Valentine's themed bandana
~Made a run to Costco to stock up on all things bulk-item. Saturday mornings in your 30's, guys what can I say? lol
~Went for an afternoon walk because the weather was in the lower 70s and absolutely gorgeous!
~That night we met up with friends for dinner--I had salmon--the tiniest portion you've ever seen of salmon--and finished up with dessert of a root beer float which was heavenly (I'll be living vicariously through this picture for the next few months)
Our other friends with a 4 month old met up with us too since they were in town, and we got some fun baby time in, which is always a win!

~I wore a new top I'd just gotten earlier this week, and showed off the baby bump (thank you Motherhood Maternity!)
~Sunday morning we ran errands and then my mom came by. We had lunch at Yard House and ate outside because it was awesome weather out, especially for mid February!
~We attempted to watch The Girl on the Train but it was a little too raunchy and all over the place, so we stopped about an hour in and I told my mom and MG what happens at the end #timesaver

~My mom headed home around 4 and MG and I went for another walk because days like this there's no excuse to be inside

~We made dinner at home, relaxed for the night, and I got a lot of time with The Nightingale
~Monday morning MG went to golf with his friends and I spent the morning engrossed in The Nightingale until I got the call from my doctor's office which derailed the rest of my morning and early afternoon.

Once MG got home, we talked about the GD situation (he gave LOTS of comforting to my upset self haha), he did some research (because my SIL told me not to look stuff up and get overwhelmed) and then we went for another walk around the lake by our house.

So, despite the kind of crappy ending to the long weekend, it was still a lot of fun, and filled with good stuff. I know this GD is just a bump in the road....something "extra" to deal with, but I'm thankful for the support system I have, and that I'll have more information come tomorrow morning and a better plan in place. If you had GD, feel free to reach out and let me know--I'd love to pick your brain if I need to, or get overwhelmed, etc!

Hoping your weekend was fun-filled, and without bad news from a doctor's office haha.