Thirsty Thursday #7: Virtual Happy Hour Link Up

Happy Thursday, party people! It's time for another edition of Thirsty Thursday with myself and the awesome Trish for some virtual happy hour'ing!

You don't have to be a drinker to join. Just post about anything that's going on in your life that you would share during a happy hour with your friends!

Drink of the Day: Shaken Nectarine Vodka Chiller 

What you need:
-1 nectarine
-1 shot of vodka
-some raspberries (optional)
-ice filling the jar about 3/4 of the way
-cold club soda

Peel the nectarine and put in food processor until smooth. Add about 3/4 of the pulpy mixture to the bottom of a mason jar. Add shot of vodka, raspberries, and fill 3/4 of the jar with ice. Top with cold club soda, put lid on and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE! Enjoy!
So, now that we have our drink, What's on Your Mind?

The Beach
The pull of the end of the school year, and the desire to be 100% totally relaxed is making me daydream about MG's and my trip to the beach coming up in less than a month. It will be time with his family, who I love, and time away from the city, soaking up the sun and having a good time. I can't wait.

Aziz Ansari
I saw his stand-up special last week and it was HILARIOUS. I was laughing out loud all by myself.  I've enjoyed Aziz's comedy before, and find him endlessly entertaining. If you haven't seen the stand-up special on comedy central, look for it in your guide and DVR it. Totally worth it!
MG and I had tried to get tickets to see him perform but they were outrageously expensive. Sad face.

I saw last week while roommate's been gone (I dunno where), that she was getting letters from lawyers. I kinda freaked out thinking that she was getting a lawyer for our living situation, but then another day I saw a ticket from DC police come, and the following day, this:
So, it looks like dumb-dumb got in trouble somehow. Not entirely sure what she did, but if lawyers are soliciting you, it can't be good.  Maybe it's just speeding excessively?
Either way, karma's a B....

Reply All
I'm talking about the feature that allows you to respond to everyone on an email....but people abuse the heck out of this. When my principal, or anyone at work for that matter, sends out an informative email, the PE teacher at my school ALWAYS hits "reply all" and sends out a 'Thank you" response. EVERY time. It's fine when it happens once or twice by accident (we've all done that, realized it, and smacked our own heads), but EVERY time? What makes matters worse is that when he replies all, it has included things like "mines is broken" and "We did are best to beat the 95 degree heat". ARE best??? If you're gonna hit reply-all, or send out a group email, check your grammar before you make it known to everyone involved that you're not intelligent.

"What? Did she just bring up 'zombies' at happy hour?" Yes, I did. Did you all hear about the guy who was caught eating another dude's face, out in public? While they were both naked? And then continued to eat the guy's face AFTER he had gotten shot??? What the heck??? I dunno what kind of Memorial Day shenanigans they were partaking in... I saw that in the news two days ago and had two reactions:  1) VOM....cuz that ISH is nasty, and
2) We need to get the serum that Will Smith made in 'I Am Legend' to stop this zombie outbreak before it gets bad.

I mean, who DOES that????

And, on that ~fun~ note, I'm off to enjoy another day of work before I head off to a real-life happy hour complete with mimosas and mani-pedis. Jealous? You should be! ;) Don't forget to link up!!

Peace out, girlscouts!

WILW and Oh How Pinteresting!

It's Wednesday and I'm linking up with Jamie and Michelle for some Wednesday awesomeness!

I'm loving that the wedding this weekend was SUCH a blast. So much dancing that my feet hurt for two days after the wedding! haha
Prom picture much? :)
I'm loving that MG and I finally got the living and dining rooms painted. Not loving that we still have the bedroom, but at least we make a good team!

I'm loving that I have a Happy Hour date with one of my coworkers for Thursday at Mimosa Nails for manis, pedis and mimosas after work. Don't mind if I do!

I'm loving Cooper's new cutie haircut! He looks SO stinkin' cute!

I'm loving that today is one of my besties', Trish's, birthday. Go over to Tales from Trish and wish her a happy birthday!!!

I'm loving that tomorrow will be the 7th edition of Trish and my Virtual Happy Hour link up. Swing on by and join in the fun!

And, as always, I'm loving me some Pinterest. This is some of what I've been pinning lately:

Well, I have swam with dolphins, but it's still so true....

Love this look for summer!

I just wanna snuggle him!!!

This would be SO great for the home, minus the $1400 pricetag. Dang you PotteryBarn!!!

Shrimp Tacos with Cilantro Lime Sauce Um, yes please!!!!

This one had me rolling....
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What have YOU been pinning?

Make sure you come back tomorrow for some Thirsty Thursday Happy Hour'ing with Trish and I!!!

I will never be a professional painter....

MG and I finally finished up painting the dining room, and started and finished painting the living room.

Things that I have learned while being a novice painter:
1) I should not quit my day job
2) Putting painters tape on ceilings and walls makes me lose my vision
3) Don't leave painter's tape up for a long time cuz when you pull it off, the paint comes with it (and then you end up smacking your head and getting angry)
4) Painting while recovering from a hangover makes it really interesting when you're going up and down a step ladder
5) Make sure that a Home Depot or other hardware/paint supply store is close by because you WILL make 900 million trips to this place in the span of one project.
6) Buy the thicker painter's tape (2" wide versus 1.5")....your roller brush is thicker than the 1.5" tape and you will end up painting the ceiling, despite having the tape there for that purpose. 
Ask me how I know this.
7) Make sure your over-curious dog is far away from the paint supplies
8) MG and I make a pretty good home improvement team, despite the above obstacles
9) Seriously, don't quit my day job

Overall, the project has been a success, especially since neither MG or I have ever really painted a room inside before. Considering that we did the painting this weekend when we were both extremely tired from our friends' wedding weekend (more on that in another post), we did a pretty good job. When we told our friends yesterday that we painted when we got back into town on Sunday afternoon, we were met with resounding "I dont know how you did it" 's since everyone was in recovery mode for most of the day.

Here's the finished product of the dining room:

Here's the before of the living room (I remembered to take a pic as I was taping off the room):

And the after:

We still had a couple of picture frames to hang up, but the paint wasn't dry yet when I took the pic. Overall, the place looks fab! It feels SO much more homey and comfy than it did before. MG even gave me full credit for how awesome the green color turned out since I had picked it.  His friends gave me all of the credit in general, since it took my prompting and moving in to get him to paint the place at all haha.

It really is feeling like "our" place, and I'm really excited. 

MG said the sweetest thing to me this weekend while we were at our friends' wedding:
"I can't wait for you to move in. On the nights when you're not there, I don't know what to do with myself, and I miss you"

<3 Heart. Melt. Swoon. <3

What do you think of the rooms? Did we do ok for our first amateur painting expedition?

Up next: the bedroom!!

Confessions Friday

I confess that....'s Friday, and I LOOOOOOOOVE it! Long weekend, travelling for a wedding, festivities, pool time, extra day off....hollaaaaaaaaaaa. I can't wait to bust outta work today!

.....I was extremely a little jealous when getting on the metro at 7am this morning, of all of the people who were NOT at the metro station who normally are. Lucky ducks! Why can't I be one of the lucky people who doesn't have to work today? Wah!

.....I got some potentially good news last night. I don't want to jinx anything, but hopefully I'll be able to share with you guys on here soonish! #Fingerscrossed!

.....I'm still bitter that I've busted my hump at my job, especially the last few months, trying to get us all caught up on testing and things, only to have their stupidity screw up my vacation plans with MG. BOO! Pouty face for reals.

.....the humidity in the air REALLY need to hit the road. I'm sick of looking like Monica on Friends:
Ok maybe it's not THAT bad....but thats how it feels. Pooey! Come on, low humidity! made me smile yesterday when we went to a work happy hour with MG's coworkers (who I was meeting for the first time), and when we were about to leave, one of his bosses said to me, "MG is a good guy. I've worked with a lot of guys for a long time in my life. He's a good one" and continued on to tell me how glad they are to have him in their office. So nice to know that they recognize what a great person he is professionally and personally.  #rockstarboyfriend :) of MG's bosses was quiiiiiiiiiiite attractive, lol. It made it even funnier when I met him cuz I had been picturing him as a 50-60 year old dude. Not a very attractive late 30's.  (I told MG of my "impressions"---luckily he didn't seem to mind haha) roommate has been gone all week and it has been the most comfortable I've been at my apartment in a long time! 

....I love how much my dude loves my pup, and how much Coop loves MG back (I hope MG doesn't see this or he might kill me for posting it....buuuuuut I don't care! muahaha):

Have a happy LONG weekend, peeps!!

Thirsty Thursday: Virtual Happy Hour #6

Halllllllllll-elujah, it's finally Thursday which means we are SO close to that glorious long weekend!!! As you can tell, I'm *slightly* excited for it, but I'm also excited for the 6th edition of the amazeballs Trish and myself's Thirsty Thursday link up!

Share drinks (if you want), stories about whatever, and the ultimate purpose of a Happy Hour: relax and enjoy!

My drink for the week is:

Strawberry Basil Bellini
  • For the Simple Syrup:
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1 cup Water
  • For the cocktail:
  • ½ cups Strawberries Plus Extra For Garnish If Desired
  • 1 ounce, fluid Simple Syrup
  • 2 whole Small Basil Leaves Plus Extra For Garnish If Desired
  • 1 bottle Prosecco Or Your Favorite Sparkling Wine, 750 ML Bottle

For the simple syrup mix one cup sugar and one cup water in a saucepan, stir and bring to a boil. Once sugar is dissolved remove pan from heat. Refrigerate until cold.
Blend the first three cocktail ingredients in a blender until pureed.
Divide the puree between four glasses and top with Prosecco or your favorite sparkling wine. Garnish with a slice of strawberry and basil leaf.
Now that we have our drink....What's on your Mind?
Memorial Day Weekend
MG and I are heading up early Saturday morning to Hershey, PA for our friends' wedding. Luckily it's a 5pm wedding so we have plenty of time in case we hit traffic along the way. Definitely looking forward to that, and then having an extra day to recover from everything (and maybe get some more painting done around the condo!) I'm going to wear this dress to the wedding, I think -->
I went back and forth about that one and another one that is kind of a sear-sucker pattern, but since it's white with light gray I didn't want to risk it and be the dumb-dumb who makes the faux pas of wearing white to a wedding. Think this dress will work for an evening wedding?
I am in desperate need of a massage. I tried to book the massage that MG got me for Xmas (I know, how could I have NOT used it already?) but none of the dates that I could do it were available. Looks like I'll have to wait a bit longer. My shoulder and neck are SO tight I might need a steamroller to work out those knots! Gaaah!!
Oh yes, you read that correctly. I dunno what is going on lately, but the kids I work with have been little farting monsters! The primary culprits have been my 3rd graders, but I did have to stop a lesson with my 7th graders to have a discussion about how "everybody farts, but that doesn't mean it needs to interrupt our therapy time"...which of course prompted the question "Everybody, Miss Z? Even you?" Ugh, lol. The 3rd grade ones have been bad. I had one kid earlier this week let one rip that was so horrible in smell that I had to ask him if he needed to use the bathroom. It was TERRIBLE! What are these kids eating??? My nose is counting down the days left of school with me.....

Work and a Cancelled Vacation
Work has screwed me out of the trip to Vegas with MG. So no more trip to Austin OR to Vegas, and it's all because people are idiots and wait until the last minute to schedule meetings. I'm so annoyed, bummed and aggravated that someone else's lack of planning has impacted my ability to do something fun for myself. Story of my life here I guess....I can't stand working at a place that is SO disorganized and run so poorly! Grrr!!!

I realized that yesterday marked one year since my ex and I broke up. The fact that I wasn't actively thinking about it (I actually had to look up my post about it on here to remember when exactly it happened) says a lot about how different things are now. I can't even begin to describe how much happier I am now, how much better and more trusting of a relationship I'm in, and just how great things are. Instead of being about to move across country to live with someone who wasn't 100% sure about the whole thing, I'm about to be moving in with someone who I absolutely love and adore, trust with all of my heart, and wants to be with me as much as I want to be with him. He has a family who I love, and love me back, and makes my innate worrying self able to take a vacation from the worries. He's one of the best people I know, and I feel so blessed to be in such a happy spot 1 year later. 
How about that for a sappy end to a happy hour?? You know, sometimes that can happen after a few drinks ;)
Now it's time to get back to my regular ole life....and get through the rest of the week so I can enjoy the LONG weekend! Can't wait to see you all back here next week!
Don't forget to link up!

WILW and Oh How Pinteresting

It's Wednesday and I'm jumping right into two awesome link ups for today!

I'm loving that it's going to be a long weekend! Even though mine will have a wedding in PA, there will still be an extra day to have some fun, lay by the pool, etc! Yay!

I'm loving that the school year is drawing a close. 14 more school days left for me, and I can't flippin wait!! Moving in with MG, summer trips, pool time, relaxation are all on the horizon!

I'm loving that at some point we will have a day without rain. Not sure when it will happen, but I'd really love it to happen soon so I can make it to work without wet pant legs and frizzy hair!

I'm loving all of the new bloggie friends I've been making! The blog world never ceases to amaze me at how awesome it is!

I'm loving  that Trish and I will be hosting the 6th edition of our Thirsty Thursdays Virtual Happy Hour, tomorrow! Come back and link up! Share stories about anything and everything you wanna talk about! (Even if you're not a drinker, you can still participate! We are equal opportunity happy hour'ers!) :)

And, as always, I'm loving Pinterest!

This week I've been pinning....

Yep...especially as the end of the school year nears!

Super Summery Pasta  would someone like to make this for me?
I would be more than happy to eat it!

Too cute! Love the coral!

Awww, widdle bunny! I love when Cooper does this...

True Story!

These just made me laugh---would be funny to roll out of the shower with these on! :)
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What cool, fun, yummy, awesome things are YOU finding on Pinterest?

Have a good hump day! Only 2 more days til long weekend!!!!

Infusion of Cuteness

I'm feeling a little blah today, probably cuz of the weather here being all dreary and overcast. I figured some of you might be in the same boat, so I thought I'd infuse your day with a little bit of cuteness and "awww's" :)

puppy yawns!


I'm with ya, Mr. Squirrel!

Oh, herrrro!

Gahhh, too cute!!

I hope these helped to put a smile on your face, and brighten your day, even just a smidge. I know they did for me! :)