A New Set

"A new set?" you're asking yourself. "What does that crazy chick Jenn mean now?"

You guys know I shared my exciting news with you last week that MG and I have decided to move in together once my lease is up (or slightly beforehand...the sooner to get away from psycho roommate, the better!)  When the whole topic came up, MG had mentioned that he'd been thinking about it for a while (which was, of course, nice to hear). I had no idea HOW much he had been thinking about it because once we settled on moving in together, he had all kinds of questions and thoughts about what to do with furniture and different spaces. And, I thought that I  had been thinking about it!

We decided pretty much right away that we were going to purchase a whole new bedroom set together since we would need more storage space, and having updated things would be nice. Our first "together" purchase! Well, MG started looking the next morning after we made the decision (excited much?? :) and found some good choices, and since it was kinda icky weather out this weekend, we went to take a look.

The first place we stopped at, we found a set that we really liked with a really great deal. So.....we bought it! (We waste no time, I tell you!) It's a really nice, dark brown set. The bed frame has drawers underneath (more storage!!) and we've already figured out where we're going to put everything! It's getting delivered next Saturday and I can't wait! I snapped some photos with my camera phone of what we got:

Not the best of pics....my camera did some weird green tint, but at least you can see MY nightstand (I bargained with MG to let me have this one from the set, teehee)

My chest of drawers (and maybe one or two for MG, hehe)
Ahhh, look at all of the space to put knock knacks and things on (shh, don't tell MG!) :)

Our "media" chest....the color on this dresser is actually darker but with the flash on my camera it came out looking lighter brown than it is.
Will be the perfect spot for that 32" tv I just bought in March!
The headboard....kind of a cool design to it.

So this is our first big purchase together....and I'm really excited about it (could you tell?? :)
What do you think of the set? (Tell me you like it, cuz it's too late to take it back! hehe)

MG and I went out on Friday with a group of friends, some of which knew that we were moving in, and others who didn't. MG brought it up to his friends who didn't know, and called his parents this weekend to fill them in on the developments. Both his and my parents, and our close friends are all excited for us. Everyone basically said "We kind of figured you guys would!"

I've gotta say, it's nice to have a guy who is just as excited about everything as I am. Hearing him share with people about everything, making plans and giving ideas he's thought about, makes me feel good that he's in it as much as I am. It's quite the change from my other relationship where, when we broke up, his parents didn't even know that he had been planning on having me move in. I feel lucky to have such a great guy in my life! (it's about dang time!!!) haha

Sending out a quick shout out to my friends and family who have shown and given their overwhelming support and love in this next big step! Love you all! *hugs*

Happy Monday!

Book Club Friday

Happy Fridayyyyyy! After a very exciting week (with the decision for MG and I to move in together) followed by some extra stress, I'm just SUPER glad that the weekend is almost near! And even more glad that there will be two solid days where I can relax....and also looking forward to taking care of this mane of hair on my head with a haircut!

Since I didn't have anything really earth-shattering to share today, I thought I would link up with Heather at Blonde....Undercover Blonde for Book Club Friday!

I LOVE to read and since I've gotten my Kindle I've been reading SO much more than I ever did before. And also buying more books (well, e-books) than before, too (wallet, ouch!), but I love reading and I'm glad that I have the time for it.

Right now I'm reading:
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith

Synopsis: When Abraham Lincoln discovers that his mother's death is due to vampires, he begins a life-long mission to stop them.
He keeps a diary of his experiences (both life, and with vampires) along the way which is the centerpiece of the book.

From Amazon:"While Abraham Lincoln is widely lauded for saving a Union and freeing millions of slaves, his valiant fight against the forces of the undead has remained in the shadows for hundreds of years. That is, until Seth Grahame-Smith stumbled upon The Secret Journal of Abraham Lincoln, and became the first living person to lay eyes on it in more than 140 years.

Using the journal as his guide and writing in the grand biographical style of Doris Kearns Goodwin and David McCullough, Seth has reconstructed the true life story of our greatest president for the first time-all while revealing the hidden history behind the Civil War and uncovering the role vampires played in the birth, growth, and near-death of our nation."

So far, the book has been pretty good--I'm not ripping through it as fast as I had with other books, but it is still entertaining, and makes me wonder just how much of all of this is actually true!

I saw that they are making this into a movie. When I saw the preview I wasn't too impressed, but maybe after reading the book, I'll check it out!

And now, I'm off to make it through the last work day of the week so I can get to my weekend! Happy weekends, and happy reading!

Thirsty Thursday! (2nd Edition)

Happy Thursday, people, and welcome to Thirsty Thursday, the Virtual Happy Hour link up hosted by Trish and myself where you can talk about anything you want! Whatever you would share over happy hour with your friends, or in general, share it here!

This week I have a delicious looking drink for you to feast your eyes (and mouths?) on!

1 C Frozen or fresh raspberries
1 bottle (12 oz) of chilled Corona beer (other beers may be used)
1/2 container (6 oz) frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate
1/2 C raspberry vodka (plain or other fruit flavored vodka would work)
1 C of ice – varies on desired consistency
Garnish: Fresh raspberries, and/or lemon wedges
Blend together in blender the first four ingredients till desired consistency. Pour in glass, garnish and ENJOY!

(I might have to try this bad  boy some point soon!)
Now that we've got our drink, let's get to the Happy Houring!
What's on Your Mind?
I dunno about you all, but I am counting down the days until the pool opens and the weather is warm and sun-shiney! MG commented the other day that I'm holding onto my tan pretty well from Jamaica (considering it was a month ago now...ugh...has it really been that long??), but it is definitely disappearing. Plus, I need to do some evening out after my heinous sunburn situation while I was on vacay. 
I bought two new bathing suits for our Jamaica trip that I can't wait to bust out at the pool this Summer! (Thank you, Victoria's Secret swimsuit sale!)
Speaking of new fashions, I went shopping this weekend with MG (because it was raining and therefore I was able to use that as an excuse to drag him to the mall). I have been talking to him about wanting a cute pair of coral shorts and/or skinnies so we went with that as a mission. Ok, I went with that as a mission. He humored me. We stopped at a couple of places but nothing had what I had in mind. Until we walked into Gap, and I saw THE best colored pants. I tried them on and it was like they were MADE for me! So, with a price tag of $59.95, I purchased them and am now in coral/pink skinnies heaven! Thank you, Gap!
You know, all of this happy houring has got me thinking of a trip MG and I talked about planning this weekend for sometime soon. I haven't seen my girl Genna in months and I miss her terribly (especially since my current roommate sucks ballsack), and she has yet to meet MG. Soooo, MG and I had the brilliant idea that we should try and find a winery (or a bunch of wineries) that are halfway between where we all live. We could meet up there, do some wine tastings, and then stay overnight at a hotel nearby! Quality time with my girl, my guy, her guy, and some vino! What's better than that?? Now, we just need to find a place that's halfway and make our plan! I'm excited!

I'm super excited to be getting my haircut this weekend! I tried to get one before we went to Jamaica but my girl was all booked up, and I hadn't gotten around to booking an appointment til this week. So, come this Saturday I'll be sporting a nicely done 'do, and hopefully we'll have some plans to go out that night  (like perhaps to do a small "We're Moving In Together" celebratory drink or two) so I can sport my blow-out....you know, since I can NEVER get it to look ANYTHING like what they do! 

<--This is what I asked for the last time and my girl did an amazeballs job making it happen for me. It never again looked like this after I washed it and did it myself, but at least I sported it for a solid 24 hours! Hoping for the same thing this time around, too!

And now, since we've talked fashion, vacation, style, etc. I think it's time for me to get back to the real world, and leave our lovely virtual Happy Hour!

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I hope you've had fun at our Happy Hour! I can't wait to catch up next week over some new drinks!

WILW and Oh How Pinteresting! (plus a big YAY!)

Happy Wednesday! It feels like it should be at LEAST Thursday, but alas, it's not.  I'm gonna try and focus on the good things, though, to help me get thru the rest of this week! So, it's the perfect time for the WILW and Oh How Pinteresting link ups!

I'm loving that I finally have my countdown to roommate move out correct. (NOT loving that it's 78 days, but I suppose I'll survive... because....

I'm loving that MG and I are MOVING IN TOGETHER!!!!!!!! :)
(and I'm  loving what a difference a year can make....)  :) :) :)

I'm loving friends that are there to give you good advice, and kick you in the pants when you need it. Sometimes it's scary to do something, but having good friends who put things into perspective for you is awesome. I'm a lucky girl to have such good peeps in my life!

I'm loving that while I'm hanging out with one of my students who has Autism every morning this week while others are testing, while he is doing work, he has been randomly humming the same tune that Katniss whistles in the Hunger Games. It surprised me the first time that he did it, and now it makes me laugh....and think some imminent danger is coming haha

I'm loving that I was finally able to get my car cleaned out after the "break in." As of now, it doesn't smell like cigarettes and has been wiped down inside and out so I no longer feel like I'm touching the same stuff the icky mutants who got inside did. Yay for clean!

I'm loving that tomorrow will be the second installment of Thirsty Thursday, Trish and my virtual happy hour link up! Stop by tomorrow and link up about anything and everything that you want to talk about. We have some yummy drink recipes for you and some good convo!

And, as always, I'm loving Pinterest and all of the cool things I find on there!

This week I've been pinning....

I want this, in silver!

I also want this kitchen...or some version of it!

Black Bean and Mushroom Enchiladas, courtesy of
my girl Shari at The Daily Dish
It looks so good I NEED to try this soon!

I can think of at least ONE person that this totally applies towards!
I bet you know who that person is, too! ;)

Inter-species love! :)

This is SO my dog Cooper, not only in terms of looks, but in terms of all of this!
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What have YOU been pinning this week? Lemme seeeee!!
Happy Wednesday!

Totes Randomness

I'm feeling a little all over the place this morning so today's post is probably going to be pretty random. That's my upfront warning! :)

1. I saw that Giuliana and Bill are for reals having a baby and I am SO happy for them! I have loved watching their show on Style (and was totally bummed when it wasn't part of my cable package last year--which has since changed--yay!), and have felt for them in their obstacles in this and other health related arenas. I remember watching their show once and my mom said something like "They are just so happy around each other. It seems like they are always having fun together." That was the kind of love I had wanted...and at the time, it wasn't the kind that I had. Wake up call! (And, ps, how sweet was Bill in the show when they were debating a mastectomy, and he told her he didn't care if she had boobs or not, that he just wanted her around for a long time! #YayForGoodGuys!) Anyway, I'm thrilled for them and cant wait to see baby Rancic this summer!

2. I realized yesterday that I made a HUGE mistake with my roommate countdown. Instead of in the 50's like I thought, as of yesterday it was 80 days. I mistakenly counted til June 12th, not July (you think subconsciously that's cuz I wanna get away from her earlier? I wonder what Freud would say!). So, that's a total bummer, BUT today marks 79 days, so let the countdown re-begin!
*I could fill you guys in on some more nonsense that she has done, but I don't want to inundate/annoy/bore you with more roommate stories. If you want them, I'll share, and if you don't, I'll keep the roommate rant posts to a minimum if I can help it!

If only I had a camel like real nomads, it would be much
easier to cart my things around our 5 story building...
3. I feel like a nomad at work this week. We are doing state testing and I am responsible for babysitting tending to one of our students who is not testing this week. That would be fine if there was a space in the building for us to be. There isn't. Yesterday we did work in the front office next to a copy machine. Not exactly the best "minimal distraction environment" for a kid with autism. Or me for that matter. So, this week will consist of me wandering aimlessly with my little friend, finding a semi-quiet space to get things done. Ahhh the joys of state testing!

4. Remember Brooke Burke's workout video I mentioned in my last Happy Hour post? Holy balls, when I did it last week and told you all I thought it was good, I didn't realize that my legs were gonna be sore for the next FOUR DAYS! I didn't even do the whole thing, and WHILE I was doing it, it didn't feel like I was going to die or anything so I was surprised that my legs were that sore. I could feel it in my abs a bit the next day (but, truth be told, I didn't do as much of the Core workout as I did the Lower body one). I did it again yesterday and pushed through a bit more of the video. I think it's really awesome. She shows you the move before you do it, and you do each move for 1 minute. "You can do anything for one minute" she says....this is true, but sometimes by the end of that minute you are making peace with your own personal God. I seriously think the video is bomb. She's really calming and not "in your face, I'm gonna yell at you and you're gonna do what I say" like Jillian Michaels is which is a nice change. I still like my JM workouts for a different kind of workout, but I really like this one. I also like that at the title screen you can select the workouts that you want to do, so if that day you only feel like doing Core, you can just hit that, or if you feel like doing Lower Body and Core, you select those and it cues them up for you. Overall, my likey and me recommend....y :)

5. What the french toast is up with this Winter weather? It's Spring, dangit! Um, I broke my own personal rule of NOT breaking out my winter coat yesterday (and since it was out, I wore that bad boy this morning too) because it was 41 degrees when I left for work yesterday! 41! Does mother nature not remember February and March where it was in the 70's and 80's??  Now I just feel like I'm getting jipped when I see the normal high is "69" (after I giggle at the sexual ref there) for this time of year, and we're hitting 53 or even 62 and starting the day out in the 30's! Not only does it mess with what I'm expecting the weather to be, it also screws up my wardrobe choices and you know a girl can't have that happen! KnowWhatI'mSayinnnn? So, Mother Nature needs to start warming things up around here, stat! *shaking my fist at you, Mother Nature!*

And now that I rambled on about totally unrelated things, I need to pack up my stuff at work, find a camel to carry it all, and go scour out a spot for me a my buddy to hang out in for the morning. Hope you all have lovely Tuesdays, and stay warm!

Is the Universe speaking to me thru Pinterest?

So, you know how I told you all in a recent post how I was struggling with my decision about whether to stay at my job for more money or to move on to someplace I would be happier at? And then I went on Pinterest and saw this:

It was a pin I'd never seen before!

Well, recently I have been worrying about another topic (seriously, I am SO good at worrying that if it was a career, I would probably be the CEO), and just had a mini break down about it at work (luckily in the privacy of my own office). And, as usual, I pulled up Pinterest to distract me, and the FIRST pin I see is this one:

So, I am wondering, is the universe speaking to me thru quotes on pinterest?? Perhaps I need to start listening (reading), more carefully, and taking the advice of these pins. They are good words to live by.

And, if the universe IS speaking to me thru Pinterest, do all of the pins of cocktails mean I should start drinking more?? Just wondering....:) teehee

P.S. I ordered my Mother's Day flowers for my mommy this morning. Don't forget that lovely lady who gave birth to you! Mine should be getting these pretties on May 11th!:
Be good kids! She pushed you out of her. She deserves some lovin!

Happy Monday!

Confessions for Friday

I'm linking up at A Blonde Ambition for  Confessional Friday

I confess....

...that I'm glad that MG is back and doesn't have any more work trips planned until sometime in June or so. Woohoo!

...that I thought it was sweet for him to bring me back seashells from the beach :)

...I'm a little sad at the lack of participation in Trish and my link up yesterday. Although it's only the first week, and we'll keep at it, we were really excited for our Happy Hour link up. Hopefully in the weeks to come, we get more participants in the happy-ness! :)

....that I'm really excited for Real Housewives of New Jersey to start this weekend. I love me some reality tv, especially Housewives. After the reunion show last season, I can't wait to see all of the drama, and all of the nonsense that crazy Teresa is going to bring to the table.

....that I found the exact pair of sunglasses at Target today that I bought over a year ago. They are my favorites and since my current ones have some scratches on them (and two of my pairs were taken when my car was broken into), I bought the same pair. I love them, and now I have a fresh pair!

.....that I may have put this in my living room to send a point to dumb roomie:
"Rudeness is the weak person's imitation of strength"
You may be asking yourself "Why is there an Ace bandage on your end table?"....to which I will respond "I have been wondering the same thing since it appeared in November."
This is only a small part of what I had in mind for how to deal with this situation. I'm still debating the second part...

...that I love the game Scramble with Friends. And, that may be due, in part, to the fact that I continually beat MG at it. Teehee! 

....that I love McDonald's Sweet Tea. I'm sure it's 99% sugar, but I don't care. It's so good, I can't help myself!

....that I'm glad it's the weekend, even though the weekend is supposed to be super rainy. Pooey! At least it's two days without work!

....that I love all of my followers! You guys are amazeballs! :)

Happy Weekend!

Thirsty Thursday!

Happy Thursday, party people! Are you excited for the first ever Thirsty Thursday link up??? I am!

Myself and Trish are SO psyched to be hosting this link-up! We thought it would be the perfect way to keep in touch with old friends, and provide a great opportunity to meet new friends--just like at a REAL happy hour!


The rules are simple: there really are no rules! Write about whatever you want--something you would share normally, just like you would over drinks with your friends!

 And now, to the fun stuff!

My happy hour drink for you this week is:
Strawberry Mint Spritzer

1 bottle of sake,
1 bottle champagne,
1 pint strawberries,
6 meyer lemons,
3-4 sprigs of mint,
Vanilla Stevia
Slice your strawberries into vertical slivers, tear mint leaves roughly, and add both to a large pitcher. Squeeze the juice of 6 meyer lemons and gently mash the ingredients using a wooden spoon. Add equal parts sake & champagne, and lots of ice.  Squeeze a dropper full of vanilla stevia into each glass before serving. Drink!

I dunno about you, but this looks like the perfect refreshing drink to beat the Spring-time heat. So, now that we have our drink, let's get to the happy hour'ing!
*You don't need to post a drink recipe in order to link up*

What's on your mind today?
I am SO glad that it's Thursday--I'm very much looking forward to the weekend, and now that it's Thursday, the weekend is SO close!!! The only real plan that I have is having dinner with couple friends of mine and MG's, Emily and her hubby (you know, the ones who got married and I took MG to the wedding with me?) It's been a while since we've gone on a double date with them so I'm looking forward to that a lot.

As of now, MG is back in town after being gone for work for a few days, so I'm happy to have him back (and to have my middle of the week place to escape from my stupid roommate).  He brought me back 3 seashells from the beach, too :) The kids at work started our state testing this week, so work has been a breeze--kinda slow and boring, but I'll take a break from the chaos! 

If we were at happy hour, and a few drinks in, I would probably tell you about the new idea I had for a sitcom featuring my roommate. You know the new show 'Don't Trust the B in Apt 23"? Well MY idea for a show featuring all of the insanity that is my living situation would be "Don't Trust the Wh*re in Apt 34" (teehee). 
Not only has she done all of the things I ranted about  vented about here, she has also decided to take the junk mail that she always leaves strewn on the dining room table, and put it into my mailbox in the apartment. So, you're TOO LAZY to pick it up to throw it away, but not too lazy to pick it up and put it in MY box? Gee, thanks for that. I am also not sure why her hamster cage (with hamster in it) has been on the dining room table, the kitchen counter, and now (as of yesterday morning), on the end table in the living room. 
See those little "scraps"? Thats the hamster shavings....sadly she had
moved the hamster back into her room by the time I went to take a picture.
After coming home Monday after work (having left a note on the dishwasher saying I didn't have time to empty it that morning but I'd do it after work), to find that  she had taken out all of HER plates, and HER glasses, but left all of my things in there, I guess nothing should surprise me anymore. It's kind of funny to me how she is pulling these things, but as soon as I texted her with:
"Why did you empty out only your things from of the dishwasher? I said I would empty the whole thing when I got home. I don't understand why you did that?" 
She didn't respond. Shocker.

I guess passive-aggressive is the new "black"  this season.

I might also share with you my hilarious plan for addressing/dealing with the situation, but without being destructive....Stay tuned :)   (54 more days....)

In more fun news, I wanted to share two of my most recent online purchases!
This super cute coral shirt that I saw on J's Everyday Fashion (and snatched up the last Small muahahaha):
It's from Amour Boutique and I think it's super cute. I can't wait to wear it!!

I also purchased another workout DVD:

It was only $7.99 and had some really great reviews on it. I saw her on Access Hollywood Live while I was on spring break, and the moves looked not so bad. Plus, I figured she's got a rockin bod...why not try it out? Well I did yesterday and it is GREAT! I'll do a review on it later but I will definitely be rotating it in with my Jillian Michaels videos and the treadmill and I think I'll be good to go! I totally recommend getting this!

I've had fun on this happy hour and I hope you have, too! I can't wait to meet up again next week and dish some more!
(On a random note, if this is my second happy hour of the week {this one being virtual, the other one being in real life}, does that make me a virtual lush? Or a real life one? :)

Hope you have a great Thursday!

WILW and Oh How Pinteresting!

Happy Hump Day! I'm SO glad it's Wednesday for SO many reasons! I'm just gonna hop right into my two fave link-ups of the week so I can share with you!

I'm loving that MG gets back into town this afternoon, which means that I get to see him, AND that I can escape back to his place and avoid my horrid roommate once again!

I'm loving that there are *only* 55 more days of living with psycho the roommate. 55 more days til I will be living passive-aggressive free!

I'm loving that the weather has been so nice lately! Yay for skirt weather!

I'm loving that I was able to get a replacement license on-line without having to go to the DMV! What a relief to avoid that crazy place!!

I'm loving that p!nky and I went to Happy Hour with her cool sister last night and had an awesome time. Nothing like talking, and  doing venting over some drinks at happy hour! Seeing p!nky and sis two times within one week? At least PART of my week has been lucky ;)(ps.com that flatbread we ordered was amazeballs!)

Speaking of Happy Hour, I'm loving that tomorrow will be the first Thirsty Thursday link-up hosted by myself and Trish! Hope you all can come and link-up! (Post about whatever topic you want and just link up!)

And, as always, I'm loving Pinterest and all of it's wonderful finds!

This week I've been pinning.....

Bora Bora....looks mighty lovely lovely!

Looks like a super cute dress to wear to one of the many
 Spring/Summer weddings coming up!
Frozen Strawberry Mojito! Looks like a perfect drink for
Thirsty Thursday!

Perhaps I should get this framed for "Roommate"

I love this outfit!

Just to infuse your day with a little cuteness and "awwwww"s!
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What have YOU been pinning? I wanna see!

Don't forget to come back and link up tomorrow, on any topic you want, for Thirsty Thursday! It promises to be a great way to meet new people and connect with old bloggie friends!

Happy Wednesday!