Weekly Wins: Adios September!

Haaaaaaaaaaaappy Friday!!!
Can you believe it's already the end of September?? I feel like I'm saying this all the time.

Hopefully this week's got some wins for you--my list this week is kind of short because it's felt like a bit of a whirlwind, but I've still got some!!

~Ella and I have survived a week of MG being out of the country. He gets home tonight (and will be getting home when I get home from work) and we both can't wait! Ella also got two full days with her Grammy, which meant quality time for them, and easy daycare-free mornings for me for 2 days this week!
~Ella turns 5 months old tomorrow. Ok, but for real...WHERE is the time going???
~I had a super sweet family at my school buy me a rug for my office. At the start of the year they have a Wants/Needs list outside of our offices and I'd added a small rug to mine and this family got me two smiley face rugs! So so sweet!

~I managed to cook a legit dinner 3 nights this week instead of eating out every night that MG's been gone (because that's easy and what I normally do when he leaves haha)

~My mom brought over a ton of cute 6 month outfits for Ella since she's growing like a weed--I can't wait to see her in them!

~Free donuts at work yesterday. Enough said :)

~Danielle. You've been a lifeline to me this week and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it, and you! Also, WE DID IT!!! :)

~I GET PAID TODAY!!!!! It's only been 3 months since I've gotten a paycheck, so yeah, I'm excited!

Don't mind me as I go count down the hours until MG gets home :)
Hoping you have a fantastic weekend!

How We Created a Good Sleeper

I think one of the first questions you get asked as a mom of a younger baby is "how is he/she sleeping?" I get asked this ALLLLLL the time.
Let's be real, sleep is SO important...and when you're sleep deprived you will do, buy, or try just about anything to get your baby to sleep better and longer.

Do I have the magic answer? No. But I do have some things that worked for us, and I figured if I can help one sleep deprived mama out there, then I'll do it!
What Worked for Us:

~The TakingCaraBabies newborn sleep class 
I took this when Ella was 5 weeks old. I'd seen an ad or something for it on Instagram (check out her instagram--she has awesome tips etc) and followed along. And in those first few weeks of being tired, I finally decided I needed to try it.
*I had been reading Baby Wise to try and get Ella on a schedule during the days because this was when MG went back to work and I felt like I was just flying by the seat of my pants every day. I think the tips in BabyWise are awesome, but I didn't feel like it showed me HOW to do some of the things like getting a baby to follow Eat, Awake Time, then Sleep. Ella was doing Awake Time, Eat then Sleep which is a big no-no when getting babies to learn to sleep well (I learned). 
The TakingCaraBabies class really helped me SEE, and understand some of the concepts in BabyWise, along with a bunch of other things I'd looked up on the internet (because the internet is your friend when you have a new baby). It's a great combination of a lot of the things out there.
By 5 weeks, she was sleeping 5 hours between feedings at night, 6 weeks was 6 hours...by 8 weeks she was sleeping for 7-8 hour stretches between feedings and we felt like new people again (although I'm still perpetually tired and I think this will just be how I feel until she's 40).

~Noise Machine
We've used both the Dohm ($$) and the Homedics Sound Machine. I personally like the Homedics one better (it's cheaper, more portable, and has volume adjustments). Ella currently uses the Dohm in her room now because it was expensive and I want to get use out of it. But we used the Homedics one when she was sleeping in our room.

~Swaddling Ella at night. Not a blanket swaddle because 1) they aren't safe, and 2) I could never do them correctly even if they were safe...making them WAY more unsafe haha.
We got this swaddle at the recommendation of my friend whose baby was a month older than Ella. It was one of those 2am Amazon purchases that I paid overnight shipping for so we'd have it the next day lol. I'm not joking.
We LOVED this swaddle because it kept her arms in--most of the time--and made her feel all snug. And we still use it for nap time since she's not rolling over yet (We get this for all of our new friends having babies now)

~I practiced putting Ella down in her crib during the day for naps. She slept in the Rock and Play at night until about 13 weeks old. We attempted putting her in her crib for her 7pm-10pm sleep several times but she just wasn't ready for it (we are talking screaming/crying/writhing). So for many nights of many weeks, Ella slept in our arms from 7ish until 10 when we'd dream feed her and put her in the rock and play. I think the crib practice during the day helped her eventually get ready to fall asleep in her crib at night.
~Dream Feeds. Another recommendation from TakingCaraBabies that we continue to use with Ella even now. Maybe she doesn't need them anymore...maybe she does. Mama's not really willing to risk finding out at this point. #ifitaintbrokedontfixit
We feed her before she goes to bed, and then we feed her again before WE go to bed. This gives her a little extra to "top off the tank". Luckily, she never has a problem going back to bed afterwards. I know some babies wake up with a diaper change and feeding, but Ella always did well with it.

Ella has used a pacifier to fall asleep since....I think maybe 6 weeks. Maybe before that. Honestly, the first 6 weeks are still kind of a haze lol. This was another TakingCaraBabies rec that worked for us.

Once Ella was falling asleep in her crib around 13 weeks, we kept her in her own room. It was better for her sleep (and safer, because technically you're not supposed to let them sleep in the Rock n Play, but dammit that thing was a life saver), and it was better for our sleep.
Everything was fine and dandy until Ella started rolling over from her tummy to her back. So I started freaking out that she was swaddled and I'd need to start transitioning her out of the swaddle. I asked my new moms facebook group about some items to help (Magic Merlin Sleep Suit, Zippadee Zips, etc etc etc) and basically got mom shamed by several of them for even thinking about "another sleep aid" because "she could be rolling over at any second and it's not safe and how could I?" 

Umm...Ella is now 21 weeks and hasn't rolled from her back to her tummy yet--she's showing signs, but not yet. I didn't appreciate the mom shaming, but they shamed me enough that I looked up online how to transition out of the swaddle. We'd tried it one other night and Ella just pulled her pacifier out and couldn't get to sleep.

There were lots of options including just doing it cold turkey (nope, already saw how that worked out), but the one I tried was to swaddle with one arm out. We did that for over a week and then Ella got sick and basically poop hit the fan and we reverted to a Rock n Play and fully swaddling because that's what she needed to get good rest.

When she was feeling better, we went back to swaddling with one arm out for a few weeks, then we switched and swaddled the other arm out (I figured if she got used to the feeling in both arms, separately, it would help when both were out). One night she stopped needing the pacifier--she kept pulling it out with her one free hand and I was tired of fighting her on it so I left the room, and she went to sleep minutes later without it. The next day I didn't even offer it to her, and left and she went to sleep. Now, we don't use it for anything but naps.

Right before I decided to do both arms out, I ordered The Nested Bean sleep sack (I used a discount code that TakingCaraBabies provided), with free shipping, and a free return policy for any reason. I had nothing to lose! It's a great quality sleep sack and it has a very light bean bag egg that is supposed to mimic the feel of your hand on their chest.
Ella was dealing with her second cold, and waking up at 2 and 5 am, sometimes 3 or 4 am...not a fan. I was nursing her back to sleep and it set my boobs off schedule again. No bueno. So I ordered the sack and tried it last Thursday and little miss slept until 6am when I woke her up. She slept until 645 the following morning, 630 the next morning and 530 the following one. Allllll of these were better than 3 am!
One of the other things that I think has helped us to avoid a HUGE 4 month sleep regression (unless the Gods are mean, and are planning on giving us this at 5months instead) is that Ella has practiced putting herself to sleep in her crib. We don't rock her to sleep, or nurse her to sleep. We don't hold her and then put her in her crib once she's asleep. She now has the skills to put herself to sleep at night, and if/when she wakes up in the middle of the night. The times she does wake up, I know that it's for a need (9 times out of 10) and not because she just can't get back down.

Some other quick tips:
~We keep the tv off after her last evening nap until she goes to bed. She was way too stimulated with it on, even if she wasn't watching it, to go to sleep on her own in her crib when we had it on

~a bedtime routine. We started this later than other people started it--maybe it started helping her to get ready for the crib sleep when we'd try it at night.
 I feed her, then we either wipe her down with a warm wash cloth or give her a bath (she gets a bath every other night usually), change her diaper and get her into jammies (or a new onesie during the summer since she was fully swaddled at the time), read a book, and then swaddle her (or sleep sack her now) and leave her be. Some nights we have to go back up once, but most nights she's asleep within 5 minutes.

So...this is my long winded, hopefully helpful, post about what worked for us. Keep in mind, each baby is different. I happen to think Ella is a good sleeper in general, but I also know we started early, put in the work with her practicing these skills and I think it's made a HUGE difference. 
I should also point out that this is NOT a sponsored post for TakingCaraBabies. That was/is just a fantastic class that I continue to reference to this day. I paid for the class, I bought my own sleep sack, pacifiers, swaddles, noise machine, etc. and I'd do it all over again in order to have the good little sleeper that we have!

{WHW}: Solo Mom

Happy Wednesday, friends!
Sorry for being MIA the first part of the week, but I'm flying solo this week since MG left for his work trip on Sunday. Not completely solo since my MIL has been with me until today, and then my mom is coming. Thank goodness for their help!

This weekend was a lot of fun, even though it included MG's departure.

~Friday I had a training outside of my school building since it was a teacher workday, and at the start I got to snuggle on my supervisor's baby (her husband was there to help with the audio for our meeting, and he brought their son). After dropping Ella off at daycare, it was nice to get in some extra baby snuggles
~That night we picked up food and had a quiet night in, playing with Ella before bed, and then we watched the first couple episodes of Fuller House season 3 since it had just come out that day. Love that show!
~Saturday morning MG had to go in to work for a couple of hours (yeah, his work was on my S-list this weekend lol) so Ella and I had some mommy baby time together.

~MG got home and we had my friend and her boyfriend over to grill out. It was our first time meeting him and he was awesome. They are such a cute couple! Combined with some yummy burgers, homemade fries, and some sangria....perfect!
~Right as our friends left, MG's parents arrived--so our house was basically a revolving door haha. It was nice to have them here and catch up. 
That night we ordered food in again (because, lazy) and once Ella went to bed, we watched the Seinfeld comedy special on Netflix. If you haven't seen it, watch it--it's pretty funny!
~Sunday morning MG's dad hit the road and MG and I ran errands The rest of the day we watched football and obsessed over our fantasy football teams. This girl is now in the number 1 spot of her league (and without a lot of help from MG this week). 3-0!
~MG left in the middle of the afternoon for his flight so it was just me, Ella, and my MIL. Oh, and Ella decided to FINALLY take a full 2 hour nap in the afternoon which she seems to only do at daycare and has NEVER done with us. I, of course, spent the time obsessively checking the monitor figuring she'd wake up any second lol.

~Danielle and I also have started a "our husbands are traveling for work" support group/text between the two of us, which has been really nice to check in, and also vent about the trials and tribulations of being "home alone" with the kids haha.

We've been using the Nested Bean sleep sack and miss Ella girl has been sleeping through the night again. Praise! I don't know if it was this sack, or what, but she's now got both arms out and needs no pacifier to go to sleep. Whatever happened, I'm 100% ok with it!  (Coincidentally, Nested Bean is having a one day sale today with 15% off using the code PUMPKINSPICE so if you need/want one, jump on this today!--not sponsored, just trying to be helpful)
I'm hoping your week is going well! Pray that Ella and I make it through the rest of the week ok.

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Weekly Wins: The OG

Happy Friday, friends--hopefully your week's been smooth and quick! Time for another recap of the wins from this week!

~Today is a teacher work day which means  time to get caught up/ahead on things for the coming weeks and get in some professional development training, and no kids! (And for me personally, it means not going over to that hoarder's office in the afternoon!)

~I got the convertible carseat that I've been eyeing for a while at the recommendation of several friends for $120 off the normal price thanks to a Target sale last week. I still spent $180 but hey...money saved is money saved and now we don't have to worry about getting one of these down the line
~I was able to use my credit card points to get Amazon gift cards to purchase this baby food processor that I've wanted since before Ella was born based on Brittany's review of it. So basically, I got this fine piece of machinery for free (saved: $150). Stay tuned for updates on Ella's eating journey haha
Also add this to the category of: things I would have never thought I'd be excited about when I was in my 20s  #youknowyoureoldwhen #boringpurchases

~Ella has been giggling more and more and I've discovered my own ways of getting her to do it. Insert all the heart eye emojis here :)
my happy girl 
~Honeycrisp apples are back and SO delicious!

~MG and I have a date night planned, for just the two of us, in October. A friend offered to babysit Ella and we took her up on the offer! It's a few weeks away, but I'm already looking forward to a night of just us.

~We found another tv show to watch together thanks to the recommendation of a friend. Have any of you seen Glitch?--it's an Australian show. The first episode was a little challenging to get into because it was weird, but since then it's been really good! 
~traffic getting to and from daycare has been really good this week (I'm probably jinxing myself by writing this). One day I made it home 5 minutes earlier than Waze said I would which is a feat in and of itself, but also in the DC metro area! I'm hoping it keeps up!!

~I dealt with the nicest customer service person from Bank of America yesterday when trying to work out an issue with our HOA's management company (they charged us a late fee and a check return fee for our last HOA dues despite them being paid). The HOA management company people left a lot to be desired and the Bank of America rep, Crystal, not only called them with me on the line to try and assist, but also refunded me the bank fee that the HOA person said they wouldn't, despite the problem not being our fault. 
It's nice to know there are still good, helpful and KIND people out there. She made my day.

~Also made my day--this review of the HOA management company on Yelp:
"I sincerely hope the owners of this company get hit by a bus. Their employees are the optimal blend of annoying and incompetent to ultimately provide the same value to society as an ass pimple does."
I couldn't agree more, Will S.

~It's been a full month (and a day) since I went back to work--I know I mentioned 4 weeks last week--but this is a big accomplishment to me. The last few weeks have been tear-free, and Ella is getting some great experiences at daycare, too. Not to mention lots of love!
On that cute note, I'm off! Tell me some wins from your week!

{WHW}: Currently....

Currently, I'm....

Reading ...
nothing...I'm still totally slacking in this department. Really hoping to find some time to get back into my book, but by the end of the night once Ella is down for bed, I just want to veg in front of the tv.

Watching ...
Real Housewives of OC (Shannon is a little annoying to me this season; Peggy is so BLAH I hope she doesn't come back next season) and Dallas (feeling kinda meh about this season too). I want to get into Big Little Lies since we have HBO now, and maybe the Handmaid's Tale--I'd heard good things and since it won some Emmy's, we'll see!

On the menu this week:
Monday: One Pot Broccoli Pesto Pasta (with chicken)
Tuesday: Roasted Veggie Enchilada Bake
Wednesday: Crockpot Meatballs (with Spaghetti)
Thursday: Baked Tilapia with Garlic and Parmesan BreadCrumbs (recipe to come)
Friday: dinner out somewhere

Looking forward to ... 
a teacher workday on Friday and grabbing lunch out with my friend

Enjoying ...
my morning commute view of the Potomac--if you have to go to work, seeing this to and from work isn't a bad gig.
{via}  so I didn't take this myself bc driving and trying to take pictures isn't safe, but you get the idea. It's so serene!
water and tea with honey...this sore throat/head cold has really hit me and I've been doing whatever I can to ease the symptoms

baby jammies with zippers. And baby outfits that are one pieces with snaps that make diaper changes quick. Shorts and pants are cute, but they are a PAIN when you change a baby and have to get two wiggly little legs back into those shorts/pants! lol
MG leaving for out of the country work travel this coming weekend...for 5 days! Luckily my MIL is coming to help out, and my mom is coming the other days too, so I won't be flying totally solo.

Wanting ... 
this stupid head cold to go away. And to have an immune system that actually works against all of these kid germs

Needing ...
the middle of the night wake ups to stop. Ella started waking up at around 2 and 5 a few nights last week into this one. Monday night she made it until 4:40 (and then I eventually fed her at 5 when all of my tricks didn't get her back to sleep). After having a baby sleep through the night, to having middle of the night wake ups--especially when sick--is ROUGH

Wearing ...
dresses while it's still warm out, although it makes for an interesting time when I pump at work. I'll just let you stop and visualize the logistics of that for a second. Got in a good laugh? :)

Grateful For...
MG. I know I know, but really he's such a great dad and he's an amazing husband. He always willingly picks up the slack and jumps in whenever I need him to. He knows baby is tied to me a lot (because boobies) but he does whatever he can the rest of the time to help ease the load on me and I appreciate it. Plus, watching him and Ella together just makes my heart melt :)
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Weekend Shenanigans

Happy Monday--coming at you a little late today because I just can't get my act together on Sundays to write my weekend recap, especially this one because I caught yet another cold from our little Typhoid Mary (aka Ella). This is gonna be a fun year of germs I can tell.

Despite the stuffy noses, we had a really nice weekend with beautiful weather!

~Friday I scooped Ella as fast as I could after work and whisked her home in the best traffic we've had yet, so there was plenty of time for some playing. 
Ella started sounding like she had a stuffy nose Friday morning which has carried throughout the weekend unfortunately.

~We had a family Mexican dinner at Chuy's. Ella slept while we stuffed our faces with chips and their insane dip! 

~Saturday morning we did laundry and things around the house and let Ella try peanut butter for the first time--she was definitely trying to figure it out since it's wayyyyy different than breast milk, but no bad reactions!

 ~In the afternoon we headed out to a winery with our friends who have twins

~Ella decided she only wanted to sleep like a total of 1-2 hours Saturday but was in a good mood most of the day, and enjoyed her time at the winery looking around at everything around her while the adults enjoyed some delicious nectar of the Gods
thank you for the adorable outfit, Lynn!
~We grabbed some pizza on the way home from the winery and I started feeling like I might have a tickle at the back of my throat. I blame those oh-so kissable cheeks....and getting spit up on a million times a day (but the cheeks are so much cuter haha). I'm pretty sure my immune system is the same as a newborn's.
~Ella went down early due to not napping basically at all the whole day, and MG and I watched Nocturnal Animals which was disturbing and weird. I'd give it a 3 out of 5 maybe.

~Sunday morning we had blueberry pancakes and went out to run errands. Someone was super smiley in her carseat on the ride home
I just love her smile
~Ella went down for a nap for 2 hours (with some wake/fuss time in between) and afterwards we tried oatmeal for the first time with a spoon. Her face said she wasn't sure about it, but it was entertaining to watch her attempt it:
~Sunday afternoon we watched football, played with Ella, lazed around, and went for a short walk around the neighborhood with Ella and then grabbed Chipotle for dinner because I was too lazy to make anything and still felt kinda crummy from this stupid head cold I have.

Since Ella's cold started, she's also decided that waking up at 2am and 5 something am and crying is the thing to do. I'm guessing this is part of the 4 month sleep regression but I'd really like her to stop--especially since I'm sick too and feel groggy. Any moms have tips for how to get her to make it through the night sleeping again? She used to do SO well and not wake up until 6 when I would wake her up to nurse before work.

Weekly Wins

Haaaaaaaappy Friday, friends! We made it to another end of the work week! 
I've had some wins this week (along with some losses, but we wont focus on those haha)

~I won my first week of my fantasy football league. Given, this was with a lot of help and guidance from MG, but it was fun. Hoping I have the same luck this week!

~My 90 minute massage was GLORIOUS on Wednesday after work. MG picked up Ella from the parking lot of the massage place so I didn't have to drive home and back, and took care of her while I was in massage bliss. It was one of the best massages I've ever had! (Oh and when I got home, MG was making dinner...maybe this is a separate win for the week all together) #keeper

~these Toms booties arrived this week and I love them! I have skinny ankles and am hoping they look ok on me, but they are so cute! I wasn't sure about the canvas in the online picture but in person, it's not even noticeable. And they are COMFY! Fall trend win!
~I've been SO much better about making my way over to all of your little blog spaces now and am so happy to connect with you all again! I realized how much I missed you all, and this awesome network of friends!

~Our second youngest niece turned 12 this week. TWELVE! I knew this girl when she was 5 and now she's old enough to hold my baby...where is time going?
~I've now made it through 4 weeks of being back at work. I will say, I like the adult interaction throughout the day, and getting to work with my kids from last year again. I still miss my little peanut more than words, though. Working mom, SAHM...whatever the case, mom'ing ain't easy!
I know, I can't believe it either!!
Have a great weekend!!

Dear Thursday....

I'm SO glad that today is Thursday (although I'd be happier if it was Friday, but I'm not trying to wish my days away...just wanting those weekends with my little bear), and had some notes to write out today:

Dear Traffic, you suck! Taking me 50 minutes to get home from the dentist on Tuesday was NO JOKE! Also, thanks to my GPS for routing me into a service road that would have kept me in 20+ minutes MORE of backed up traffic if I hadn't taken a side street followed by back roads home. UGH!

Dear Massage, bless you for undoing the stress and tension I've been building up in my muscles for the past few weeks. Going back to work has had it's challenges and I've definitely been storing it up. A welcome surprise was that I booked a 90 minute massage instead of a 60 minute one so I got an extra 30 minutes of mushy muscle making!

Dear Below Deck and Bachelor in Paradise, you were/are both disappointing. I was so bored by BIP this season, that I was thankful for the fast forward button SO many times throughout. I found by the finale on Monday I really didn't really care about ANY of the couples/non-couples (I did enjoy #scallopfingers though hehe, and texting with Brittany throughout the episodes). Below Deck this season is a snoozefest. Why they decided to have a whole crew of newbies is beyond me but it's not entertaining. I fell asleep through Tuesdays episode and am not even going to go back and watch it.

Dear Ella bear, I'm ready for you to be done with this 4th leap. It's taken a bit for it to hit in full force but I think we are in it! Thankful that you should only have about another week of it before we get the "sunshine" again. I still love you and that smile though! 
Dear iPhoneX, whyyyyyyy do you cost $1,000??? When iPhones costed $700 I thought that was ridiculous but a GRAND??? I wonder what the monthly payments through Verizon are on that (since they no longer let you just buy the phone outright for a lesser price). My word....#butdangitlookscool
Dear HS Teenagers, please do not choose to march your butts across the street from school into our development again after school so that you can watch 2 girls fight one another in the parking lot (I wish I was joking). There is NO NEED for this kind of behavior OR for 30-40 of you to be onlookers.  Also, when you get "caught" by an adult, the appropriate response is not to use racial slurs and cuss words. Be contributing members to society, not the scum of it. Disappointing. (Also, is this really what teenagers do these days??? I was disgusted, and quite frankly terrified seeing this happen). I hope the school officials find out who you are and put a stop to this nonsense.

Dear Florida and Texas friends, I'm praying for you all and am donating to support the relief efforts. I'm so sad to see the devastation that's left behind from these hurricanes, but so encouraged by people FINALLY coming together over something--just sad that it has to be over something like this.
Gonna do my best to get my weekly wins together for tomorrow! Hope your Thursday is sunny and sweet!

{WHW}: Randoms

Happy hump day friends!
What's hap-"pinning" around these parts:

~My breast pump sounds like it's saying "wa-boom" which makes me think about the dude from Rachel's season on The Bachelorette. Which is not a fun thought while you're pumping.

~I think I need a notepad by my bed so I can write down whatever things are running through my head in the middle of the night (or early morning). During the weekends I can sleep and not have a care in the world, but come Sunday through the work week, I'm up at 4 thinking about work and all the things I have to do. 

~Our pediatrician said that Ella can start trying foods now, including a little bit of peanut butter a couple of times a week. As excited as I am to try this out, I'm nervous too--especially about the peanut butter. What if she has an allergic reaction???

~When the fire alarm goes off while you're pumping in your office
~helping Kindergarteners during the first week of school during dismissal was like trying to herd cats...it was like a comedy of errors. This one is crying because his backpack is making him too sweaty. Another one is saying their bag is too heavy, and then 3 others are laughing and not paying attention to the line that's leaving them.

~On Monday, MG made a new recipe: Cilantro lime Shrimp Foil Packets on the grill. My heavens they were delicious!! So sad we tried this so late in the season, but definitely adding it to the list come next Spring/Summer!
~I go to help at a second school two afternoons a week. I've been doing this for the past several years because my caseload at my school isn't high enough and each year it's usually a different school than the previous ones. Well, the one I'm at this year, I'm working with a hoarder. I walk in there and there's no place for me to put my things down, or even sit. She has to clear off the main table for me to be able to work with kids. The kids are so distracted and hard to get to focus (and I can't blame them because it's hard for ME to focus!). I also have to pump here which gives me the heebie jeebies...look at these pics!
~Hypocrit copycats make me laugh...and eyeroll
~Is there a problem that cupcakes can't solve? Maybe. Cupcakes and wine? Not likely :)

~I have a massage scheduled for after work today, and had a dentist appointment after work yesterday. The logistics of picking up Ella from daycare, getting her home, and myself to the massage (and the dentist) are stressful enough to have all kinds of extra knots for the therapist to work out #commutingsucks

Hoping the rest of the week goes quickly and smoothly! Link up with Jessi and I and share what's hap"pinning" with you!