Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!
Just thought I'd send out some Easater cute-ness today, and what better way to do that than with the help of some chicks and a bunny? :)

Guest Post: {Chelsea @ Life is a Sunset}

I have another lovely blogging buddy to keep you entertained while I'm away. I met Chelsea at a blogger meet up about a year and a half ago--She's a total sweetheart, is amazingly inspirational, and is a girl that is following her dreams! What better way to wrap up the week than with a little inspiration? So, here's Chelsea! Check out her post below, and her blog!

Hi there! I'm Chelsea, an East-Coast girl who recently followed my heart all the way to San Diego to start a new life and I blog over at Life is a Sunset! While Jenn is away traveling and enjoying gorgeous weather, I figured I'd share a little with you about my biggest travel adventure - the trek cross-country from Virginia to California.

First, let me tell you that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I knew for almost 10 years that San Diego was going to eventually be home for me one day. So, I saved my money as much as possible for years. This past year, life hit pretty hard when I lost my mom and I realized that life is just too short to put off your biggest dreams. I quit my job, started packing up my life, making arrangements with shipping companies, and three weeks later, I was in my car... Westward Bound!

Oh, that's just me jumping for joy at the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. It's a piece of art made up of old Cadillacs stuck in the ground and spray-painted throughout the years right off the freeway. If you're passing by, I highly suggest making a pit stop here!

The Wild West has always fascinated me because, compared to where I'm originally from, so much of the West seems untouched. And the views! I was speechless.

I got so much thinking done on this trip. It was the time when I decided I'd be growing my hair out to donate it in honor of my mom [you can read about the day I donated it here!] and I also decided against the career path I thought I'd be taking once I arrived in San Diego. It's crazy how life works. It really is.

But this trip was such an amazing life experience. In three and a half days, I drove from coast to coast, seeing multiple terrains, cultures, and cuisines throughout the trip. It reminded me of what life is all about. Life is to be lived. All I can say is... follow your heart and make your dreams a reality.

It's not always easy but it will be worthwhile in the end.

For more on my life's adventures, stop by my blog and say hi! I'd love to meet you :) Thank you, Jenn for having me today! 

Guest Post: {Pinky @ p!nkpers!stence}

I have a return-guest poster for you. My first bloggie-to-real-life buddy, Pinky! She's a super awesome chica, who recently got engaged (bling bling!), she's my sounding board when I have problems, and just an overall great friend! Not sure what I would do without her, and lucky for you--she's here to guest post for you while I'm away! Check out her post, and her blog!

Ello mates, how's it swinging?!?!

My name is Pinky and I blog over *here*.
While Miss Thang is gallevanting with her boyfriend
in the warm Puerto Rican air [bisssssh]
I'm here to entertain you today.

Let's kick back to the 90's mmmmmmmmmmmmmmkay?!!?

While perusing blogs the other day, someone's playlist made me STOP.IN.MY.TRACKS
The delicious beat bangin' was some OLD SCHOOL *NSYNC 
and I almost squealed at my desk. 

I haven't heard them in FOOOOOOOOOOREVER 
and that is a stinkin' shame cause, come on, 
how can you be down.sad.upset.anything.but.happy 
when you hear the lyrics
"You're all I ever wanted"?!?! 

Suuuuuuuuriously, you can't be in a bad mood.
So I decided to take a trip down memory(embarrassing) lane and list the BOY BAND slash Pop Princesses and Pop groups I use to listen to NONSTOP!
No judging okay?!?!


{BackStreet Boys}
Backstreet's back ALRIGHT?!?! My single most FAVORITE pop song of the boy band era. This song was played onrepeatonrepeatonrepeat in my disc man (whoa so 90s). The first big boy band since BoyzIIMen took the preteen/teen world by storm and I was in the thick of it. I have seen them 3...yes 3 times in concert. And the last one I happened to be a senior in high school (again I say don't judge)! Nick Carter (prerehab) and Brian Little just made my young heart swoon. I wasn't a big fan of their comeback, but hey, what else do washed up popstars do?!


{*NSYNC} I want you BACK!!! Yes, pleeeeeeeeease come back *NSYNC, we miss you! While BSB (yeah, we were THATCLOSE) was my first Boy Band crush, *NSYNC was the group that stole my heart and became my first love. No, seriously, I was puppydog INLOVE with Justin Timberlake. I mean come on, check out those blond curls and try not to smile, I dare you. I have all of the *NSYNC cds (minus Christmas, mean old Santa) and LOVED every.single.one. These guys brought the fun, the hot, the beat and the dancing. Hands down, *NSYNC beats BSB for their dance moves in my opinion. I never saw my loves in concert, but trust me, I have PLENTY of VHS tape of their Disney Concerts (Thanks Daddy)


{98 Degrees}
It's all Because of you! Yes, my smile is because of you Nick Lachey and friends. 98Degrees never garnered the same appreciate as BSB and *NSYNC which was always so sad to me. They actually created the group themselves and wasn't 'masterminded' by anyone. Good old Ohio kids (holla Cinncinati...C would be sooo upset I said that heehee) with dreamy voices and KILLER MUSCLES made for an swoon worthy mix. And who can forget MULAN?!?! Nick was of course my favorite and since he chose Jessica Simpson I was okay when he got married. He was so adorable on Newlyweds and I think I cried when I found out they were divorcing. I jumped from team Jessica to team Nick and have followed him ever since.


{Jessica Simpson}
I wanna LOVE you forever!!!! And I would have Jessica, if you hadn't broken poor Nick Lachey's heart, gotten a BIG head about fame and eeesssh don't even get me STARTED on the John Mayer incident/years. But, your fall from my graces is another blog all together. Back in the day, YOU_WERE_MY_ALL_TIME_FAVORITE!!!! Even though you didn't have the dance moves of the other pop princess diva's and even though many had you as the #3 blonde singer, in my heart of hearts >YOU<>NUMERO UNO! You were beautiful. You were intelligent (so I thought). You were kind. You had an AMAZING voice (pre-with you and your wishy-washy-whisper voice). And the kicker, you ACTUALLY stuck to your morals/values despite what the other girls were doing. I was TEAM JESSICA all the way! I religiously watched your Newlywed show and viciously defended you after your silly little gaffs on screen. But, then you got to big for your britches and left sweet Nick Lachey on the curb like an unwanted piece of furniture. Oh Jessica, I was so sad to jump ship, but looks like I did before the ship officially started sinking.


{Christina Aguilera}Come on over, Come on over BABAY!!!! LOVELOVELOVE that song. And really dug Christina's style for that music video too. She had left the fake 'Disney' look (Genie in a Bottle, great song btw) behind but wasn't quite in her 'Dirrty' stage either. This girl has a set of PIPES! And an ATTITUDE! And an addiction to red lipstick! She got waaaaaaay to raunchy for me, but 'Back to Basics' brought back a little of that Genie in a bottle innocence. Super sad she and Jordan broke up, and who flubs lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner?! I am proud that she isn't anorexic, but STOP POURING yourself into outfits. We don't need to see all that cleavage, have mercy child, have mercy. Girl is a much better singer than Britney but way less classier than Jessica in my opinion.


{Britney Spears} You drive me CRAAAAAZY!!! No truerer words were spoken about an artist, this girl WAS crazy. The first POP princess to debut, Britney created as much of a stir as the boy bands. Since the first mid-driff scene this girl has danced and song right alongside controversy. The outfits, the boob job, the V-card, Justin Timberlake, the cheating, Limp Bizkit, the python, the kiss, the sparkly outfit, K-Fed, 2 baby boys, the divorce via text, GOING CA-CA-CA-Crazy, daddy's in charge, 3 new albums and two successful tour, new man, a break up and hopefully a NEW album soon?! Suurrriously, she DID all that and pumped out album after album. As much as I CAN'T stand the girl and her drama, I can't help but JAMMMMMM OUT to her music. I take -alittle- pride in knowing she doesn't write much/any of her music, but, I still have to say 'Have you heard the new Britney song?' If only the Mickey Mouse club knew back then....


{Usher}She likes it myyyyyyyyy way!!! Yes SHE/me does. Oh Usher I heart you. Your smooooooooth R&B croonings captured my heart back in the day. Although, it might have also been your beautiful eyes, abs, dashing smile, abs, outofthisworld dance moves and oh yeah YOUR ABS that broke me out of my only POP music bubble. I LOVED when you were dating Chili from TLC (OHMIGOSH I LOVE TLC) and was uber uber ticked when you broke up with her. Although, the break up did create some AWESOME music. I don't have any of your cds my love, but I continue to follow your music. You are the one guy, besides Fred Astaire, that I would do almost ANYTHING to dance with.

{Honorable Mentions}
Savage Garden
Mandy Moore
OTown (the performed at my PROM)
N2Gether Now
No Authority
Jennifer Lopez (pre-JLO)

And there you have it, my list of shame...err LOVE!

Don't Hate, appreciate. :)
Are there any boyband slash pop princess diva's I forgot?!?!?

Guest Post: {Katie @ Life, Love and Pursuits of Katie}

Katie is another bloggy friend of mine who's a super sweet chick! I'm mega excited to hopefully meet her in person when she comes to the DC area this summer! She just recently got married, and her blog is full of her daily activities and fun! Go take a peek at her blog after you read her post below!

Hi y'all! I'm so excited that Jenn let me take over her blog for the day so I could hang out with her awesome readers. I usually blog over at Life, Love, and Pursuits of Katie (feel free to also find me on twitter or bloglovin'), so feel free to stop by and say hi! I love meeting new blog friends. :) I'm an almost-30 (eek!) newlywed from North Carolina, and I'm so very jealous of Jenn and all her travels this year! Her adventures made me think about my own travel bucket list.  So, here are my top five destinations in no particular order.

Paris--  Paris is at the absolute top of my list.  I'm DYING to go there!
Source: flickr.com via Katie on Pinterest

NYC at Christmastime-- I've been to NYC a few times, and I must admit that it's not my favorite destination in the world.  But there's just something so iconic about New York at Christmastime that I'm desperate to see for myself.

Source: flickr.com via Katie on Pinterest

Russia-- I studied the language in college for a few semesters (not that I remember much of it now...) and the history for a few other semesters.  I think there's something so incredibly mysterious and fascinating about Russia.

South Pacific (Fiji, Tahiti, the Maldives...)-- This one really should be self-explanatory.  I mean, just look at this picture!

Cruise around the world-- Oh my goodness.  This would be heaven.  Not only is it a three-month long trip, but most of the cruises around the world go to some obscure places, which sounds amazing to me.  And I love cruising, so it's a win-win!

What about you guys?  What's at the top of your to-visit list??

Guest Post: {Leanna @ OMG I'm Back in DC}

Leanna is another one of my DC blog buddies--she's always doing super fun things in the city, and when I read about her adventures I always wonder why the heck I've never done any of them! Basically, she's a cool chick who does cool stuff, so you need to check her out in her post below, and over at her blog!


Hey Everyone!  I'm Leanna and I blog over at OMG I'm Back in DC.  I blog about a little bit of everything...my adventures in the District, new recipes I'm trying, beauty products I love, and just being a twenty-something. 

Jenn is one of my favorite DC area bloggers and I was thrilled when she asked me to guest post for her.  I've always enjoyed reading Jenn's book reviews so I thought featuring my favorite vacation reads would be the perfect guest post while she's on her trip.

I don't know about you, but I have three basic criteria for chosing books to bring on vacation.  They have to a) be an escape (I like reading educational books but not while I'm lying on a beach), b) make me laugh, and c) be quick to get through.  These five books definitely fit those criteria.

1. A Total Waste of Makeup
via Amazon
A Total Waste of Makeup follows Charlie Edwards, a personal assistant to a famous movie star, as she prepares to be maid of honor in her younger sister's wedding.  All while her meddling boss and parents try to set her up with a variety of different men.  Charlie and her friends are all characters you can relate to and the over the top antics and whims of her boss had me cracking up from start to finish.

2. Cocktails for Three

via Amazon
If you're looking for a quick feel good read, I recommend Cocktails for Three.  It  follows the lives of three best friends as one enters motherhood, one has an affair with a married man, and the third introduces a new friend to the mix.  I felt for the characters as they struggled to figure out how their friendship would work as their lives began to change and appreciated how the book didn't shy away from bringing up their insecurities.  While there are a few sad parts, I promise it has a happy ending...because who wants to be depressed on their vacation?

3. White Girl Problems
via Amazon
If you're going to read one trashy beach read this summer, you should make it Babe Walker's White Girl Problems.  This book was absolutely hilarious!  Babe's collection of white girl problems are completely over the top...from having Marilyn Manson give a disasterous performance at her 13th birthday party, to spending a quarter of a million dollars at Barney's in one day, to snacking on "splenda bites" since she's so afraid of gaining weight...this girl is a hot mess.  Even though her problems are ridiculous, it's hard not to start rooting for her.

4. Bitter is the New Black
via Amazon
Do you have a sarcastic sense of humor?  Then Bitter is the New Black is the vacation read for you.  After the dot com bubble burst, Jen Lancaster lost her high powered job and had to go from living in luxury to living on a budget.  Homegirl is brutally honest about the experience and isn't afraid to get snarky about how it impacted her.  This is one of those books that has you laughing to the point where strangers give you funny looks.  I highly highly recommend it.

5. I'm with the Band

via Amazon
I'm with the Band is a slightly more serious read but it's still a great escape.  It's the memoir of Pamela Des Barres who was a groupie in the 60s and 70s.  She recounts her crazy adventures with everyone from the Rolling Stones to Led Zepplin to Frank Zappa.  I definitely found it to be a page turner.

What are your favorite vacation reads?

Guest Post: {Emily@ Blue Dog Belle}

While I'm away, soaking up the sunshine in Puerto Rico, I promised you that I'd have some lovely ladies stopping by to keep you company. First up is a fellow DC-area blogger! She's a Southern girly-girl who loves fashion and fun in DC! I love reading about her daily happenings, and you will too, so go check her out after you take a gander at her post below!

Hey there Friends! I'm Emily of Blue Dog Belle and I'm here to entertain you while the lovely Jenn and her cute man friend MG are relaxing on a beach somewhere in Puerto Rico. Not fair.

As a super pale white girl I have a love hate relationship with the beach. I love it, but the sunburn I inevitably get after spending 15 minutes in the sun, not so much. Needless to say, if I were Jenn right now, this is what'd I'd be wearing.
Beach Ready

L'Oréal Paris l oréal pari / Dr t s supergoop

I love maxi's at the beach. They're so comfortable and become the perfect kind of effortlessly chic that goes perfectly with your wavy beach hair.  This emerald and blue dress is right up my alley, plus emerald and color blocking? So right now. (please tell me you hear the self mockery) Next I love these TOMS wedges, because who doesn't love cute TOMS. A trendy floppy hat to protect you from sunburn and wrinkles is a must. Then go one step further and and these super glam cat eyed sunnies from Nina Ricci.

I also believe that it is fully appropriate to rock shiny metallics (or sequins) whenever you want. As long as it makes you happy, who cares. I definitely brought a gold python bag with me to the beach last year. I love this one. Add in some magazines, my favorite sunscreen, and some self tanning wipes (because who wants to come back from the beach pale?) and you're all set for a fabulous day on the island.

To Jenn, Thank you lovely for having me on your lovely blog. But I'm still jealous you went to PR and didn't invite us. So lame.

For the rest of y'all, I'd love for you to come visit me on my Blog / Instagram / Twitter

xo, Emily

Friday Letters

Instead of writing up some confessions this week, I thought I'd switch back to my letters, to tidy up this week!

Dear Puerto Rico, thanks goodness we'll be seeing you this weekend, and get to enjoy you for a whole week! After this week, I'm looking forward to your warm, sunny weather and relaxation more than ever. 

Dear Mom and Dad, you guys are the absolute BEST! Overall, and because you bought me a Dyson for no reason other than because you wanted me to have something nice and of good quality. Not only that, my mom drove all the way to Virginia to pick up the Dyson, and dropped it off at my place so that when I got home on Wednesday, I had a nice new Dyson waiting for me!

Dear JT, you are one sexy beast. Digging your CD, even though it's much different than your past stuff. You're too sexy for your own good. That is all. 

Source: someecards.com via Nina on Pinterest

Dear Downton Abbey, I finished season 2, and I didn't cry (altho there were several "Oh my God"s and "Noooooo"s yelled). This is an accomplishment, and apparently one that I won't be able to maintain when I watch season 3. Drats! I love this show too much.

Dear Lulu's, I kick myself now for not paying the extra $12 shipping so that my high-low dress would get here before my trip. I should have known when it said Friday-Monday delivery, it would for sure be delivered on Monday, just like your tracking tells me now. Poopsicle! I ordered you on the 14th...why couldn't you have gotten here by the 23rd? Not so much to ask! At least I have other cute dresses and my new wedges to rock, but still. Total bummer!

Dear Brooke Burke, your exercise DVD's make me sore EVERY time I do them. I'm glad I'm working on stuff that obviously needs working on. But, walking like a duck for the next 2 days because my legs are so sore that it's painful to walk, is really not that attractive. And, seriously, lady, how does your body look so banging after 4 kids?? I'm in awe....even as I waddle like a duck.

Dear Blog friends, I'll be back in a week (hopefully tanned, gorgeous and happy), but make sure you come by during the week because I have some wonderful ladies guest-posting while I'm away.

Have a happy weekend!

Rough Thursday morning start...

I was going to write some entertaining post today, but my morning started out not so hot.

MG and I live in a condo complex, and we have one parking spot. In order to park there, you have to have a hanging tag displayed in your car window. Most nights, MG gets the spot because he gets home after I do. The other day I got home late from work and I took the spot, and the pass.

Yesterday I forgot to take the pass out and leave it for MG to put in his car. Sadly, I only realized this at 6:30am when I woke up this morning and said "Oh ****, I never gave you the pass for your car last night"....

Insert a bunch of expletives, and MG running outside to hope that his car hadn't been towed.

No such luck.

So, we both hustled to get ready for work, and I drove him to the tow lot to pay $175 to get his car back. Of course this happens on a morning that MG has a mandatory training, and I have a parent meeting at the start of the work day. Luckily we were able to get the car back and neither of us was late to work.

Just not the best start to the day. 

So I leave you with something happy....cuz I need something to turn this day around!
Hopefully this little guy's day will start off on the right foot!

Really can't wait for Puerto Rico....

Catch ya tomorrow!

WILW and Oh How Pinteresting

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means! Time for some fun link-ups with Jamie and Michelle!

I'm loving that today is officially the first day of Spring!!
Not so much loving that it's only gonna be in the upper mid 50s today (and then 40 tomorrow--boo!), but at least I can say Spring is here (even if it doesn't feel like it right now).

I'm loving that my Puerto Rico trip is happening this weekend! The weather report says 85 every single day so far, and I can't wait!!! I'm also kind of shocked that it's here already, but I'm not complaining! Come on, Sunday!!!

I'm loving that there's only 2 more work days (after today) until a week long break from work. I've been swamped with meetings and parent phone calls, testing, etc and I'm very much looking forward to this time off to rest and relax!

I'm loving the new Justin Timberlake cd. So far there are good beats, and it just sounds like a grown man who's in love with a woman. JT just gets hotter and hotter....that Jessica Biel is a lucky lucky lucky lady!! :)

I'm loving Downton Abbey. MG and I jumped on the bandwagon last week and we are hooked. One of my blog buddies told me to be prepared to be devastated at the end of season 2. I'm not sure I can handle it...I'm way too invested in the characters!

I'm loving that my parents are buying me a Dyson vacuum. (And I'm sad that the day has come that I'm getting excited about getting a vacuum...ugh...stupid getting older). Dysons are like the holy grail of cleaning/vacuums, and the only people I know who have them are adults (like my parents) or people who just got married and registered for them. Surely, me and my teacher salary would never be able to fork over a couple hundred for this gem, but I'm glad that I have a mom and dad who will, for me! :) Spring cleaning, here I come!! (my 16 year old self would be so ashamed by this last paragraph...)

And, as always, I'm loving everything that Pinterest has to offer!
This week I've been pinning...

Hello, Spring!! Hop on into my closet now, why don't you??
gaaaah! Puppy kisses! Heart...melting...
Smothered Chicken Casserole
Seriously, my mouth is watering just looking at the dang picture!
Something that I need to remind myself of more often
How cute is this for an Easter/Spring centerpiece??
Perfect diet, right?? :)

Hollywood Gossip

So, lots of stuff has been going on in the news and in Hollywood lately and I wanted to see if  you all were hearing the same things that I was?

1-the biggest news...(I think, anyway)
Emma Watson is rumored to be cast as Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Gray. As of yesterday, though, I saw a report that says she is claiming that she is NOT being cast in this role.
What do you think? Is she or isn't she? If she is, would be be a good Anastasia?
I have a hard time picturing her going from a cute witch, Hermione, to being tied up and well, you know... as Anastasia. Maybe it's just me tho.

2-Miley and Liam
Are they still together/engaged? Lots and lots of rumors that these two haven't been seen together in a long time, and even at a recent event, they did not attend together. My Us Weekly has had articles on this the last two weeks, with "sources" saying that the two are on the outs. What do you think? Together, not together?

3-Lil Wayne
He didn't die, but apparently TMZ jumped the gun and reported that he was on his death bed and had his last rites read to him. How do you get that SO wrong?
Although he's still alive, Mr. Wayne might be headed to rehab for his Sizzurp addiction!

Whaaaaa? I was just hearing a month or so ago that they were probably getting engaged and now these two are broken up?? They've been together for over 2 years (seriously, Ryan, you're 38...what the heck were you waiting for), and apparently are splitting because of busy schedules. Lame. I hate this excuse. If you want to make something work, you make it work. Busy schedules my hiney.

I still have a hard time liking these two, and it's been a LONG time since the infamous After the Final Rose where Jason ended things with Melissa and then turned around and got back with Molly. But, it seems like they are actually happy, and they welcomed a new baby girl into the world, so maybe I'll get over myself and be happy for them. Just maybe.

What have you heard going on in Hollywood?? Anything good that I'm missing out on? Fill me in!!

Weekend Recap!

Did you all have a happy, green-filled weekend??

Friday night for me was spent staying in, attempting to recooperate from that stupid cold I had. I Redboxed Wreck it Ralph which was really cute, and was in bed decently early. All in all I know it helped me out and I'm feeling better today, even though I still have a bit of a cough that's hanging on.

Saturday morning I had a massage and facial scheduled--the last time I went for a massage they told me my appointment had been cancelled (and no one told me), so they gave me a complimentary massage and facial...I just had to wait 3 weeks to get it. Needless to say, my back and shoulders were more than happy to finally get on the massage train! I felt soooo relaxed afterwards...and then it took me 35 minutes to drive 6 miles home. Grrr! I still managed to stay loose and relaxed, though. DC area living....blah!

After some down time and a shower, MG and I went into DC to meet up with a friend of mine who was in town running the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Luckily DC wasn't TOO crazy with St. patty's day celebrators (due to Shamrock Fest happening elsewhere) so we were able to hang out and catch up without having to deal with a bunch of total drunkards.

Sunday was spent running errands and going furniture shopping. MG and I are trying to find a couch/sofa set that will fit in our place without overwhelming our living room area. We found a set that we really liked, but it's just too big. Drat! Back to the drawing board!

And, sprinkled throughout various parts of our weekend was watching Downton Abbey. We got on board this train late last week and are already on episode 2 of the second season. I'm LOVING it, and am finding myself WAY too attached to some of the characters. I know that something big happens at the end of this season based on everyone's facebook updates a few weeks ago and I'm really hoping it won't devastate me haha.

I'm really obsessed with the show now. I have a feeling the rest of the 7 episodes are going to be watched rather quickly the next couple of nights!

And, that pretty much sums it up for me. I'm no longer coughing like crazy, my voice has pretty much returned to normal, I got sleep, relaxation, some fun with friends, and quality time with my dude. All in all, a pretty good weekend.

Now, I just have to make it through one more work week before I can enjoy this:
6 days and counting..... :)

Confess Sesh

How about some confessions on this Friday? Whaddya say?

I confess that....

.....it made me SO happy to have so many friends/family send me birthday presents and cards on my 30th. In particular, MG's sisters both sent me things from Loft (gift card, clothes and jewelry--yay!) and cards that said how happy they were that I'm in MG's life and that I'm their friend and a part of their family. Dang I love them!

.....this cold I got last week is annoying. I'm in the coughing phase which sucks. Sometimes I cough so hard I get light headed. I wish I was joking. Probably not a good thing.

.....I might stay in tonight and do absolutely nothing other than watch tv, relax and try to get healthy while MG has a guy's night tonight. I did enough celebrating last weekend to last me for a few weeks, so I think I'll take tonight off and try not to pass out from coughing too hard. #OldSickPeopleProblems

.....I hate that my car insurance is due the same month as my birthday. It's like "Happy birthday!!!...now fork over your money!" Ugh.

....I'm over this Winter coldness crap. I thought that stinkin' groundhog said Spring was coming. Well, where the heck is it???

....going into a 2nd grade class the other day to do an observation and having one girl tell me "I like your scarf," then another say "I like your jacket" and then the first one said "I like your jacket, too. And your shoes"....really gives your confidence a boost. Little kids don't lie! :)

.....as much as losing an hour sucked this weekend (especially since it took away an hour of my birthday celebrating...and sleep), I do enjoy having the sun out until 7pm. Makes me feel like I can still actually enjoy the day after I get home from work.

....Cooper needs his nails cut, pretty badly. I've always been afraid to do it myself, but I think I'm getting to the point where I need to suck it up and try. He has a grooming appointment in a couple weeks but he can't go that long before getting them cut. Keep your fingers (or paws) crossed that I don't screw this up royally!

....I may have found the perfect high-low dress that I've been looking for! It's not super baggy on top (no easter egg hunt in my top!), and is a pretty coral color. I purchased it immediately and am now eagerly awaiting its arrival. Hopefully before PR!

....speaking of, Puerto Rico is now 9 days away and I. Can't. Freaking. Wait. No work, sunshine, beaches, exploring, 80 degree weather....yes, please! This is going to be on my mind, on repeat, to help me get through the next week.

Happy Friday!!!

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