Year in Review {Oct, Nov, Dec}

It's the last day of 2015! Where did the year go? 
I've really loved recapping the year--it's been so fun to take a look back at all of the fun things that MG and I did, and prepare for all of the fun that 2016 is sure to offer!

To wrap up the recap, I'll review October, November and December!

~My little Cooper turned 7
~I recreated a Pinterest look I'd been dying to get all the pieces for
~Went up to Philly and visited a couple of pumpkin patches with the fam
~Got my hands on an adorable tunic sweater at Loft Outlets
~Visited our friends in Minnesota and got to see the Vikings win!

~Did the Fall About Me post that was going around blogland

~Made these delicious sriracha teriyaki meatballs (and have made them a bunch since!)

~Talked about 5 things you need in your life, and found my new favorite Fall nail polish color

~Got a private tour of the West Wing of the White House from our friend who works with the President
~Reviewed The Royal We and The Selection Series--both of which I highly recommend

~Celebrated our friends' birthdays
~Had our first cozy night in the basement with a movie, cooper snuggles, a fire and wine
~Did a Bloggers to Blame post about all the things I've purchased because of blogger influences

~Went on several outdoor walks on the weekends since the weather was so nice
~Tried out the restaurant Lincoln in DC with our friends (a must go if you come to DC)
~Shared this super easy and delicious Mediterranean Orzo Pasta recipe
~Talked about the things that I'm thankful for

~Hosted Thanksgiving for 11 people and it was a success!

~Celebrated MG's birthday
~Bought way too many things during the holiday sales
~Made and filled out a Holiday Questionnaire

~Decorated for the holidays and got our Christmas cards mailed out
~Did my Year in Review posts

~Got addicted to the show The Affair

~Went to 5 holiday parties within 2 weekends
~Laid wreaths at Arlington Cemetery 

~Finally found a mirror for above the fireplace and am smitten with it
~Went on Winter Break from work, and had a Friendsmas dinner at our friends' place
~Celebrated Christmas with MG's family
~Went to NY to visit friends

And today we'll be celebrating the new year with friends at our place!
I hope your 2015 was everything you've wanted it to be, and that 2016 holds everything you're hoping for!
Happy New Year!!

What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesday {#22}

I'm back! It was 5 days that flew by super fast, but I'm back in VA and settled (for the most part). Can you believe that the last day of 2015 is tomorrow?? Insane!

Since I was gone at the start of the week, I figured I'd recap the highlights of our Christmas weekend for our last What's Hap-"Pinning" of 2015!

My Christmas Highlights consisted of:

~getting this sweet gift in the mail from my bloggy soulmate, and link up co-host, Jessi to start my day!
~an easy drive up to PA on Christmas Eve, and a quick turn-around to head to mass that afternoon

~This gorgeous sunset after church
~Christmas Eve dinner at MG's aunt and uncle's house where we got to see his cousins and all of the kids, while eating yummy foods!

~Puppy snuggles when we got back home
~Up early on Christmas morning to head over to my SIL's house with eager children waiting
~A ton of presents and a flurry of wrapping paper as they tore through their presents
~Exchanging gifts with MG--he did really well, finding me this Lucky Brand cardi I'd wanted, black riding boots, a swimsuit from VS for an upcoming tropical trip next year, and an adult coloring book which I'd asked for

~Relaxing during the afternoon (and some coloring) 
~Dinner at my SIL's with our extended family and my other SIL and her kids--the food was SO good! We had filet, crab cakes, asparagus, carrot soufflĂ©, cheesy potatoes, green beans, etc. My BIL is an amazing cook!
~Exchanging gifts with the siblings and then getting this surprise gift from my in-laws for me, and my two SIL's (we each got a different MK purse)

~A low key Saturday, with coffee and puppy snuggles in the morning, outlets to make some exchanges, watching old home videos of MG as a kid, and then getting to meet my SIL's best friends at a local steakhouse, and then seeing Star Wars in IMAX was really good!
~Early Sunday morning and then driving into Brooklyn to see MG's best friend and fiance in their amazing apartment that overlooks the Brooklyn bridge; got to walk around their neighborhood even tho the weather was kinda foggy
~Dinner out with our other friends who were in the city as well

~This view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building on our walk back from dinner, and some selfies

~Up til 2am drinking, talking, laughing, catching up and hanging out

~A beautiful view in the morning to wake up to (this is actually part of the view from their living room) and an easy drive back to PA
~a restful day with my in-laws, and dinner then driving back to VA yesterday

Phew! No wonder I've been exhausted since we got back, and sleeping every chance I get, much like Cooper who took an immediate nap as soon as we got home yesterday
I hope your holiday weekend was fantastic, and filled with wonderful family and friends!
Now it's your turn to link up with Jessi and I today--remember, you can share about anything, it doesn't have to be Pinterest-related!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!
MG and I are celebrating with our families and I'll be back in blog land sometime next week. 

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas! I hope your day is filled with lots of memories being made with your families.
Merry Christmas from MG and I!

2015 Year in Review: {July, August, Sept}

Time for the fun of the Summer months! This one is extra picture-heavy because of how much we did during these months, so apologies in advance (altho I always love photos!)

~Finished up our guest bathroom reno, a much bigger project than we'd originally anticipated
~Got a new monster grill (MG's favorite new toy)

~Celebrated the 4th of July in Philly

~Started working at summer school

~Had a party at the house with some of our friends
~Read a bunch of books: Paper Towns (boo), Wild (yay), Bread & Wine (double yay!)

~Jessi and I started our What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesday link up!

~Went back up to Philly to see our friends from MN who were in town, and finally got to meet their adorable new baby girl, and go out for a night on the town with them (since they had built-in grandparents for babysitters!)
~Saw Magic Mike XXL with my two sisters-in-law, and my MIL--amazing!

~Got a bunch of stuff from the Nordstrom sale
~Went to see The Book of Mormon, which was my gift to MG for our anniversary
~Discovered the magic of Cize, and am still loving it!
~Got to meet two of my friends' new baby boys
~Got my Kate Spade watch that I'm still in love with and wear probably more than any of my watches, and discovered Essie's Limo Scene nail polish color--one of my faves:
~Had friends over for dinner and cooked vegan for the first time!

~Went to Chicago for a long weekend with MG--and it quickly became one of my most favorite cities! (Check out the recap here)
~Reviewed the awesome Mira water bottle (like the Swell bottles, but half the price--a great stocking stuffer gift!)
~Went into DC and watched my friend's husband DJ at the W hotel
~Had 2 of our favorite couple friends over for a dinner party at our house
~Got a Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award and answered some questions about myself

~Headed up to the shore in NJ for a week with the fam and had some fabulous guest posters while I was away

~Started back at work and got my office organized for another school year
~Had a weekend of date nights with MG in the city
~Teamed up with Owen and Meghan to talk about the #GiveGrace campaign
~Rocked my earrings from a Rocksbox set (that I eventually bought) to a double date dinner at Mussel Bar with one of our favorite couple friends
~Read The Royal We and absolutely loved it!
~Had another happy hour blate with Christy
~And in the following weekend had a triple date with friends, and a double blate with Christy and The Pilot (2 blates in a week!)
~Went to my friend/coworker's baby shower, and won a prize by doing the word scramble (my baby shower game of choice!)

~Talked about the fluffy love of my life, Cooper, before his 7th birthday

Phew! I told you that was a lot! The summer months were definitely packed with tons of fun trips, friend and family time! 
The next post will be on these last 3 months of the year right before the end of 2015: October, November and December!

Merry Christmas Eve, friends!!