{WHW} Currently....

Currently, I'm....

Reading ...
Well, I started another book by Diane Chamberlain weeks ago, and I think I only read the first chapter. And that's still where I'm at several weeks later...I'll get back to reading at some point soon hopefully.

Watching ...
Game of Thrones! MG and I got HBO this past weekend and got all caught up on everything just in time for the season finale. Wowza! I heard that the next season isn't until 2019!! What the what!
And of course watching all of my Bravo shows, plus Bachelor in Paradise which is its own little s-show and I love it. I feel like this season hasn't been as interesting as previous seasons though.

On the menu this week:
Monday: Spicy Sriracha Shrimp lo mein
Tuesday: Baked Queso Tacos
Wednesday: Crockpot Meatballs (with Spaghetti)
Thursday: Tuscan Chicken Bake--recipe to come!
Friday: something quick and easy, just not sure what yet

Looking forward to ... 
heading to PA for the long weekend and getting to see our family who we haven't seen since our trip to the shore in early August. And a long weekend in general because that means more time with my girl!

Enjoying ...
that my friend's sons at daycare (my friend watches Ella if you don't remember) LOOOOOOVE Ella. I get pictures through the day of them loving on her, and when I walk in to drop her off in the mornings, they get excited and the oldest says "I LOVE her!" He promised me yesterday morning that he'd take good care of her. Melts my heart!
water and lots of it--with pumping during the weekday while at work, my supply goes down throughout the week so I'm trying to up my calorie intake and my water intake to help. 

my mom for taking pity on me and buying a mini fridge for my office at work. My new place in the building was a 5-10 minute walk to and from the teachers lounge where the fridges are in order to get my pump parts and/or store my milk. Trying to fit pumping into my schedule is hard enough without adding those precious minutes of just walking in--so my mom had a mini fridge delivered to me and it's now set up in my office, making my life easier. Gotta love moms! 
perfectly fits my little cooler bag of pump parts and milk!
dealing with some helicopter parents that I'm already hearing about through the grapevine. Parents who have lawyers and advocates....I just want to do my job and get kids better. I don't want to deal with the attacks and nit-pickiness of lawyers and advocates. It really drains me and makes me feel icky about my job sometimes.

Wanting ... 
the temps to stay where they've been the last couple of days. High 70s and low to mid 80s are my jam!

Needing ...
a paycheck. It's been months and babies ain't cheap, y'all!

And I need to write my lake house, shore, and best friend's wedding recaps. #slacker #momlife

Wearing ...
my pre-pregnancy clothes which means I'm tapping back into my Loft clothes that I hadn't been able to wear much of last school year--score!!

Grateful For...
this little baby girl who turns 4 months old today! I seriously can't believe how quickly it's gone by, and how much she has grown in these past 4 months. Love her to pieces...but I'm sure you could tell that without me saying it ;)
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6 Years Ago...

Six years ago yesterday, MG and I went out on our first date!

I was reminded of it when Lindsay posted about it being her 14 year date-iversary yesterday too (the days escape me lately especially going back to work and having every day be kind of a blur).

MG and I talked about it in bed last night, how crazy it is that it's already been 6 years together.
Our first photo together
I remember our first date was almost interrupted by a hurricane (although nothing like what's going on in Texas right now), and I think there had been an earthquake in DC a few days before that had ruined our initial plan at a first date since I was working in the city at that time.

I certainly didn't know then that this guy would be my husband one day, and the daddy to a beautiful little girl, but I'm sure glad I took a chance on that guy from Match ;)
Pardon the sap for today...:)
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First Day of School+Weekending

Well, for the kids anyway!

I'm coming off of a great weekend at home with my little (and MG too)--with a slightly later than normal post,  but I'm here nonetheless!

Friday night MG had his fantasy football draft so Ella and I spent some snuggle time together before her bedtime, and then I stayed up and watched Sex and the City 2 before hitting the sack myself.

Saturday MG and I went to Old Town for a stroll with Ella--hit up a farmers market and then grabbed lunch. The weather this weekend was perfection!

Saturday afternoon we got miss Ella all ready to head to our friends' cook out where she got to meet several more of MG's friends who she hadn't met yet. She looked quite cute (and chunky) in her little dress and headband!
Saturday night we also decided to let Ella sleep in her crib in her room the whole night and she did great! We had one wake up around 4am and then she slept until after 7! Luckily her cold seems to be getting better and only a cough here and there is lingering.
Sunday we had pancakes for breakfast, ran some errands and then went for a walk with Ella in the Ergo carrier (got my added weight in for a more challenging walk). We spent some time out on the deck because the weather was still so gorgeous, picked up Thai food for dinner, and eased into the work week....my easing involved falling asleep on the couch around 9pm lol

As we speak, Ella is starting her first full week at daycare (last week was a mix of daycare at my friends' house and 3 days of daddy daycare). I know she's well loved, and well cared for (and am already getting pics of her today)...but dang it's still hard to not be with her all day long.

Hoping your weekend had some nice weather--and for those of you in Texas, particularly Houston--I'm sending my thoughts and prayers out to all of you, hoping you're safe and sound!

{WHW}: Back to School/Work edition

So, today will be my third day back at work, but today I'm leaving my Ella bear at home with MG--his first full day being the sole caretaker! It should be interesting!!

Going back to work has been an adjustment for sure especially making sure that I have everything for each day for Ella at daycare. The first day I had about 400 bags of different things and ended up leaving without her milk for the day. #mombrain  Luckily MG was still home and drove to where I was and dropped it off so that I didn't have to turn around and drive back and forth again.

It's SO hard to leave her--I know she's in great hands with my friend/babysitter. Her two sons love Ella so much and I get pictures throughout the day. But the start of the school year always brings so much stress and anxiety, and coupled with breastfeeding/pumping, daycare drops offs and pickups, and trying to sleep (plus getting the cold that Ella got this weekend)....it's just a lot. 

Lots of tears have been shed the past couple of days, and I'm sure more are coming too. I know in my heart that this feeling isn't forever (it better not be!!), but for right now, my feeling is overwhelmed!

So for now, I'm just trying to figure out what my "new normal" is going to be. All while prepping to get a school year off and rolling by Monday!
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Back to Life....

"....back to reality"

Today I'm heading back to work, tearfully.
It's been 16 weeks at home with my girl and I'm not sure what the day will be like leaving her in someone else's hands for the day (thankfully it's someone who we know, and trust).

In addition to all of that, our little peanut came down with a cold on Saturday night and was up just about every hour that night with sniffles, coughs and some super sad cries.

She teetered on having a fever during the day Sunday but thankfully didn't quite reach what's considered a fever for her age.

Needless to say, yesterday was filled with exhaustion coupled with all of the feels associated with watching your baby feel sick....and then add in the feels about going back to work and leaving her behind. Lots and lots of tears. I basically felt like I was on the post partum rollercoaster all over again!

Ironically enough, it was a year ago today that we had this one tiny perfect embryo transferred....who now is our cuddly, adorable little girl (even when she has a cold). It's crazy how different things are a year later! 

Anyway, send some love this way today...and perhaps a gallon of tissues, because this mama is gonna need them! You can find me staring at this beautiful face and getting 0 work done today...

Hoping you had a nice, cold-free weekend!

{WHW}: I'm back from the dead

Hey friends--do you remember me? I used to blog here semi regularly and then I dropped off the planet because I just couldn't get my act together and wanted to spend my time with my baby before going back to work. But, I'm back for a sec for what's hap-"pinning" Wednesday!
So here's a quick recap of what's been going on with me lately:

~We went to the shore for a week with MG's family like we usually do. We took family photos (still waiting on them from the photographer), had a surprise 70th birthday for my MIL, had family come from out of town for the surprise who we haven't seen since my wedding, and basically just had a nice week away on the bay

~We had our first time away from Ella when we left her at the shore with my two SIL's for 2.5 days so that MG and I could go to my best friend's wedding in VA Beach.

~The wedding was so fun and I was so glad to be there to celebrate my bestie on her day (more on this to come)
~Ella rolled over 7 times on Monday (from tummy to back) during tummy time. Baby girl is growing up!
~We also had a trip to the pediatrician because she's developed reflux in the past week, and the last 3 days especially have been much worse. Thankfully she's still gaining weight like a champ, doesn't seem too bothered by it overall, so the pediatrician isn't recommending medicine. I sure hope it goes way quickly though because it's no fun (and it's messy!)

~The last two weeks after getting back from our week/weekend away have been spent holding my baby Ella close, getting in all of the snuggles, kisses, smiles and laughs that I can because this mama is going back to work on Monday.

I've literally cried at least once a day for the last week and a half and feel the minutes slipping by this week. I know she's going to be in good hands with my good friend during the days, but I still wish it was me. I have the irrational fear that she's going to love her babysitter more than me (I know logically that this isn't true), and I feel like I'm gonna miss so much of her life. She's already starting to roll over--what else am I going to miss?

In addition to all of those feels, adding to my lack of desire to go back to work: I got an email last week that a parent is suing our school system. Can you understand why I feel this way? Ugh.

So, yeah...you can find me snuggling my Ella bear for the next 5 days straight.
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