GREECE 'd Lightning!

I am so so so excited to be planning a vacation with Boyfriend for us to go to Greece this summer. It has been FAR too long since he and I have gone on a vacation together. The first and last trip we've taken was to Riviera Maya in December 09-Jan '10. It was my first trip going somewhere as a "couple" (had gone on groups and with girlfriends before) and I loved every second of it!
Here are a couple of shots from that trip:

Since Boyfriend and I have been doing long distance for almost two years now (ugh), it's been hard to find times within our schedules to make a big trip somewhere. Usually we spend our time flying to each other's places and spending time in each other's day-to-day life that we miss out on. But, it's nice to get away and both of us are more than ready for a vacation, and doing one together. So we have been throwing around ideas for a few places which included Costa Rica (boyfriend has been there before so we are putting that on the back burner), the Dominican--saving this for a winter trip to escape the cold weather, and Greece. Greece has constantly come up in conversations of places we really desperately want to go to. Sooooo, last night I started looking at places and Boyfriend and I decided to take a summer trip there this year! Probably during the end of July/beginning of August. Can. Not. Wait!!!! Also, this will be the first trip that we take after moving in together!!!! So many exciting things to look forward to this summer!

I've already gone into full-on dork, planning mode and created a Google Doc for Boyfriend and I to use to store information (about ferries, flights, hotels, etc). We are in the process of deciding how many days we are going, and with that, which islands/places we want to go. We will probably fly into Athens and see the Acropolis at the very least and then Santorini and Mykonos are on our list of islands, with the possibility of a third (depending on money, time, etc).

Looking at all of the pictures has made me even more desperate for this vacation to come to fruition. If anyone has any travel ideas, recommendations, experiences, please please PLEASE share!!!

I am the epitomy of giddy right now!
Happy Wednesday!!


  1. How exciting! I have always wanted to go to Greece. So jealous! :)

  2. That's so exciting! I'd love to go to Greece! You're going to have an amazing time!

  3. Here's hoping it happens! Boyfriend's work has a way of getting in the way of us making plans (or having them come to fruition) so my fingers are crossed that it really happens. Because I am so incredibly excited to go!!!


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