No, I'm not talking to you about the candy Dum-Dums...

As I'm blogging to you from my summer vacation (which right now only includes my couch), this morning I'm already smacking my head at the stupidity of some of our famous people. I'm sure there is more dumb-ness going on in the world but within the last hour and a half of me being awake, I've already seen two stories on the news that makes me really question whether or not we, as an American people, are heading towards Idiocracy.

First off, this. I know that the topic of illegal immigrants is a BIG hot button issue. Fine. But, you're going to blame WILD FIRES on illegal immigrants??? REALLY????  Now that McCain has brought this vital piece of information to my attention, I can't help but wonder how illegals are involved in the flooding of the Mississippi. I think McCain should assign a task force to look into that issue. And, oh my goodness, MAYBE they are responsible for the tornadoes, too! (I hope that my sarcasm is apparent in the last few statements...)
I think you need to stop smoking the crack pipe, McCain. But, well done on making yourself look like a complete jackhole.

So, as I continue on with my morning, drinking coffee and eating some waffles, I see good ol' Latoya Jackson on the Today show, spouting off some conspiracy theory about MJ's death.  You could tell during the interview that Matt Lauer was thinking "uhh, really, woman?? WTF is wrong with you?" I don't understand the Jackson family. And I'm glad that I never will, because that means I've reached another level on the crazy continuum that I'd like to stay far far far away from!

I can only imagine what other kinds of looney-tunes antics I'll be hearing about as my day of lazy continues....

Hope your Tuesday is filled with a little less coo-coo than the above stories!


  1. the blame game is so stupid...

  2. BWAHAHAHAHA! I use "jackhole" all the time! I thought I was the only one. I saw that Latoya thing too. All I could say was "Really Latoya? Get over it!"


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