My Friend

Happy Thursday, lovies!

Today brings with it a bittersweet tone for me....I'm writing this with tears in my eyes because I just watched someone who I have grown so close to, leave. A little bit ago, my roommate who turned into one of my best friends, drove out of our apartment complex parking lot. But, this time, it was with a car packed to the brim, and was for good.

She's off to do the things that she wants to do in her life, and to be with her family and other people who care a butt ton about her (yeah, I said butt ton). And, as I've said a few other times in my posts about this, I'm so happy for her! I know that she is going to go off and do amazing things with the kids who she will be teaching this coming school year, she's gonna get to be the available Aunt that she's been dying to be for the past year, and going to be able to spend time with the family who she has loved and missed.

But, in this moment, I'm still kind of stuck in: there's an empty room in my apartment where one of my besties used to live. Even Cooper is a little confused, wandering into the room he used to go into and rifle around in, and now there's nothing. He's looking for his playtime buddy who gave him love and pets, and she's not there. Sadly, I can relate to how Coop is feeling (minus getting pets...Genna never petted me haha).

So, I'm gonna try and stop being sad and concentrate on how absolutely blessed I was to have a coworker who turned into a roommate, who turned into one of the best friends I could have ever imagined. I'm incredibly lucky to have found a friend like you, Genna, who, even though we're no longer roommates, will be a friend for the rest of my life. I hope that you know just how much you mean to me, and how thankful I am for how you have always been there for me over the last year.

They say people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, and I can say that Genna has come into my life for several reasons, we lived together for what felt like only a short season, but I know that we will be friends for a lifetime. Love ya, Genna!

Our first picture together as roommates...I find it fitting :)


  1. ahh i know about how you feel, i am moving out of state in january and it will be the first time me and my roomate/bestfriend have not lived with each other in 6 years! its crazy how much of a bond you can create with the person you live with. Its going to be hard!

  2. We have friends who have moved all about the country AND they are still some of our closest friends.
    Now I get to visit Hilton Head and Hawaii, Rhode Island and Florida...

    Not too shabby.

    She will always be your friend.



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