Tuesday Cute-Day

Hey bloggie friends!

There's not a whole lot going on today....just packing up my office and getting paperwork done (only 2 more days with kids, and 1 day of conferences left before summer!!). I've had a couple of extra reasons to smile lately, so I thought we could do another happiness-infused post of cuteness to continue the smile-train! Here goes....(all images via Pinterest)

So fluffy and cute!

Even when you're not the same, you can still love and get along!

I just want to snuggle him!!! (he looks like a dog gnome)

I love how awkwardly cute he is!!

Hope this helped to bring a little bright spot to your day! I know I was smiling as I posted them hehe!


  1. Those are great pics, I love the giraffe! Are you on Pinterest?! I just joined and I'm hooked--http://pinterest.com/hollyj33187/ :)

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. That giraffe baby is my favorite! So adorable!

  3. aw. this brightened my day! <3!

  4. Love the pictures, they all look so cute!

  5. Aw these are the cutest pics! It seriously makes me wanna stop everything and run to the pet store!!

  6. OK these little guys are WAY too cute for words! LOVE! :)


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