Tuesday Cute-Day

Happiest of Tuesdays, everyone!

Not much is going on lately since I'm on summer break. I spent some time at the pool, did some reading, caught up on some DVR, and got a smoothie. Yeah, I'm living the life.

So, since not much is going on, I figured I'd do another installment of cuteness for your viewing pleasure! (all courtesy of Pinterest :


you know you'd wanna hug him too!!

I believe this one sums up how teachers feel during the summer...
Hope you all enjoyed the cuteness and are having great summer-time fun!
I'm off to do some reading on my deck....catch ya on the flip side!!


  1. I just fell asleep relaxing and reading a book on my couch because it was way too hot to lay out in the sun today. Either way, I'm pretty convinced Summer is by far the best season!

  2. Ah! I am a teacher on summer vacation as well and have been feeling a little guilty about the way I have spent the past few days! However, pictures of adorable puppies are amazing and made me feel well less guilty and way more happy! Thanks!

  3. A cute little puppy gets me so happy every time!


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