Totes Randomness

I'm feeling a little all over the place this morning so today's post is probably going to be pretty random. That's my upfront warning! :)

1. I saw that Giuliana and Bill are for reals having a baby and I am SO happy for them! I have loved watching their show on Style (and was totally bummed when it wasn't part of my cable package last year--which has since changed--yay!), and have felt for them in their obstacles in this and other health related arenas. I remember watching their show once and my mom said something like "They are just so happy around each other. It seems like they are always having fun together." That was the kind of love I had wanted...and at the time, it wasn't the kind that I had. Wake up call! (And, ps, how sweet was Bill in the show when they were debating a mastectomy, and he told her he didn't care if she had boobs or not, that he just wanted her around for a long time! #YayForGoodGuys!) Anyway, I'm thrilled for them and cant wait to see baby Rancic this summer!

2. I realized yesterday that I made a HUGE mistake with my roommate countdown. Instead of in the 50's like I thought, as of yesterday it was 80 days. I mistakenly counted til June 12th, not July (you think subconsciously that's cuz I wanna get away from her earlier? I wonder what Freud would say!). So, that's a total bummer, BUT today marks 79 days, so let the countdown re-begin!
*I could fill you guys in on some more nonsense that she has done, but I don't want to inundate/annoy/bore you with more roommate stories. If you want them, I'll share, and if you don't, I'll keep the roommate rant posts to a minimum if I can help it!

If only I had a camel like real nomads, it would be much
easier to cart my things around our 5 story building...
3. I feel like a nomad at work this week. We are doing state testing and I am responsible for babysitting tending to one of our students who is not testing this week. That would be fine if there was a space in the building for us to be. There isn't. Yesterday we did work in the front office next to a copy machine. Not exactly the best "minimal distraction environment" for a kid with autism. Or me for that matter. So, this week will consist of me wandering aimlessly with my little friend, finding a semi-quiet space to get things done. Ahhh the joys of state testing!

4. Remember Brooke Burke's workout video I mentioned in my last Happy Hour post? Holy balls, when I did it last week and told you all I thought it was good, I didn't realize that my legs were gonna be sore for the next FOUR DAYS! I didn't even do the whole thing, and WHILE I was doing it, it didn't feel like I was going to die or anything so I was surprised that my legs were that sore. I could feel it in my abs a bit the next day (but, truth be told, I didn't do as much of the Core workout as I did the Lower body one). I did it again yesterday and pushed through a bit more of the video. I think it's really awesome. She shows you the move before you do it, and you do each move for 1 minute. "You can do anything for one minute" she says....this is true, but sometimes by the end of that minute you are making peace with your own personal God. I seriously think the video is bomb. She's really calming and not "in your face, I'm gonna yell at you and you're gonna do what I say" like Jillian Michaels is which is a nice change. I still like my JM workouts for a different kind of workout, but I really like this one. I also like that at the title screen you can select the workouts that you want to do, so if that day you only feel like doing Core, you can just hit that, or if you feel like doing Lower Body and Core, you select those and it cues them up for you. Overall, my likey and me recommend....y :)

5. What the french toast is up with this Winter weather? It's Spring, dangit! Um, I broke my own personal rule of NOT breaking out my winter coat yesterday (and since it was out, I wore that bad boy this morning too) because it was 41 degrees when I left for work yesterday! 41! Does mother nature not remember February and March where it was in the 70's and 80's??  Now I just feel like I'm getting jipped when I see the normal high is "69" (after I giggle at the sexual ref there) for this time of year, and we're hitting 53 or even 62 and starting the day out in the 30's! Not only does it mess with what I'm expecting the weather to be, it also screws up my wardrobe choices and you know a girl can't have that happen! KnowWhatI'mSayinnnn? So, Mother Nature needs to start warming things up around here, stat! *shaking my fist at you, Mother Nature!*

And now that I rambled on about totally unrelated things, I need to pack up my stuff at work, find a camel to carry it all, and go scour out a spot for me a my buddy to hang out in for the morning. Hope you all have lovely Tuesdays, and stay warm!


  1. I read about that Brooke Burke workout on another blog - I want to try it so bad!! I am sick of the winter weather coming back too:( It was in the 40's this morning when I got up - what's up with that? I'm so sorry you did your countdown wrong!! Ugh 79 days will hopefully FLY by!!

  2. Who are you calling a cootie queen you lint licker?!?!? HAHA!!!

    Seriously, this weather BLOWS!!!! NO BUENO!


  3. This weather sucks!! And I'm soo happy for Guiliana and Bill, they're such a great couple! Hope the state testing days calm down, and I'll have to try out that DVD, I need a good toning workout.

  4. I'm with you on the need for warm weather. Although today is the warmest it's been in Chicago in a few weeks. I think we are maybe at a high of 60 degrees. It's been btwn 30 and 50. Yuck.

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