It's OK Thursday

It's Thursday.....thankfully! (Although, admittedly, I'd be ok if it was Friday at this point)

It's been a busy week for sure, but I'm hoping the end of it goes quickly and smoothly!

I'm linking up with Amber for It's OK Thursday today since I missed out last week.
Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK that.... soon as I took my first sip of coffee in the car this morning, it spilled on me. And on my dress. So I spent the next 15 minutes simultaneously trying to navigate traffic and wipe off the coffee spill/stain from my dress.

....I bought a semi decent sized bag of chocolate to stash in my desk at work. Sometimes you need a chocolate fix. And "sometimes" was happening a lot last week and this week, but there was no chocolate to be found. I've remedied that problem :)

....I left the gym and my workout early yesterday because the gym was 9,000 degrees and I felt like I was going to pass out. Why, when it's 85 degrees outside is the heat on in the gym?? I'm all for sweating, but I don't think it counts when you just walk into a room and it starts.

....I'm not only anticipating this upcoming weekend, but I'm really looking forward to the 3-day weekend that's coming up NEXT weekend. A trip to Minnesota, meeting one of MG's best friends (and his wife and kids), and going to a Vikings game with VIP seating? And an extra day off of work?? Yes please!

.....I called a tech support number at work (as per the online instructions) and left a message. The lady called me back to tell me to email her. And that she supports "over 800 people." why does it say online to call you? And why did you call me back to tell me to email you when I could have just TOLD you, at that point, what my issue was? Jerkface.

....I wish my job had less meetings so that I could work with my kids more. I feel so bogged down by paperwork and procedures (with more paperwork) and I miss doing the part of my job that I love--actually working WITH my kids!

And, on that note, I'm off to get to work with those kiddos I adore!

Have a great Thursday!!


  1. The red tape that comes with teaching nowadays makes it so hard to get things done. As a Speech Pathologist, I'm sure you feel the effects of it even more! Paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork. PS: Tide pens work well on coffee stains:)

  2. Sounds like you have a great next weekend to look forward to :) Love having days off from work and looking forward to that!! Happy Friday eve, friend!

  3. i wonder how many years we've wasted in meetings! btw, do you have speech tips for a 3 y.o. to make "S" blends?

    1. My suggestion is don't work on it since that's an age appropriate error to have until 7ish years old.


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