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Today it's OK that... can tell when it's approaching lunchtime if you're on Pinterest, because all of my Pins seem to be food items!
Case and point, I pinned all of these within about 5 minutes around 11:30am...
...all while my mouth watered.

....I want to fast forward through the long day that is today because I have Back to School Night tonight and won't get home til almost 9pm. So not ok when I leave my house at 7:30am #tiredgirlproblems

.....I think coffee creamer is making me fat. I rarely used the flavored kind last year when I drank coffee, and so far this school year I have, and I'm noticing I feel more bloaty and gross. I've been working out like normal--the only difference is that dang coffee creamer. Hmmm...

....since summer vacation's been over, I've found very little time to read. Hopefully I'll get back into it soon once the start of the school year calms down.

....after seeing all that the iPhone5 has to offer, I want one. Badly! Come on, October upgrade!!

....I love working with littles again. Yesterday I was in a Kindergarten class where they were trying to look for color words on their paper. The girl I was working with exclaims excitedly, "Ooooh! I found the word that starts with brown!!" Love the little brains at work and the cuteness!

....I love having total control of the remote when the boyfriend is away for work. Reality tv 24/7? Don't mind if I do!!

What's OK with you today?


  1. Hi! I linked up with Neely and found your blog. Thanks for sharing!
    I drink coffee with that creamer too, and I find it scary that I can't pronounce any of the ingredients. My friend sent me this link to an organic, homeade pumpkin spice creamer...thought I'd share-it's bound to be healthier!

  2. Found you via the link up and now a new follower. I have open house tonight and will have the same hours as you today. Painful, huh? And it's pouring here! (maybe the parents will stay home???) I feel gross drinking the creamer, too, but it is so yummy! What to do?

  3. I recently went off of dairy products because they were really hard on my digestive system - the bloating was out of control!!! So I totally know how you feel. Try almond milk. It's slightly sweet, and has a yummy taste. Plus, it's got less calories than milk and creamer and won't give you any dairy side effects! I love my almond milk:)

  4. i want today to fast forward as well! my parents are in town visiting and we get to see them tonight! good luck with back to school night!

    happy thursday!

    xoxo, sarah grace

  5. I am so excited about the iPhone 5 too! I am in desperate need of an upgrade.

  6. Love having control of the remote! Though, I've noticed that I only ever turn it on for noise anyways, so it shouldn't matter what I'm "watching" haha.

    New follower from

  7. I'm so glad you shared the pin of those stuffed shells! I've got a bunch of shells left over from the Tacos in Pasta Shells that I made earlier this I have a way to use them!

  8. I switched to the dry creamer and choose the sugar free hazelnut! That helped me! Even if I choose the liquid, I choose sugar free....


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