Thanksgiving Recap

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Mine was really great, the time flew by, and I could use a vacation from my vacation :)

As you know, my parents and MG's parents met for the first time and had Thanksgiving together with he and I. It was a little nerve-wracking just cuz it's a big deal, but everything went great! Our parents got along really well and we all had an awesome time. Here's a pic of our group:

After we ate, and felt entirely too full from all of the yummy food, we cleaned up. Cooper helped with the process:
That's my silly dog....

We went over to MG's sister's house afterwards to hang out for a while and see that side of the family. My dad was tired from the drive and the day so my parents went back to the hotel (which was probably a good idea cuz it was the definition of crazy at his sister's place. In a good way, but definitely busy). 

The next morning my parents came over for breakfast before heading back home and MG's sister and brother-in-law and their kids stopped by so they could meet. Everything went smoothly there as well and my mom took a ton of pictures of everyone.

My parents hit the road to avoid traffic and missed meeting MG's other sister and her kids by about 5 minutes. Total bummer, but hopefully we'll all be able to get together again sometime soon.
 MG's sisters and I went to get mani's that afternoon which was fun, and lent itself to some good conversations :)

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging with MG's family, seeing his niece's basketball game, eating, shopping (more on those awesome purchases later), and lots of laughing.

On Saturday afternoon we went with the whole family to go glow bowling which was so much fun. After that. we went to dinner to celebrate MG's birthday which is coming up this weekend. MG's youngest niece (aka, my little nugget) and I spent some time goofing off at the table taking pictures with my phone, as you can see here:

We had an awesome dinner celebrating the man that I love:

All in all, it was a great weekend. Having our parents meet and everything going so well makes things even better. I see our families spending a lot more holidays together :) (*fingers crossed*)

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Stay tuned later on in the week for what I bought this weekend. Trust me, I put my credit card to work!
Have a happy Cyber Monday--go get a good deal!!


  1. Wooohooo glad it went well. That is super exciting and a good thing for the future ;)


  2. Y'all are so cute together :) Looks like a great time!!

  3. Love the purple plaid shirt! and soooo cute all the pics of you guys... love it!


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