Why is it that....

Some things I've been pondering lately:

Why is it that....

....every time I'm eating tomato soup or something with spaghetti sauce, I'm almost always wearing white?

...when you're in a rush, you will inevitably find the slowest driver in the world, and be stuck behind them. On a one-lane road. With construction.

...or...when you're in a rush in the morning, and your dog chooses THAT morning to take forever to do their business?

.....preparing a meal always takes about 4 times the amount of time it takes to eat it?

.....the first thing on my body to get cold is my nose?

....things always go on sale when I've promised myself that I won't spend any more money that month?

....or immediately after I've just bought them at full price....

....I carry my umbrella around in my bag for over a month and the one day I take it out, for one reason or another, is the day that it rains?

....when you let someone borrow something of yours, some people think it's ok to return it to you broken, missing pieces, and without the instructions, rendering it basically useless. And then choose not to tell you.
(*cough* Jerks...)

....some people don't know how to say "I'm sorry"

......wine tastes so good?

.....after I make a trip to Target and get a bunch of stuff that I need, later that night my hairdryer breaks, and then I need to go back. (Couldn't it have just broken the night before??)

Just a lighthearted ramble from me today! Hope you enjoy your Thursday!


  1. Those are all excellent questions.

    WHY oh WHY!!!!

  2. very cute! and sometimes funny :)

  3. Ha! Totally get where you're coming from. Just this morning I was running late for work and the store was out of the size labels I needed to get, there was an accident on a one lane road, and I found every slow driver in all of Charleston!!



  4. the umbrella thing ALWAYS happens to me!

  5. I nodded along to this post!
    So with you on the slow driver.

  6. Weiser ALWAYS takes forever when I'm in a hurry!


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