Friday Friday Friday!

It's FINALLY Friday! Know what that means? This girl is on winter break until the new year (after school today, that is)! Whooop! Today at work we're having a luncheon with my special education team which should be fun, and all of the classroom holiday parties are going on. Should be an easy day!

Time for some letters.

Dear Winter Break, at times it felt like you got here super fast, and other times it felt like you took your sweet time getting here. Either way, I'm glad that you're here now so I can get a much needed break from work, some quality time with my family, MG and his family, and just enjoy the holiday season. Dear Best Buy commercial,  thanks for giving me a GREAT idea for what to get my parents for Xmas. I was seriously in panic mode but I think I got a good one! Dear Xmas Present from MG, you're now in the condo somewhere instead of in MG's trunk. Where are you, and more importantly WHAT are you?? Dear Christmas Cards, all of these flat Xmas cards are making it very difficult for me to display my cards without getting or making a card holder to clip them to. I keep finding friends and family face-down on my wine cabinet. Wait. That sounded funny. :) Dear Book Club book, I really need to get crackin' on you. Only 25% done with you and need to be finished shortly after the New Year. Hopefully I'll get in some good reading time over break. Dear Christmas Date, I'm so glad that MG and I are making going out to dinner in DC and seeing the National Christmas tree, and all of the baby trees for each state, a tradition for Christmas.

Dear Sandy Hook Elementary School, know that we are all behind you, supporting you, praying for you, and hoping for you. I hope that you can feel the massive amount of love and concern being sent your way. Sending you nothing by love, peace and all the joy you can hold.

I want to take a moment to remember those little angels (and adult angels) who left us one week ago. You will be missed, forever.

At 9:38 AM, take a moment to honor these sweet, brave souls. I know I will be.

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  1. I hope you enjoy your Christmas date! It sounds so fun :)

    Praying for Newtown for sure <3


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