Weekend Recap

Wow, this weekend was insanely busy. I feel like there was very little down time and that it was just yesterday that I was at work.

Luckily it was a fun-filled weekend, which is probably why it went by so quickly.

Friday night MG and I went out for our friends' birthday for dinner and drinks at a local restaurant Willow. The food was good (even tho it was a bit pricey) and the people we were with were a blast. Again, so much fun was being had that I forgot to take pictures. Shame on me!

Saturday morning I had book club with a group of girl friends to discuss the book Defending Jacob. We had yummy mimosas and snacks while we talked. It actually was a lot of fun and we talked more about the book than I had thought we would (in a good way). Our next book club read: Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. I'm looking forward to that one.

Saturday night we went out for MG's birthday at a local bar called A-Town. It's got kind of a sports bar/lounge feel to it. We had some good food with 2 couple friends of ours for dinner and then the rest of the people started showing up. The place got mega packed (I guess it's a pretty popular place), and they had a video DJ so instead of sports, it was music videos, etc which was a lot of fun. They even had a photobooth there where you could take pictures for free. I took advantage of it with MG and another friend (as you can see on both sides of this paragraph).

That night was a late one so Sunday was spent being lazy until we forced ourselves to run the 800 errands we needed to do. One of which included getting a Xmas tree. We were dating last year during Christmas but this year we got our first tree together, bought some ornaments to decorate, and now have a beautiful medium sized tree for our condo. Just that one little touch makes the whole place feel so much more Christmas-y!

We still need a tree-topper because we couldn't find anything decent looking at Target (sad face). 

Later on in the night MG indulged me in watching The Holiday which happened to be on TBS. Even tho it was his bday, he watched a chick flick with me. That's love :)

And now it's Monday, the start to another busy busy week. I hope you had a great weekend and that the start to the week is an easy one.


  1. Aw, your tree looks so cute!!! Totally wish I was part of a book club- sounds like fun!



  2. That tree is super cute!

    The holiday is one of hte best Christmas movies ever! C even likes it!

  3. I want to do a book club, but never want to leave the hubby when we are home together! I need to start a virtual one or wait until the next deployment! Haha.


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