WILW and Oh How Pinteresting!

Another Wednesday means another super fun post about the things I'm loving and my awesome Pinterest finds! Do you think you can handle it??? :)

I'm loving another fabulous crock pot meal that I made this past weekend: Pasta Fagioli, and oh my word was it delicious! (MG said his coworkers asked him what it was when he heated up his leftovers, because it smelled so good). Win! I'll be posting the recipe soon, so stay tuned! But for now, here's your teaser:

I'm loving that I'm doing better on making myself work out. I'm feeling better about my body and it feels good!

I'm loving getting fun presents in the mail. Even if they are to me....from me! #SelfishXmasShopping

I'm loving that my Xmas plans are made--spending time with my parents through Xmas morning and taking the train to spend Xmas night and a few days with MG's family, too. And even better? My train ticket only cost me $35! Score!!

I'm loving science. Did you see the story about how the HIV vuris may have cured a 7 year old of leukemia?? Science seriously astounds me. And the people who randomly think "hey, maybe if we use HIV, it will cure this leukemia"....genius. My mind is blown. And amazed.

I'm loving my friends. You all are amazing and I love you to pieces!

And, as always, I'm loving Pinterest.
Here's what I've been pinning this week....

What a perfect dress for a holiday party! Love it!

Tying cinnamon sticks around a candle, making the whole house smell like cinnamon!

Spicy Chicken Rigatoni
I dunno about you, but my mouth is watering!

I absolutely adore this quote!

Doggy Bliss :)
Teehee....that is my kind of stretching! ;)

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Have a rockin' Wednesday!


  1. Great pins especially Channing & Ryan...best way to start your day is with some stretching & eye candy haha.

  2. The pitcure of the dog with all the biscuits is absolutley adorable! And I also pinned the cinnamon stick candle last week and used it as a post on table decor :)

  3. That rigatoni looks delicious!!! And that doggy bliss pin, oh my goodness! The expression on that dog's face is priceless!!

  4. i think i'll make that soup. hurry on up with the recipe :)

  5. Maybe if I wrap cinnamon sticks around some of my candles, they won't get broken! Seriously - the pup, kitten, and husband have now been responsible for breaking three of my fave candles in the last 2 weeks. I'm candle cursed this holiday season! And, hey, I've got some packages on the way - to me, from me - too. Might as well be taking advantage of all these holiday sales to stock up on pretty things in my opinion!

  6. Hi Jenn! New follower here! I saw that bottom pin the other day and love it! But I'm seriously contemplating getting some cinnamon sticks and trying to replicate that picture! Anyway, Happy Holidays!

  7. That recipe looks delish! Looking forward to getting the recipe.The cinnamon sticks around the candle is genius. I am AMAZED by what you said about science. and that kind of stretching I can do all day long!

  8. Channing & Ryan. Holy moly. All productivity has come to a halt.

  9. That is great that you will get to spend Christmas with both families! The Virus thing is pretty crazy too.


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