I saw this post on Janna's blog a little bit ago and thought it was a fun change of pace from my regular posts. So here's me switching it up on ya!
Happy Friday! :)

1. First thing you do when you wake up in the morning:
Put in my contacts and take Cooper out for a walk

2. First thing you do you when you get home from work:
If I'm home first, I take Cooper out, and then either catch up DVR, read, or get my gym clothes on and work out before I lose motivation

3. First kiss:
In the 2nd grade, my neighbor, Jacob, when we were playing outside of his house one day.

4. First home:
Well, I don't OWN a home, but the first home that I lived in was the same one that my parents still live in, in Maryland. My first apartment on my own was in Arlington, VA. Coincidentally enough, MG used to live in the same building.

5. First car:
A Chrysler Concord....a big ol' boat of a car. First car I bought on my own was my Honda Accord that I own now.
6. First car accident / traffic violation:
Knock on wood, none. I had a little fender-tap once before work but there was no damage and no insurance reports. Thank goodness!

7. First thing you wanted to be when you grew up:
The only thing I can remember wanting to be really badly was a dolphin trainer.
Heck, I STILL wanna be a dolphin trainer :)

8. First choice beverage:
Even tho I know it's bad for you, I love a good Diet Coke. However, I've been doing MUCH more water drinking lately and that's been pretty good to me.

9.  First choice dessert:
Either mint chocolate chip ice cream or something like a creme brulee!

10. First choice restaurant:
Old Ebbitt in DC, or a local place called The Village Bistro--best seafood ever!
11. First song that comes to mind:
Ho, Hey! was on the radio this morning and stuck in my head now

12. First major purchase:
My set of leather reclining couches when I moved out of my parents' house. They were super comfy and many hours of lounging were spent on them before I sold them off this summer.

13. First job:
Temping...awful awful awful. I once signed a lawyer's name over 1,000 times on these letters/ads he was sending out. By the time I was done, I could sign his name better than I could sign my own.

14. First time you flew on a plane:
My mom loves this story. I was really little, like 3 or something and we were flying to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to see my grandparents, aunt and cousin. I got on the plane, sat down, and asked my mom, "How long until we get to Peter Rabbits?" (sounds like "Cedar Rapids", right?) 
What can I say, I was a cute kid :)

and lastly...

15. First real "big girl" job:
The job I have now...being a speech pathologist at an elementary school, which was in the same district that I came back to this year.


  1. That's a fun list, I love Peter Rabbit.

    Your list made me remember I have my first list sitting in drafts, egad!

    Yay dolphins!

  2. Love this! You're never too old to be a dolphin trainer:) I was terrible about drinking too much soda (but mine was regular Coca Cola) - I drank one a day. So bad! Since getting pregnant, I've cut it out completely, but still drink a ginger ale once in a while. I have a feeling the cola will make its way back into my diet after baby arrives though...Oops. Happy Friday!

  3. I love how puppies are our first thought in the morning and when we get home. I'm wired the exact same way!

    I love this idea, I think I may hop on the bandwagon soon!

  4. haha what a cute kid story... Love it.
    Cute post!

  5. I could totally see you as a dolphin trainer! Thanks for the shout out lovie ;)


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