Rough Thursday morning start...

I was going to write some entertaining post today, but my morning started out not so hot.

MG and I live in a condo complex, and we have one parking spot. In order to park there, you have to have a hanging tag displayed in your car window. Most nights, MG gets the spot because he gets home after I do. The other day I got home late from work and I took the spot, and the pass.

Yesterday I forgot to take the pass out and leave it for MG to put in his car. Sadly, I only realized this at 6:30am when I woke up this morning and said "Oh ****, I never gave you the pass for your car last night"....

Insert a bunch of expletives, and MG running outside to hope that his car hadn't been towed.

No such luck.

So, we both hustled to get ready for work, and I drove him to the tow lot to pay $175 to get his car back. Of course this happens on a morning that MG has a mandatory training, and I have a parent meeting at the start of the work day. Luckily we were able to get the car back and neither of us was late to work.

Just not the best start to the day. 

So I leave you with something happy....cuz I need something to turn this day around!
Hopefully this little guy's day will start off on the right foot!

Really can't wait for Puerto Rico....

Catch ya tomorrow!


  1. Oh DARN, I hate it when that happens!

    Glad you were able to get everything done and weren't late to work!

  2. Yikes, glad you guys got everything taken care of and to work on time.

    Andddd....that puppppyyyy is adorableeee!

  3. You are right - that is DEFINITELY not a good start to the day:( But glad to hear that neither of you were late for work! That's impressive! And PR will definitely be a good way to just completely forget about it:)

    PS: I want that pup.

  4. Troy's car was towed last night too from my complex. Out $167 this am! FML

  5. This little dog is so cute!!! HHUUU



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