I confess....

It's Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
I'm doing jumps for joy over here. Since you can't see me, I wanted you to get the full blown picture in your head!

Ready for some fessin'?

I confess that....

......I made one of the most delicious meals on Wednesday night that I've made thus far. It's SO tasty and yummy, and not too difficult to make. I'll be posting the recipe soon, but to tease and tantalize you I'm gonna post this pic:

.....I got another Kindle Paperwhite sent to me because I didnt think the font was as clear as it was supposed to be. I could still read it, and it was fine, but everyone raved about how crisp it was and mine wasn't. After spending that $$ I wanted to get the whole sha-bang!

.....I've been getting several compliments at work lately, and it is seriously nice to hear, and to feel appreciated and respected. It's been a LONG time since I've felt that way at a job.

.....I'm the go-to person at work to find out how many days of school are left (36 if you wondered...and I started counting back around 55). So...I might be good at my job, but I enjoy a summer break as much as the next guy!

....on Pinterest, I always seem to see a yummy looking meal or treat, and right next to it is a workout plan or quote. It's like I'm being tested.

....the fact that cicadas are going to be popping up around here soon, freaks me the eff out! They are gross, they swarm and make loud noises. Ew! I'm not looking forward to that. At. All.

....MG is taking Spanish lessons through work, and when he comes home and practices, I have a hard time not laughing at his pronunciation of things. The good news is, I may laugh, but I DO correct/help him, and then drill him on the correct pronunciation like the good speech therapist that I am (he said something about how now he knows how it is to be a kid in therapy with me hahaha). I'm a good gf, I swear :)

.....I always tell myself I'm going to try and workout on Fridays after work. And then Friday-after-work comes along and I'm sitting on my couch in sweat pants.
Womp womp.

And on that note, I'm gonna hustle through my day so I can get home and sit on my butt workout. Yeah....right! :)

Happy Friday!


  1. Mmm that dish looks delish! Happy Friday girl!

  2. Friday =s frump day on the couch...DUH ;)!

    Only 36 more days...WOW, the year is pretty much over...lucky!

  3. You go girl - the compliments at work must mean you are doing a great job! All your hard work is paying off:) And how awesome that you only have 36 days left? Super jealous of that, not gonna lie!

    We had the cicadas down here in GA a few years ago. They were disgusting! And SO loud! Good thing is, you can hear them coming, so they shouldn't be able to get too close to you without you hearing them first, lol! Have a great weekend, friend!

  4. I just googled cicadas and I am terrified.

  5. Oh gosh-- the cicadas freak me out too! And Donny took spanish this semester, and it was funny to try to help him speak it. Hahaha


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