Wedding Planning Update

For those of you not into hearing about the wedding, I'm sorry. Come on back tomorrow when it won't be all about the wedding, promise!

In the meantime, I wanted to rehash all of the progress that we've made on the planning front. I feel like we're doing a really good job, and wanted to share (and maybe a little for myself, so I can look at the list and be proud of myself since this whole thing can get kinda overwhelming sometimes).
~we have a venue which is catering our food and providing the booze and other bevies

~we have our church which includes our musician for the ceremony

~we have our photographer. Contract signed, deposits given. Need to schedule engagement photo session.

~we've ordered and received our invites (a little early in the game, but my vendor had a deal  for 25% off and I jumped on it. Money saved will go towards postage!)

~we've ordered and received our wedding favors. I went with glass photo frame coaster sets that are really nice and good quality! I think people will like them and actually USE them (worst case, we have 100 coasters around the

~I know what my bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, groom and groomsmen bouts and flower girl/ring bearer and parents' flowers will all look like. And I LOVE them. I'll give you a hint, these will be involved:

~we've figured out a candle holder/vase that we'll be using for our centerpieces. Still working on finalizing a florist and the actual flowers for them but we have about 3 florists to choose from right now.  I think I know which one we're gonna go with, but a lot comes down to what the final cost breaks down to.

~I've found my dress AND my wedding shoes! Officially ordering my dress (and veil) today!

~we've decided on our honeymoon spot (Antigua) and our hotel and flights are booked!!

~we found/decided on our rehearsal dinner location!

~I have some of my gifts for my bridesmaids

~we met with a DJ last weekend and we're signing a contract with him this week!

So, as you can see, we've done quite a bit. Some of which is totally out of the normal "order" that things get done (invitations ordered before Save the Dates, for example), but honestly, when something comes up, and I can get it at a discount, I'm jumping on it. Our budget on my teacher salary needs all the help it can get! :)

What's next?

1) get bridesmaids dress styles  decided on by the ladies and ordered (we have the designer, length and color chosen, just need them to pick out their own styles)

2) get suits picked out and ordered for MG and his groomsmen

3) taking our engagement photos and then sending out Save the Dates

4) finding a cake person and getting that ball rolling

5) find a hair and make up person/people

6) book day of transportation

7) register for gifts...seriously slacking on this one

8) buy our wedding rings (but probably not for a little bit)

So far so good! Still have some things to do and I'm sure this list will get mega longer as time goes on, but for now I'm feeling like we've accomplished a lot, and I've used my summer well :)


  1. Wow you've done so much already! I LOVE those flowers!

  2. You're doing great! I love posting about wedding planning so I can see how much I have actually accomplished. It can get really overwhelming to think of all there is to do!

  3. That's amazing! Seriously, you are so on the ball:) So happy for you!

  4. You are on it, girl! It's great though, because now you won't have to worry about wedding planning too much when the holiday season approaches - you can just sit back and enjoy it:) Gift registering is so fun! That's sure to be one part that both you and MG can enjoy!

  5. So THE MOST important question out of all this is ... What are the bridesmaid gifts?!

  6. Girl, don't apologize for talking about your wedding! It's your blog! :) You are making great progress!! What'd you decide on the chairs?


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