Our Annual Tradition

Merry Christmas Eve! Hopefully all of your ducks presents are in a row and you're safely on your way or already where you'll be celebrating the holidays!

Last night MG and I went on our 4th yearly pre-Christmas dinner to Old Ebbitts in DC. It's something we did when we first started dating, and have continued ever since. It's kind of fun to have a yearly "check in" and reference point to talk about everything that's happened that year. This year was no exception, except that this was the first one that we've done since getting married.

We left the house ready to make the drive into DC:

I ordered one of the most amazingly delicious dishes I've ever had and I was a member of the Clean Plate Club because it was SOOOOOO good!

We were at dinner for almost 2 hours which was fine overall since the ambiance is great. There was a period tho where the table of 2 next to us invited another person to come join them and the person was basically sitting at our table. Luckily MG let her know we could barely hear each other with her sitting there, and she moved over (with an attitude, but whatever) and they eventually left.
(She was basically sitting where MG was haha)
We got our annual post-dinner picture together and then headed to see the National Christmas tree:

Typically there are trees around the big tree that represent each state, and each one is decorated with special things from that state (ex: maryland has crab ornaments, etc)
This year it was just all LED lights on the trees and no ornaments, which was cool, but no tree was really different than the others.

On our way back to the car, MG offered to take the picture of a family with this insanely nice and very professional (read: expensive) camera. The guy then offered to take our picture with his camera and offered to send it to us. This is one of 3 that we woke up to this morning in MG's email:
(don't mind my half on/half off glove/mitten in the picture making my hand look weird haha)

On our drive out of the city, I snapped this photo of the National Monument in all the fog:

And so goes another year of our tradition. I love that we sort of fell into this tradition, but its always fun to go back and talk about the previous year!

And now I need to get myself fully prepped for all of the Christmas festivities to come! Hope you have a merry christmas eve!!


  1. Ok that last picture is amazing and just more of a reason to get a DSLR camera!! I love your annual tradition and still laughing about that girl that just didn't have a clue!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Jenn...you're first married one :) xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Such a great tradition! And what a sweet gesture that guy did--an awesome picture to remember the occasion! Have a merry Christmas, Jenn!!

  3. a gorgeous picture! what a fun adventure :) merry christmas!!!

  4. I love fun traditions like this! My hubby and I need to do a better job with keeping traditions, especially now that we have a little one!

  5. What a sweet tradition! Your dinner looks amazing! And I would be irritated too if someone was all up in my space! I don't get people like that!

  6. Such a sweet tradition! I loved the photo at the end.. Too cute!

  7. I am SO sad we didn't run into each other at Old Ebbitt! Crazy we had reservations at the same time. P.S. They did have the Christmas trees with the ornaments (they were on little wooden trees towards the back side). Love that super professional picture of y'all! And girl, the fog was insane. I loved how it changed everything! xo

  8. Wow that was so nice of that guy to take the picture of you! What a sweet tradition too.

  9. Hi Jenn, I'm new to your blog but have enjoyed reading it the last few weeks. That professional camera pic of the two of you is so good!


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