Weekend Highlights

This weekend went by in a flash! It was pretty relaxing and low-key overall, but still had some fun stuff which made the weekend go by quickly.

My weekend highlights included:

~Friday afternoon massage

~Had these pretties arrive earlier than expected:
I'm debating getting the multi-colored ones (if they come back in stock), and, depending which ones I like better, maybe taking these ones back...decisions decisions
~Enjoyed the humidity-free weather on the deck with some afternoon reading (and talking on the phone with my bestie)

~Double date dinner with friends at a favorite restaurant of ours--got to catch up since it's been a while since we last got together with all of the busy summer schedules

~Wore this cute outfit and sported two items from my most recent Rocksbox:
~Saturday trip to Costco

~Took advantage of the nice weather an explored a little park by our house and did a nice walk/hike

~FaceTimed with a friend I haven't seen for a bit (but have dinner plans with next weekend)

~Got to put my anniversary gift to MG to use and drove into DC to see Book of Mormon at the Kennedy Center 
~Had a drink in the restaurant beforehand and enjoyed the view
~Laughed so hard at the show--I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it! We were laughing the whole time. And we had some pretty awesome seats!
~Slept past 8am the next morning, which is rare for me, but was so perfect

~Meal prepped for the week and ran errands

~Visited my dad in the hospital since he was admitted again to deal with his congestive heart failure--it seems to be helping, thankfully, and he looked a lot better when we saw him. I think our visit helped a bit too :)

~Gave the Coop-monster a bath and watched him go into crazy dog mode, running around the house super fast after he was done being dried off--so funny 
(and got some extra Cooper snuggles)
~Bought this cute jewelry stand, on sale, so I can finally organize my bracelets and watches 
~Read my newest book for a bit, did a little blog prep (especially for Jessi's and my link up next Wednesday--don't forget to link up with us!), and relaxed into Sunday evening

~MG made grilled chicken sandwiches on the grill along with some of the best corn on the cob I've had all summer! Perfect summer dinner--so yum!

~Ended the night with an ice cream sandwich
And magically had some extra company hanging around :)

All in all, it was a good weekend! I'm so glad I got that extra sleep this weekend, too, so I can gear up for the last week of summer school! 
Hope your weekend was awesome, too!
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  1. Glad you had a great weekend! You're making me wish I had gotten those KS earrings! SO pretty! Still obsessed with that dress you wore to Book of Mormon. It looks gorgeous on you! And yes to an ice cream sandwich... that's what I want for breakfast haha! Happy Monday!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. I'm so glad the show was everything you had wished for - it's always good when they don't disappoint like that! And seriously your massages are making me so envious - I'm about to join Massage Envy lol!!! Hope you have a great Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Ok I didn't buy those earrings but all the pictures have me regretting it, I love the sparkle!!

  4. Love the pink ones, but if you get a chance, definitely grab the multi glitter option - they are SO pretty in person!!!

    So glad you and MG got such a fun date night and hoping your dad is doing ok!

  5. Those earrings are beautiful!

  6. I'm glad that you had a good weekend! You looked gorgeous on your date night, and I'm happy that show doesn't disappoint. Yes for ice cream sandwiches - that's how I've been ending most of my nights, too. :)

  7. I can't believe it is already Monday! Such a fun date night, I have heard that Book of Mormon is fabulous! I hope your Dad continues to improve! Xo, Stephanie

  8. LOL! Looks like Coop is smiling at that ice cream sandwich. too cute.
    Oh fingers crossed Dad gets out the hospital soon and is feeling better ASAP.
    What a nice park to have near your house!
    and you look so cute in your outfit and hair looks AWESOME!

  9. Love those glitzy earrings and love even more when packages come earlier than expected! Hikes/walks are one of my favorites, especially on a beautiful day. You looked gorgeous for the date night and it looks like it was such a fun one. I have not had an ice cream sandwich in so long and you've got me really wanting one today.

  10. I feel like I am the only one on Earth that has not seen Book of Mormon! I am glad to hear you liked it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE those studs! I need them in my life!

  11. Those Kate Spade earrings are so fab, I'm totally kicking myself for not getting them. Happy Monday!!

  12. You look gorgeous!!! Looks like such a fun weekend! We're going to see Book of Mormon in NYC as a birthday gift from my mom sometime when we can nail down a weekend ;)

  13. Love the KS earrings! Glad to hear you enjoyed the Book of Mormon and that it was funny! I'm still yet to see it. Sounds like a fun yet productive weekend.

  14. Love those new earrings, your outfit and your dress! That dress looks gorgeous. Hope your father feels better!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  15. Looks like you all had a great weekend! I ordered the KS studs in the multi glitter and LOVE them!

  16. Glad you had a great weekend, and will definitely keep your dad in my prayers! Hopefully I'll be seeing Book of Mormon in the next few months!!

  17. So glad you guys had a fabulous weekend! I still haven't seen that and really want to the next time it come in town! I like the color of those earrings I vote you keep those. I can barely keep my eyes open today I swear I need one more day of this weekend!

  18. I love Cooper! He reminds me so much of my Scout. Love, love, love (!) your outfits from this weekend. Your white pants and navy top are awesome! That dress was perfect for the theater! Hope you enjoyed the Book of Mormon. Thanks for linking up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  19. I love those kate spade little studs, every blogger has been posting about them and I am in love. I do love the multi color and the gold ones too. Cooper is a cutie and I've heard great things about the Book of Mormon!

    not a mom

  20. Glad to hear that you had a good weekend and I hope your dad gets better soon! The Book Of Mormon is such a great play to see, I have seen it twice and both times it had me in stitches. Nothing better than a massage, I totally could do with one after these past few weeks.

  21. i would love to see that show. the earrings are super pretty and i love the white pants. ok now i need ice cream too, haha

  22. i would love to see that show. the earrings are super pretty and i love your white pants. and now i want ice cream, haha

  23. Love the earrings! I want to see Book of Mormon!!

  24. Great, busy weekend! How do you fit it all in?!? I love your dress you wore to BOM!

  25. Wow what a great weekend! I am always in awe at how productive your weekends are! Your outfits were so on point! Glad your dad is doing better. Also, get the multi colored. They rock! xo


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