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Hey gals! Sorry for being MIA, this week has just gotten away from me and I didn't have time to pull together a post (story of my life as of late I know!)

Before we get into everything, how is today already the last day of February??? What gives? January felt like 400 days and February felt like a week.
Oh my word, I've been eating all the things lately it feels like! The InstantPot is still a favorite over here and I've been trying out recipes here and there that I find that look relatively easy. So far, we haven't really had any duds which is huge!
MG and I decided on Saturday night on our way home from dinner (with Ella) that we wanted brownies for dessert, so he went out and got the mix, and made them while I was feeding Ella before bed. Added bonus? Whipped cream. Gosh I love that man! :)

Somehow my baby will be 10 months old on Friday (I'm basing this off of if February had 30 days). Ella started for real crawling--where we saw it--this weekend and she's off and moving! She's also a little wiggle worm on the changing table now, which makes it OH SO fun to try and put a diaper (or clothes) on a wiggly, flipping, turning body!
She's still the cutest thing ever, too. Duh.
So I got the distinct "joy" (sarcasm), of experiencing what it feels like to have a cyst in your breast drained by a needle. Yes, you read that right! Ahh the joys that breastfeeding has brought to my life! I had a cyst last week that basically quadrupled in size and was causing me some pain. I got referred by my OB to a breast surgeon/specialist and luckily he was able to see me Friday. The process wasn't so bad, he removed 7 cc of fluid (gag), and it wasn't very painful.
Oh, and did I mention that he was incredibly good looking? Of course he was...
Really hoping this is the last bit of "fun" I get to experience with breastfeeding. Otherwise, I may be saying deuces to it sooner than I'd planned.

The Bachelor...begrudgingly. I know I say this a lot but I really want to be done with this show.
The Bachelor Winter Games....I will say this was kind of a dud for me. I was expecting Paradise, but it just wasn't. It was ok, and I liked the ending for Claire and for Ashley. But the rest was pretty meh. I fast forwarded through a LOT of these episodes.
Summer House.....Oh the drama and I love love love it!!! I still don't understand the appeal of Carl. Just no.
Married At First Sight.... I have lots of thoughts on these couples--but I don't think many people watch this show so I won't get into it here.
Real Housewives of BH....I strongly dislike Dorit. I think she's SUPER fake, a liar, and a pot stirrer. No thank you.

In addition to our brownies, MG and I had a bottle of wine that he picked up at our local grocery store. Super cheap and tasty!

Also a recent discovery at Target: California Roots! This is a good one for the cost ($5!) We basically have a bottle on hand all the time at our place!
Tomorrow MG goes to register Ella for "preschool" (aka daycare). I guess it's just hard for me to imagine her at 16 months (in general), and being in a tiny little classroom all day. We've been spoiled by having my friend watch her, and having that comfort. MG is somehow totally ok with this, and maybe it's a mom thing, but I just feel like she's SO little...
I keep telling myself that if we end up not liking it, we can always find another in-home daycare place....it's just so hard to hand off your baby to someone else.

My lazy coworker strikes again! An email Monday morning at 9:07 telling me that goals for a student are being sent home that day and could I write them by the end of the day? 
CAN I? Yes....Did I? No, I surely didn't because this is the FOURTH time she's requested that I do something 1) last minute and 2) that she's completely capable of doing herself. It would never dawn on me to put something on someone else that I could just as easily do in the time it takes to write and send an email about it. 
So I didn't, until the very end of the day, when school was over. And then I wrote the other teacher and explained how I was told about it last minute and that's why they goals weren't in (in case she told her that it was my fault). I'm sick of her laziness and it falling on me!

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  1. Oh wow- well I dont know if it's a good thing or bad thing that he was good looking, but I'll look on the bright side and say good thing!

  2. Laziness is the worst and so sorry about the cyst, darn it! But on a brighter note, Ella is getting so big and she will do great in preschool/daycare. I know with a friend or family is ideal, but I too had to go that route and my boys loved it! She will too mama!

  3. Oh my gosh I hope that you don't have to deal with anything super painful like that again! I had a friend have that and I remember her being in so much pain! I'm with you on both Summer House and RHOBH.....what is the appeal of Carl? He's ugly and unemployed and really annoying! I liked Dorit last season but now I agree in that she's a pot stirrer. I really like Teddi though! I hope she doesn't leave after this season.
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. Dorit is a TOTAL pot-stirrer! I can't handle her fake accent, either.

  5. OMG I remember the struggle of changing a wiggly baby! Makes it interesting for sure!! And it won't stop for a while LOL. I just binged all the Winter Games while I was sick and I actually really liked it! I was soooo happy for Claire and Ashley too!

  6. Wow; what can I say...I’m glad you threw your coworker under the bus. It’s mean, but darn it if she isn’t the weirdest coworker. And I’d totally say that to her face too.

    I’m slowly losing interest in the Bachelor franchise. I pretty much only tape it so I can skip through it. And I didn’t even get through the olympics series. Blah.

    I can’t belive you have a roller!! She’s getting so big!! And will prob have loads more fun in daycare that you probably want to belive-kids!

    I’ll have to try that Target wine; I just picked up a couple bottles under $5 at Aldi. I wasn’t impressed with the cheap lidl wine, so I’m hoping aldi makes up for it.

  7. ok a lot to unpack here girl. FIRST of all, hook me up with this doc please? mmk thanks :) and let me sit down for some reality tv talk. bachelor is snooze fest and i know what happens in the end and so that comment from the one girl "i know what you did" is totally warranted. he's a horrid human. winter games sucked too - didn't realize it would be so short i guess. luke is HORRIBLE. and i'm very glad for claire and ashley too. pump rules? must discuss. also BH - dorit is the worst and getting worse by the season. we need to let that girl go she cant even commit to a hairstyle. it's weirding me out. BUT on the upside - bach in paradise is coming back so that's something to look forward to eventually :) and with that, enough reality tv talk (or is it, wink wink) :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  8. Oh hot boob doctor.... The coworker kills me for you. What a lazy butt. I baked cookies on a whim the other day and J was all i Love you, lol but never whipped cream rules the day. xoxo

  9. Ummm... owwww to the cyst but ow ow to the doc!!! Did you check his finger for a ring? I have a few single friends in the market for a doc!! ;) LOL kidding!!!!

  10. I'm so behind on all things bachelor - ME! Behind! I need a fun new twist on it or just someone completely unrelated to previous seasons to be the front runner! And Ella = 10 months? Oh my gosh order the 1st bday invites - ahhh!!!

  11. It's such a bonus when you are seeing a hot doctor. One of my sister's doctors was so hot that I could hardly pay attention to what he was saying. I can't even imagine what he thought of me, I was a hot mess. My sister was being put on a ventilator and I couldn't handle it. Lucky, he was very patient with me.

  12. So sorry to hear about your cyst and your coworker! Those brownies look delicious!

  13. OMG, the boob doc! Haha. I would like to say that I would have been mortified, but once you've had a baby, modesty goes out the window! You know!

  14. Good for you on emailing it last minute and telling how lazy your co-worker was. I would have done the same thing. I am soooo sorry about the cyst. I had the abscess and I cringed reading that you had a cyst. Thankfully it wasn't too painful. It brought back a lot of memories. Ugh.

  15. That cyst sounds like no fun at all. At least it was a good looking guy although awkward situation I guess. haha I know you don't want to hear "just wait til she is..." BUT there will come a time when she can take the diaper off herself and put it in the garbage so there is that to come! :) Yum on those brownies!

  16. Ugh I'm so sorry about the cyst! Not fun at all but yay for brownies!

  17. I've been loving those wines from Target too, total win for only $5! And ugh Dorit... the worst! I think other than Siggy in this recent season of RHONJ, Dorit is my least favorite housewife ever. So sorry to hear about the cyst, I do not miss all the struggles that come along with breastfeeding. It's SO worth it, but no one ever warns you about how hard it is. Sending lots of hugs <3
    Green Fashionista

  18. Sorry about the cyst drain, but at least you had some eye candy to look at right?! Seriously though, glad it wasn't painful. I will be picking up that wine, I was wondering about it. You deserve to have some on hand with that lazy coworker!

  19. Ugh that lazy teacher makes my blood boil on your behalf! My goal is to start watching Married at First Sight this weekend while my hubby is at his friend's house. I'll email you once I have some initial thoughts!


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