{WHW}: PA Travel

Happy Wednesday! I love a long weekend because Wednesday gets here super quick!
Our weekend flew by because we were away for the majority of it.

~Friday at daycare Ella decided to do a full regular crawl (with the motivation of her buddy, and goldfish crackers). We still have yet to see a full crawl at home, but she's getting there (and also super interested in standing)

~Friday night, Ella came down with a low fever but we hit the road anyway and made it to PA around 10pm, got our girl to bed, and hung out for a bit.

~Saturday we spent time with my in-laws during the morning, and then my SIL and youngest niece came over before the rest of the gang showed up.
Lots of Ella-loving occurred and apparently Ella loves men because she was all about my brother in laws!
It was so fun to have the house full of the family, and get to spend time catching up
Ella got a couple of new bows from @bravebowco and they are adorable!

~We got about 3 inches of snow that night, so my SIL and BIL from nj headed back home before the roads got too bad

~My SIL's friend Dre stopped by for a bit to see Ella before bedtime and it was really nice to see her since it'd been since Christmas.

~Ella had a rough time sleeping that night either due to being sick, a new place/new crib, or who knows what else, but she was a happy camper in the morning
~Sunday MG and I got out for a bit and did some shopping and left Littles with my in-laws and apparently they played and played. MG was fighting off the start of the cold Ella had, so a low key afternoon was much needed
~That afternoon Ella had another horrible nap and was SO tired that I held her for a third nap just so she could get some rest. As much as it would have been nice to get things done, I enjoyed the 40+ minutes of just holding my sweet girl and watching her sleep so peacefully.

~My SIL and the kids came by again to say good bye since we were gonna pack up and leave after dinner. Ella was once again the center of attention--this girl certainly is loved beyond measure!

~We went to dinner with my in-laws and had a really dumb waitress who not only put hot soup down next to Ella (which she stuck her hand in before we could move it out of the way), she put the bread down with a steak knife pointed directly at Ella. Needless to say, we were quick to remove that, but what a moron!

~We got little miss ready for bed once we got back to the house, packed up the car, and her in her carseat and hit the road. Luckily she slept the whole way home and went right back down when we got her fed and to bed.

~It was so nice to wake up Monday morning and get to spend another day together as a family, doing mundane everyday things.
~We finalized plans for our summer vacation--we're spending a week at the shore with MG's best friend, wife and baby (she'll be 8 months then), and then another week with my in-laws right after.
Ella is looking forward to it and so are we!
~And the afternoon wouldn't have been complete without some cuddles and snuggles from my best girl
~Ella napped REALLY well Sunday--in fact that day she slept the total of what she'd slept the past two days combined for naps, so someone was definitely happy to be back in her own space.

~Since it was a dreary and chilly day on Monday, we made one-pot creamy tortellini soup for dinner and we all devoured it! 
So, that was our long weekend in a nutshell. I think I could probably have called this post "Ella's trip to PA" since she's the primary focus, but I'm 100% okay with it, and am so glad that she has this family to love on her!

Now it's your turn to share what's hap-"pinning" with you!


  1. Ahhh full on crawling?! I know you guys will see that very soon, how exciting!!

  2. aw yay for family time and hello - planning summer vacations! the bets. then you have something fun to look forward to. um that waitress sounds like an idiot for sure! i mean i dont have kids and i still know better lol. oh humans. have a good rest of your week!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Too funny, Ella likes the guys! That pretty girl will have them at their feet! Great to travel but even greater to be back in your own space!

  4. The photo of Ella and MG... OMG steal my heart. you need to frame that one. You just lucked into the best family ever. jealous. Hope you are all on the mend, silly up and down weather is so bad for being sick.

  5. Your summer vacation sounds like it's going to be so much fun! And yum, that soup look delicious!

  6. SHe is so stinking cute! I love that she crawled to goldfish crackers. Her and I are the same in that area haha!

  7. Glad the trip was able to happen... hopefully everyone is over all their sicknesses by now!! XOXO, R

  8. Ah, love seeing pictures of your sweet babe! My niece is around the same age as Ella and we haven't seen a full crawl either (she kind of just gets into position and then hovers there haha) but she's also really interested in standing which she's doing a lot of while holding on to stuff! Going to be crazy when they're both actually walking!

  9. I love that ya'll travel so much even with having a little one. It's clear you both have such loving and adoring families :)

  10. I'm so glad y'all had a great weekend with family!! Love that you're so close with your husbands family!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  11. Aw she is so cute! So glad y'all had a great family visit!

  12. Yayyyy Ella crawling at daycare, get it girl! And that soup looks amazzzing <3
    Green Fashionista

  13. Awww it looks like a great weekend with family! You can't beat that.

  14. What a great weekend! So nice to have family to love on this baby!


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