I confess that...

... I had a post ready to go last Friday for my Weekly Wins and then totally forgot to add the pictures and post it. And then I planned to post it on Tuesday and the same damn thing happened. So, tomorrow will be a combo of the last two weeks (assuming I can get my act together)

....I'm way beyond excited that Vanderpump Rules is back. 

....I've been meaning to bring bagels in for Ella's teachers (and all of the other teachers that help throughout the day) for a while now, and haven't been able to get my ish together in order to get us out of the house in time to pick them up. Until Tuesday! I remembered right after Ella had gotten up, so I placed a quick order on my phone, got us out of the house 15 minutes earlier than usual (a feat in and of itself) and picked up 26 bagels and cream cheese for her teachers. They were thrilled and the extra effort was worth their smiles.

....Ella bit another kid at school the other day because they were playing with a toy that she wanted. Really hoping we don't have "a biter" on our hands and this was a one time deal. 

....I haven't changed the sheets on our bed since we hired cleaning people because they do it for us when they come every other week. And it's glorious.

....Ella is enamored with these light up reindeer that our neighbors have in front of their house, and I've used them as a bribe to get Ella to do stuff like put on her shoes and coat to go to school. I told my neighbors they may need to leave the reindeer out year round haha.

...speaking of Ella being enamored....she's started learning her classmate's names and the one I hear the most is "Liam!" Last week I heard his name on the entire drive home, and yesterday her afternoon teacher said she popped up from her nap, and started saying "Liam". Then at night she was trying to call Liam on her phone. Liam also said "Bye Ella" when I went to pick her up. It's the cutest thing!
....we went to see Santa this past weekend and it happened to be the same Santa that Ella saw last year which was fun. Except this year she wasn't having it unless I held her. #stage5clinger
What are you confessing?


  1. Ella is so precious and I just love her budding personality! Super sweet of you to pick up bagels for her teachers. I might steal that for the boys' teachers next week.

  2. I can't believe she is so big! Good for you hiring a cleaning service. My girl graduated from college in May and I have yet to replace her...definitely something I need to do because it's just so hard to keep up!

  3. The cleaning service is seriously a game changer!! SO worth the money!! And thanks for the idea about bagels... I need to do something nice for the teachers!! XOXO, R

  4. OMG her calling Liam on the phone is too cute! Ah cleaning ladies are the best! I used to have one and need to gt back on that, worth every penny!

  5. Your cleaning service changes sheets? Fab!!!

    I would love if someone brought me bagels.

    Sometimes I feel like biting people as an adult, so...

  6. Ella is too cute... I love her calling Liam on the phone! We haven't visited Santa this year with my daughter, but I expect it'll be like your experience... stage 5 clinger! I love that you brought her teachers bagels, I know how much they appreciated it! Oh biting... my daughter has been trying to bite when we're not quick enough to respond to her when she REALLY wants something. It's so hard for the little's when they don't always have the words to tell us what they want!

  7. E bit, its comes ans goes, girl knows what she wants... And she has a boyfriend...

  8. Jacob was a biter and I always felt so terrible about it. He outgrew it pretty quickly, fortunately, though!

  9. Having someone clean your home is awesome!!! We have been doing that for about a year now but since Bowen is 3, and way more manageable, we may start doing it ourselves! haha

  10. oh and Bowen was always the one that got bit...haha BUT it did seem to taper off once he got in the 2 year old class and for sure none since being in the 3 year old class.

  11. She is so adorable! :) It's so fun seeing them remember things from school. Especially their friends' names.


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