{WHW}: I'm Back!

Sorry for being so MIA the last couple of weeks. The end of the year chaos has literally been keeping me super busy and I have zero energy once I'm home to write a post.
But I'm back! And I'm catching up on what's been hap-"pinning" lately...
Reading....I've fallen off the reading train recently after breezing through 3 or 4 books. The end of the school year is wearing me down and at night I can barely keep my eyes open to read. On my Kindle, though, is The Sea of Tranquility which came highly recommended from several readers.
Drinking....alllllll the water. Trying to stay hydrated!

Eating....On the menu this week: Lindsay's One Pot Beef Skillet, Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta, Crockpot Salsa Chicken, and Chicken Risotto in the Instant Pot (new one--will report back on this!)

Feeling....wiped out. I've been MIA the last few weeks because of end of the year craziness at my school, and last week I was part of a hearing (read: lawyers, hearing officer, testifying for over an hour, getting cross examined, etc) which occupied me for two days and stressed me out beyond belief. 

Looking forward to...Friday. Thursday is the last day of school for students and they get out early, then Friday is our last contract day of the year. Ill turn in my keys, have my office packed, and have to bring Ella to school with me that day since shes done with her school/camp today.

Watching....The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel (when I'm not falling asleep on the couch!) and really loving it, and MG and I stumbled upon The Society which actually ended up being pretty good. He's still watching Breaking Bad (I decided it wasn't for me).

Wearing....some new cute finds at Loft Outlet that I for over Memorial Day weekend! I didn't get a pic of the cute yellow flowy top I got and adorable earrings, but Ill try and snap a photo soon because I love!

Enjoying....the weather lately (minus the rain). It's been 70s and 80s, low humidity--perfection! Made it perfect for us to get out to Old Town on Saturday, take in the boats, grab a delicious dinner at Blackwall Hitch and hang with our best girl.
What's been hap-"pinning" with you?


  1. Just three days!!! Loft top is super cute lady.

  2. I am so glad the end of the year is almost here for you and that you'll get a little time to relax. Hang in there these last few days! Love that top - it looks like the perfect summer top.

  3. Yay for the end of school! Finally! Hang in there! (Love that picture of the three of you in front of that green wall!)

  4. Low humidity is everything.

    I loved Sea of Tranquility. It was gutting in a good way.

  5. Yay for nice weather and finishing up the school year. Hope you get some much needed rest <3

    Green Fashionista

  6. LOVE Mrs. Maisel - in fact, I might go and rewatch now! Cheers to the end of the school year girl!

  7. I am so happy you are almost to the end of the year! Mrs. Maisel is the best!


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