{WHW}: Summer Fun Activities

Happy Wednesday friends!
I'm basically blogging once a week on Wednesdays, if you hadn't noticed. I've been spending a ton of time with my kiddo and really trying to enjoy all the moments of summer. 

Happy to report the toddler crazy meltdowns seem to have been because of the cold Ella was fighting and my sweet, smiling girl is back for now!
I thought I'd share some of the activities and things we've been doing since being on summer vacation!

On Friday we went to Flight trampoline park with Ella's good friend from school, Alex and the girls loved every second of it! It's so cute seeing them together, and it's really nice to spend mom time with Alex's mom who I've super connected with this year. We have lots of activities for the girls together this summer.
Friday night we had a little family date night into Del Ray to have pizza at Lena's. We'd been there before with friends and ordered the Diavala pizza which has spicy honey on it, and fried kale along with yummy salami. I'd never have ordered it had our friends not raved about it but BOY am I glad we did because it is maybe one of my most favorite pizzas ever. SO yum! The weather was also finally beautiful which made it even more enjoyable.
Saturday Ella did her gym class in the morning and then MG blew up her pool. It was so big we invited our friends Mary Katherine David and their daughter Nora over to partake as well, which was fun!
Sunday we decided to check out a local Zoofari in Reston where you can ride on a bus, and get to feed animals throughout the park. It seemed like a lower key version of the National Zoo. Ella LOVED it! She fed lots of baby goats (and was very strict about the goats who were trying to bully the others to get all the carrots...making sure the others got their fair share haha), MG fed the giraffe which Ella was slightly terrified of when it reached its neck over the fence, we saw buffalo, cheetahs, warthogs, geese, deer llamas, lemurs, and camels. If you're in the area, I recommend it!
Afterwards we went to Barrel and Bushel to grab lunch outside which was delicious and there was a little farmers market in the square there so we picked up some peaches to bring home, and Ella snagged herself a pickle. It's the little things!
Monday we went over to our friends' house who watched Ella her first year, and she got to see her "big brothers" which she loved. It's always fun playing with other people's toys, and she definitely feels at home there.
Tuesday we did a class with her friend Alex again in a soft play room where there was an obstacle course, music and movement activities and free play. The girls loved it, and left holding hands. Heart melting!
We've also been enjoying the water table, and perhaps the biggest hit of the summer are water beads! Ella is obsessed! I got this jar on amazon for $7.99 and a little goes a LONG way with these. I'm pretty sure this will last us all summer if not longer. Great toddler activity!
That's what's been hap-"pinning" around here activity-wise! I've been trying out some new recipes which I'll be sharing soon, too!

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  1. I need to get those water beads, I think E would love them. The zoofari looks like so much fun and her feeding the goats is so darn cute! Glad you are enjoying summer with her.

  2. Buying the water beads in! Looks like "camp mommy" has been going well! Glad little miss is less cranky!!!! XOXO, R

  3. That little pool is adorable! We have a water table for Wells' first birthday but next year is a pool!

  4. We have been doing the water beads too! Such easy entertainment. This weekend I threw them in the little pool we have for added entertainment.

  5. I am ordering those water beads right now and I totally wanted to get Patrick a little pool like that does she love it?

  6. Our boys absolutely adore water beads (and the accompanying tools)! It provides hours of entertainment!

  7. Y'all are making so many great memories! Um that pizza, yeah I need it. I think I am going to try and recreate that at home!

  8. Y'all are just having so much fun this summer! And our kids LOVE water beads. They will play with them for hours!

  9. Water beads! I want those so badly (yea me not Andi haha) they look so fun! So glad y'all are enjoying summer!

  10. I need those tongs for our water beads. Looks like you guys have been having a good summer so far!

  11. Hope all is well! It's been a long time since you posted.

  12. YOU'RE BACK!!!! This makes me so happy :) I want Sophia to play with the water beads but i'm scared she'll eat them LOL


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