Invasion of the Green!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! I hope you're having a good day, with green beer in your future! I also hope that you're wearing green so that you can have a pinch-free day!
Speaking of pinches...I remember this whole pinching thing dating back to when I was in elementary,
middle and high school (many eons ago), and now that I work in an Elementary/Middle school I find it funny that this tradition still continues. So much so that there have been school meetings about "no pinching" and everywhere on the doors and in the hallways there are signs that say "This is a Pinch-free zone" haha. Why didn't we need signs like this when we were younger?? I don't remember it getting very out of control. Though, I suppose knowing some of the kids that I do, I could see it being a problem. I've already had a few kids say they were bummed that I was wearing green because they wanted to pinch me (not sure what that says about our

Today I am copying Christy's idea over at 25 Before 25 (check her out) for Three Things Thursday. So, here goes:

1) Subway: Since the school where I work is not in the best of neighborhoods, there aren't a ton of food options. Such was the case until this winter when they opened up a Subway near the Metro station, right up the block. This has been a savior for those days where I don't have anything to bring for lunch and don't feel like making anything. It gives me an excuse to get outside, get some fresh air, escape to maintain some sense of sanity, and get a somewhat healthy lunch. Two thumbs up!

2) Weather: It has been getting progressively more and more beautiful outside. Today it is getting up to 64 (I just took my walk outside up to Subway and stupidly wore my coat. I subsequently ended up sweating on my walk back to school. Whoops!), and tomorrow it's supposed to be mid to upper 70's. Holla!! Nothing puts me in a better mood than Spring weather. Spring-time allergies and pollen? That's another story.

3) "The Plague":  There seems to be some sickness floating around my school--as they tend to do--that is taking teachers out left and right. Sniffles, sneezing, coughing, fever. Ugh. Having just gotten rid of a cold, I am hoping, praying and crossing every body part imaginable that I do not catch this. I hate being sick, especially back-to-back sickness. Here's to hoping I stay cootie-free!

3b) This one has a second part: I am reading a book called World Without End (the sequel to Pillars of the Earth--both amazingly good books!) and right now in the book they are experiencing the Black Plague. Yesterday, when reading it on the metro, they were talking about how they had to confine people to certain places for 30 to 40 days, and they called this a "trentine" or a "quarantine." In that moment of reading you probably could have seen a little lightbulb go on above my head. I had no idea that that's where the word "quarantine" had come from. File that one away in the "random facts" part of my brain!
(Side note: do not look up pictures for 'quarantine' while blogging and eating your lunch. You will regret it. Ick.)

Hope you all have a lucky, fun-filled St. Patrick's Day!!

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