Fantastic Friday!

Hey all! Happy Friday! Today I am super excited that it's the end of the week (this week has felt abnormally long), and am desperately ready for the weekend and some relaxation! The weather is amazing (70's) and I want to enjoy it. Kids are dismissed today at 1:15. Perfect, you would think! Well, here's the womp womp: I have a meeting at 3:30 today with parent, teachers, and lawyers. Oh yes. This will not be a quick one. So, on this first truly beautiful, warm day, I will be stuck in a conference room, talking about serious things. Arg.

This will probably lead to some night-time wine consumption on the deck of my apartment, which I am totally ok with--I would just be MORE ok with it if I could start earlier. Doh!

Today I have occupied my time looking at other blogs, getting caught up on
paperwork, chatting with friends at work (and online some), and dreaming of vacations that I want to take sometime in the near future. Spring Break is around the corner and it's looking as though it's just going to be a trip out to St. Louis to visit Boyfriend, rather than the two of us going somewhere. Arg. My un-tanned skin is not happy, and will be even less happy when everyone else returns with their sunkissed skin and I return from St Louis looking pasty as ever. I actually recently tried Jergen's Natural Glow lotion, and had looked up reviews on it. Everyone said it worked really nicely and smelled great, so I ventured out and bought it to give it a try (hey, desperate pale times call for desperate measures). Well, I don't know if I got a bad bottle or what but that stuff STINKS! It did add some tan-ness to my skin (a few people asked me if I had gone tanning), but I didn't think the stink was worth it.
Any suggestions for any other products that will work well to help boost some life into my complexion?

Ok, enough random thoughts for this Friday's post. I hope you all have a fabulously fun weekend! Anyone have any special plans??

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