Oh, What a Day!

Hey hey hey! Happy Tuesday to ya! I hope your Tuesdays have started off slightly less dramatic than mine has!

You ever have a morning where one thing goes wrong, and you're thinking to yourself 'Please don't let this be an indication of the rest of the day'? Well, that's how my morning started out. First it was a delayed Metro line (which always seems to happen RIGHT before I get there, so I come down to a platform filled with people). At that point I knew I would probably be smooshed like a sardine on the train, and late for work. Awesome. **It was now that I thought: please let this not be what the rest of the day is going to be like** But I took it in stride, and ended up making it off of the metro about 5 minutes after I was supposed to be at work (not too bad).

 So I proceeded to hurry my hiney along to work. It's raining today so I was being careful: crossing  with the sign and within the crosswalk, when this woman in her fancy/expensive car, thinks it's a great idea to: 1) be speeding on a rainy day, and 2) to be speeding while making a turn....WHILE we have the crosswalk sign. I came within inches of getting his by this idiot's car (would not have made for a fun Tuesday), and she just raises her hand in a "sorry".....thanks, lady. I might need to change my underwear now, and apply for a heart transplant since mine has now jumped out of my throat onto the pavement....but thanks.

I wobble my shaky legs to work, get started with the day, feeling safe from wandering cars on the 5th floor of the school building. I'm in my office, getting my work done, being a productive member of the workforce and I hear some change hit my chair. I look down....it didn't come from my pocket. I look out into the hallway and a 7th grade girl is standing there with an "ooooooh" look on her face. I asked her if someone threw it and she said yes, and shows me it's one of the kids who I see. Apparently he thought it would be funny to chuck a quarter into my office at me. Double awesome. So now I get to chase him down, while he is walking away from me, saying that "it wasn't even my money" (yeah, but you threw it, numbnut) and how "everyone keeps picking on me" (yes, but if you didn't do stuff like throw quarters at teachers perhaps there would not be any 'picking' going on). Ahh the idiocies logic of teenagers.

So, I am thinking that someone in the universe really does not want me working here anymore. The countdown is at 44 days and counting til I move to St Louis, and 22 actual work days left. Let's hope I survive!

I'm in my office, with the door shut, afraid to leave, looking at the ceiling tiles to make sure that they are in their places securely.... (so far so good)....

Happy Tuesday


  1. HAHAHA!! I have those days too. You wake up and just have that feeling that things are going to go wrong. Hope it shapes up though:)

  2. Haha! Oh man! Teenagers! You are strong, I am not sure I could deal with them!!


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