What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy happy Wednesday, lovies! Super excited that I've made it through half of the week, and that I'm linking up with Jamie @ this kind of love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that Boyfriend and my anniversary weekend trip to NYC is only one week and one day away! It will have been about 4-5 weeks since I last saw him, and I am craving some Boyfriend cuddle time. And I'm super excited to be celebrating 2 years together, surviving distance.

4th of July last year with Boyfriend

I'm loving that Boyfriend and I set a date for my move out to St. Louis so we can end the distance part of our relationship. So, July 4th weekend will be fireworks and my move across country to be with the love of my life! 44 days and counting...

I'm loving Pinterest! I had heard a ton of people mention it in the blog world, and finally decided to give it a go. And now, I AM OBSESSED! I spend a ton of my free time going through the site, finding cool pictures, hair styles, clothes and fooooood recipes! I salivate on a daily basis now thanks to some of the recipes that are posted. One in particular, Cajun Chicken Pasta I can't wait to try! Look how yummy:


I'm  loving that I convinced my friend, Trishy-poo to start her own blog! Go visit her at Tales From Trish so she can share in the awesome bloggy experience with us all!


I'm loving the movie Something Borrowed. I saw it this weekend with my roommate and it was super cute. I am definitely buying it when it comes out. Also, anyone who saw it, did you notice the covert placement of the Something Blue book in one of the scenes?? (Check out when Rachel and Ethan are talking on a park bench in one of the earlier scenes if you missed it!) Loved loved loved this book, and the movie!

I hope you all are finding some cool things to be loving today! Go over and link up!!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. awww! thanks for the blog-luvin! i'm going to have to do my link up later this afternoon that i'm LOVING Jenn w TWO Ns :)

  2. Yay for NYC, and finally setting a move date. So exciting. Those 44 days will fly by. As for the something borrowed movie, the scene with the something blue book..that is the author Emily Giffin holding it. Kinda funny. Right? I need to check out pinterest. Everyone is talking about it these days. :)

  3. No prob, Trish! :)

    CCC: I didn't realize it was Emily Giffin! Fun fact :) I am really hoping things go smoothly between now and move-date! :)

  4. Happy 2 Years to you! I bet thats so exciting! Happy Wednesday Blog Buddy!

  5. I loved Smething Borrowed! Such a cute movie! Have you read the book? It's even better than the movie!

  6. yay for moving! congrats!

  7. I just recently discovered your blog and it's ridiculous how similar our lives are! I've been dating my boyfriend for a little over two years (we had a mini celebration in NYC as well in April and continuing the celebration with a trip to Chicago this weekend!) and we've been doing long distance for almost the whole thing!! We finally decided that I am going to move there mid-June! I wish I had started reading your blog sooner but I'm excited to continue reading! Best of luck in your last weeks apart and with your move!!

  8. Thanks for commenting everyone!

    Anonymous: My Boyfriend and I are talking about going to Chicago this summer (since it's close-ish to St. Louis) to scope it out as well! Too cool! Congrats on your upcoming move as well (I hope it goes smoothly!!!) So glad to have you as a reader :)

  9. Thank you for the note today!

    So glad to read you're moving in July to be with your boo after reading your bio about you two being long distance. How exciting! :)

  10. Good luck with the move! And everything that will have to be done between now and then.

    That cajun chicken pasta looks AMAZING! I need to make that ASAP. :)

  11. I LOVE SOMETHING BORROWED! Possibly my favourite book ever! I flipped out when I saw the girl reading Something Blue in the park! Sadly, I was probably the only one in the theatre who had read the book and knew of the sequel :( So no one else got it.

  12. That's so sweet! I hope you enjoy your trip to NYC! My husband and I spent a couple of years long distance before we got married so I know all about it, but it's so worth it! Great things you are loving today :)


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