Photo Inspiration Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Today will be the second attempt at starting my link-up: Photo Inspiration Friday!
All you need to do is find a photo (or two, three, any number) of something that has inspired you this week. It could be clothes, color schemes, places, items....anything you want! And then just share why it inspires you, and link up below! Easy peasey! (You have until Saturday at midnight to link up!)

This week, my inspiration has come from all of these amazing pictures I keep seeing on websites like, and of Greece. I have been dying to go there for some time, and Boyfriend and I were planning a trip there for this summer. But, with my move out there coming up, no job yet (so lots of interviews, hopefully), it's hard for us to make plans for a certain time. So, our Greece trip is currently on hold, but it hasn't stopped me from being inspired to make mental notes for when we do make the plan. So here's my Photo Inspiration this Friday:
(all photos via

I love the colors associated with Greece, and just the amazing feel of these pictures...almost like I can feel the wind in my hair and the sea-breeze on my face just looking at these pictures!

So, what photos are inspiring you this week? I can't wait to see, so link up below!
Happy Friday!


  1. Oh that makes me really, really want to visit Greece.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Great inspiration....I want to go to Greece too now!!! Happy Friday : )

  3. Oh I have always wanted to go to Greece! :)


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