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Hey, bloggie friends! Hope your week is starting off on the right foot! This weekend was jam-packed with a visit from my roommate's sister, Michelle (aka Virginia Beach Housewife), brother-in-law, nephew and doggie! The weather was amazing so we went all over DC (Eastern Market, Georgetown, Old Town Alexandria, etc) and had a blast! So, needless to say, I went to bed early last night to get rested up and ready for another week!

With the weather forecast with scattered thunderstorms pretty much the entire week, I'm feeling a little gloomy, so I thought I'd focus on some of the things that I'm looking forward to:

1) Seeing Boyfriend on Thursday or Friday (depending on his work load at work) in NYC for our anniversary weekend. I can't believe it's been 2 years of this long distance dating, and that it's coming to a rapid close (thankfully, for both of our sanity....and my friends' sanity who have to hear my blatherings about it, haha). And we are staying across from the Lincoln Center, so I'll have this to wake up to each morning:
Unfortunately, the weather forecast is looking gloomy there too, but I'm crossing my fingers that some front comes in and blows it away!

2) Getting a moving quote this week. I have been on the lookout/search for

 a good moving company to hire for my move to St. Louis. I thought about doing PODS, but when I called them, they quoted me at $2,000 for the 8x7x7 cube. Uhhh, say what??? 1) Not even sure I could fit my stuff in that, and 2) $2000 for a box??? That doesn't even include people loading and unloading for me?? No thank you. I've gotten some good quotes from moving companies, but when I look up the company online for reviews, there's hardly any information about them, or the reviews are terrible. Me no likey. So, I'm having United Van Lines come out tomorrow since they're a big company with a good reputation. (Any advice from you all on moving companies that you've used--let me know!).

3) Follow me on this ex boyfriend's, old roommate's, wife, Amberr (did you get that??) is coming to town for work and we're meeting up for dinner this week.  Altho ex bf and I don't talk, I got to know his roommate and roommate's wife while we dated, so whenever Amberr has work down in this area, we try to meet up and catch up on life in person. I think it's been about a year since I saw her, so I'm looking forward to catching up!

4) Today marks 18 more days of school....and they can not end fast enough (altho, I'm still waiting on hearing from St. Louis schools, so maybe I don't want the time to fly TOO fast...leaving Jenn jobless and hopeless haha).

5) I got this super cute top at Target yesterday. Just happened to see it on my way to check out...grabbed it off the rack without trying it on (it's like I knew how amazing it would be) and it fits! And, it's really cute! ANNNNND it was only $14.95! I'm thinking it will look cute with the linen pants I showed you all before from NY&Co:

(ok, who am I kidding, you know I totally tried the whole thing on when I got home, and it looks super cute!)
So, I'm thinking this outfit will go into my suitcase for this weekend's rendezvouz with Boyfriend! Woohoo!

I'm sure there are some other things going on this week, but those are the ones I'm keeping at the forefront of my mind to make it through the day/week!

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Happy Monday, friends!


  1. I love that top from Target! What a steal!

  2. I used United Van Lines from my move from Kansas to North Carolina.... it's still pretty darn expensive, but all my stuff arrived in perfect condition!

    Visiting from mingle Monday.

  3. I hope you hear from St. Louis schools so you can be with your bf! :)

    A Little Bit of This & That

  4. Happy Monday! I'm here thru Mingle Monday :)

    Those linen pants are gorgeous! Great steal on the top too.

    Long distance is tough. Most of my relationships until my current one were long distance and I definitely applaud those who can make it work!

  5. Hi there! New follower from Mingle Monday! Come check out my page when you have a chance-looks like we both love fashion, travel, and fun!

  6. I'm excited for you to see your boyfriend! :) I am ending the distance in some ways this summer too! I hope the weather is good for you :)

  7. Stopping by from the blog hop. Love your blog cant wait to read more.


  8. I actually used United Van Lines for my move to Chicago. I have to be honest..I didn't have a great experience. They were over a week late. I have sort of come to expect that that's what will happen when moving to another state. My stuff was also a week late when I moved to Boston. I have no good things to say about moving companies. I also know to move your own stuff can also be crazy expensive, but at least you know it will get there when you want/need it? Feel free to email me for any more info. Hope that sort of helped. :/

  9. Also, I linked up with Meg this week. SO fun. :)

  10. Over from Mingle Monday! Love the color of your blog!


  11. Happy Early Anniversary! I feel you on long distance relationships - my husband is deployed every other year for a year at a time.

    Visiting from Mingle Monday! :)

  12. Love that outfit!!! Perfect for summer!

  13. How exciting that you get to see the boyfriend this week!! Hope you have a great anniversary weekend!

    I love that top from Target. I may just have to make a trip there soon and I am really loving those linen pants. I saw them not long ago in NY & Co. Such a cute weekend outfit!!

  14. Hey hey!! Thanks so much for mingling!

    Sounds like you sure have a ton of wonderful things to look fwd to! And an NYC weekend trip... fun!! :)

  15. That shirt from Target is soo adorable, I may have to go look for it :) Cute blog!


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