Friday Letters!

Happy Friday!!! It's finally here!!!

Today I decided to participate for the first time in Friday's Letters, so here goes!

Dear Teaching License, you are a pain to get renewed. Thank goodness I was able to meet all of the requirements in 3 years since I was gone for the last 2 (but am still held accountable for that time I was out of the state). 
Dear technology standard, you were incredibly annoying to accomplish for the teaching license and I'm glad I'm done with you.
Dear MG, I cant wait for you to get back home from yet another work trip. And I will be happy when they're over for a while.
Dear sangria, you were a delightful treat last night, but you were a pain in my head this morning.
Dear Sleep Cycle, stop waking me up in the middle of the night so I can worry about stuff at work. Not cool.
Dear new school, I'm so glad I found you!
Dear old school, I'm SOOOOO glad I left you!
Dear dumb drivers, stop being dumb. 
Dear Friday, I'm so glad you finally got here. I was beginning to wonder if you were just a figment of my imagination but I'm glad that you're real and well! Only a few more hours until I can REALLY enjoy all the awesomeness that you have to offer!

Happy weekend!


  1. Love that little piggy - those commercials make me laugh:) Happy Friday!

  2. I am so glad you're enjoying your new school! Having a place you enjoy working makes a world of difference in your life and it's wonderful that you're happy there!

  3. I am so happy that you like your new school! That has to make life MUCH easier!


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