I Confess...

It's Friday....Hallelujahhhhhh! 

Ready for some confessions???

I confess that....

.....I have a hair cut appointment today, which I've had to reschedule twice due to a friend's bday party, and having our friends over for dinner last night. My hair needs a good cut and style, desperately! I can't wait!!

.....in our place, we have 4 Kindle devices now. Two are mine, and two are MG's. Talk about being surrounded by technology! But....I'm LOVING my new Kindle Paperwhite! And now I can really lend my books....by "lending" out a Kindle (Got ya, Amazon!!...altho they probably got me, since I bought another Kindle...)

.....it took every ounce of my being not to fly off the handle at the secretary in the main office of our complex. After a week of trying to get a repair person to come and look at our AC unit (and being put off, or told they would call back and never did, every single day), the chick copped an attitude with me when I came by the office on Wednesday to ask what was going on. And then, in a snotty tone, told me that the guy was "doing it as a courtesy" anyway, and that now it's our responsibility. And, she lied that he called and left a message for us 2 times (neither of us have missed calls or voice mails). When I said it wasn't true, she claimed she was there when he made the call. UGH. I hate people like that--and all the while, we could have just had a company come out and fix it if they had been up front with us in the first place that they weren't going to do it! Sorry,  #NeededToVent

.....I can't stop buying dresses online. When I see a cute one, and it's a reasonable price, I want it! I love Spring/Summer and I love wearing dresses to work, or out on the weekends. I can't help it. (I might need an intervention soon!) 
{first 3 images via Tobi.com; last image via ideeli.com}
I bought these this week, and got the first 3 (with shipping) for $72 total, and the last for $29. First one I'm thinking for a summer wedding I have, the second one for bridal shower/date night, etc., the third one for work and/or every day summer time, and the last for every day spring/summer. It's ok, right?? (both of those shorter dresses will be longer on me since the models are taller than me....don't want my hiney exposed!!)
Ok...maybe I have a problem....haha

....I'm trying to eat better and get in better shape, but I'm finding it harder than in the past. And I'm having an even harder time coming to grips with the fact that it might have something to do with me turning 30. Drats. Come on, good genes....keep on keepin' on!!  
In the meantime, I'll be in the gym/working out, on the regular! (Hold me to that, please?)

....hearing from a 2nd grader that I "look beautiful in that dress" melts my heart. It's little things like that, that just brighten my day and make me appreciate working with kiddos even more! (and maybe getting compliments about my dresses contributes to my dress buying problem, too haha, jk)

....I wish our complex pool would open up earlier than the week before Memorial Day Weekend. They're filling the pool, and I can see it when I go to the gym, which is just a constant reminder that I wanna be in/around it. (Maybe if their workers weren't so busy avoiding phone calls/doing their job, they could open it earlier....just sayin'....#BitterPartyOfOne)

....I'm really glad it's Friday and I have a weekend of fun and relaxing ahead!

Hope you have a spectacular one to look forward to, too!


  1. Holy smokes...dressshoppinganonymous for you RIGHT NOW!!! RIGHT NOW!

    That really stinks about people being rude, so uncalled for!

    But kids are super duper cute! xoxo

    yay weekend!

  2. I love all the dresses you chose. Perfect for spring and summer! You are making me want to dress shop SO badly! But I can't wear any normal dresses right now, so there's just no point, lol!

    Dealing with unprofessional people (especially when it comes to things involving your home) is the WORST! Fixing your AC should not be a 'courtesy' - it should be a necessity. How rude!!!

    Happy Weekend!:)

  3. Girl, I'm with you on the dress thing. I've purchased no less than 4 in the last month. They are just so perfect for summertime! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Do you own or rent? If you rent, then your ac should be covered....I love compliments from kids! They are always more genuine!

  5. i haven't bought clothes online. i don't have the body too. sucks tho for me. you get cute stuff all the time. i'm tots jelly!


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