Low Key Weekend

Happy Monday!

I tell you, I could have slept another hour or two this morning. But, alas, my alarm went off and I had to get my hiney moving to start another day/week!

My weekend wasn't too crazy. Friday afternoon I had a semi-stressful meeting at work which went past the normal school hours, and then had to rush back home to get my hair cut (I wasn't missing another appointment). The haircut turned out great--my hair really needed a trim and some styling.

MG was busy with the AC guys...luckily we were able to get the AC fixed, buuuut, it cost $700. Ouch! Needless to say, we were both a little stressed from the day, so we went to Lost Dog Cafe for a pizza dinner. During which, we discovered that a beer we had been trying to find last year, was back! And, we got the last 6 pack at the restaurant! Winner!
Hell or High Watermelon
MG wanted to go buy a new pair of golf shoes, so he tortured me drove us to Dick's. During this time, I reminded him that the next time I drag him shopping, I'd better not hear any complaints :) The whole time we were there I was streaming the news since the capture of the Boston bomber was underway.

We went home to relax and watch the rest of the events unfold, and the eventual capture of the bomber. Wooohoo! 
And then, after all the stress of the day/week, and the excitement over the capture, I proceeded to fall asleep on the couch. Party animal, over here!

Saturday MG went golfing with his buddies which meant for me: Bravo tv marathon!! During which I discovered the show LA Shrinks. I had seen previews for it but wasn't interested enough at the time to tune in. Lucky for me, Saturday was a marathon so I got all caught up, and actually really liked the show!

{{Speaking of reality shows, MG informed me on Friday that Ready for Love has already been cancelled, and they're not sure that they are even going to air the rest of this current season. I was bummed cuz I really like the show, and at least wanna find out what happens with the current people!}}

I also spent some time reading and took Cooper for a long walk. Perfect Saturday to recover from a long and stressful week!
Later that night MG and I went out with a couple friend of ours for dinner in DC and then went to our other friends' 30th birthday celebration which was a LOT of fun. SO much fun that I forgot to take pictures. D'oh!

And then, Sunday was errands, laundry and relaxing. 
Cooper tried to help us fold the sheets....
MG seems to have come down with a cold so he's been sniffling all over the condo, trying to recover. Fingers crossed he gets better before I catch whatever he has. Since, we all know, I appear to have the immune system of an ant this year (thank you, preschool!)

And now, it's time to start another week. At least I have a yummy meal to come home to tonight. Speaking of which, I'm gonna post an AWESOME recipe tomorrow, and it's uber healthy so come back and check it out!
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  1. I love low key weekends. They are always nice and refreshing :)

  2. YAY haircuts, so nice after stressful weeks.

    Yay AC is fixed, but darn the $$$!

    Glad you had FUN at the party :)

  3. I definitely could have used an extra hour or two this morning. I'm jealous of your productivity this weekend!

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous (as always), and a tv marathon sounds lovely! Will went shopping with me on Sunday, and he was so sweet about it. I'm sure MG will be next time too ;)

  5. So sorry about the air conditioner. Hate big expenses like that (that don't involve anything cute or fun). Ugh. But, glad to hear that it's fixed!

    Can't wait to hear about this tasty, healthy recipe you've got to share! I need some new ones to add to my recipe box!

    PS: I think some shoe shopping is definitely in your future since MG dragged you shopping for golf shoes. It's only fair;)

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! :)

  7. Found you through the blog hop :) your hair looks so darling!

  8. Stumbled on your blog from the linkup. My husband just purchased a case of that beer last summer - and we still have a half of a case left! I didn't think anyone else ever heard of it!

  9. ugh, i wish we lived closer. G would have definitely fixed your AC for less than that! insane...

    i screen shot that beer from your instagram so i can go find it! sounds yum!

    and your hair looks super cute!

  10. Nothing like a haircut to make you feel like a whole new woman! :) Bummer about the AC though!! :(

  11. I only watched the first week of Ready for Love and recorded the 2nd week which I have not watched. I was really surprised it didn't make the cut. I mean really - think about some of the trash reality tv that is on. I'm sure they will put them on demand or online somewhere. I'm guessing they were done taping and it would be nice to know who they end up w/. I did like listening to the matchmakers (as a single gal I can use all the free professional advice I can get).

  12. Love the hair!
    Chilled weekends are the best. Can't wait for the recipe - need something healthy in my meal plan

  13. love your hair and that silly cooper!

  14. Ready for Love is cancelled?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


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