WILW and Oh How Pinteresting!

It's the middle of the week, which means it's time for some of my fave link ups with Jamie and Michelle!

I'm loving the irony that the county I work in decided to spray chemicals Monday morning (and then we weren't allowed to go outside of the building for an hour and a half).....which was Earth Day. Last I checked chemicals and Earth Day didn't really mix....

I'm loving reading on my Paperwhite. It's so nice to be able to change the light setting when I need it (which is more often than I realized since MG likes it to be somewhat batcave-like in our place in the evenings). I also like the feel of it. Totally worth it in my opinion!

I'm loving that the anchor dress that I bought last week totally looks just as cute on as it did on the model online!  Super happy with that purchase, and with being able to add another cute dress to my wardrobe selection!

I'm loving that we can buy yummy watermelons again! I love watermelons, and I especially love combining them into a yummy slushy drink. I'll post that recipe soon! It's to die for delicious!

I'm loving that I'm trying another meal from Pinterest tonight--keeping my fingers crossed that the trend of yummy dishes from there continues! If so, I'll share that with you all, later on, too!

And, for that reason, among many others, I love Pinterest!

This week I've been pinning...
Love love love
Parmesan Crusted Salmon Yes please!
(Adding this to the "To Try" list now...)
I love the ceiling in this place, the colors, everything!
I'll keep dreaming that one day maybe we'll be able to afford a place like this...maybe...
Covering a cork board with burlap. Love the decorative touch!
I. Die.
Pretty sure my heart just melted into a pile of mush!
haha, if only it worked that way! :)
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Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love your first three loves. The first one made me lol, the second makes me want another damn tablet and you know I love that dress. Wish I could wear stuff like that!

  2. Hooray for dresses fitting, that is important.

    Love the beams in the house picture, C and I LOVE that for a home one day.

    Work shmerk, yuck!

  3. Love your new dress! And those pups... so cute!

  4. Love, love, LOVE the anchor dress! So presh! It will be perfect for summer:) And um, no, chemicals and Earth Day definitely don't mix. The irony of that is almost funny!!!

    Your Pinterest finds this week are making me want to eat, go shopping and DIY at the same time. Lol! A slice of watermelon sounds perfect right now. Yum! So glad that spring is(hopefully) finally here:) And summer will be right behind it!

  5. I am loving that anchor dress! I totally have a thing for anchors, and the salmon looks amazing!
    PS New follower here.
    Stop by some time http://styledlikearockstar.blogspot.com

  6. I love the first pinterest pin! It is a cute little outfit :)

  7. Can't wait for the watermelon slushy recipe - watermelon is my favorite summer fruit and would love to find a new way to enjoy it!! Also loving your Pinterest outfit and the calling out sick ecard!
    Stopping by from the linkup

  8. OMG. I NEED to make that salmon ASAP.

  9. That anchor dress is all kinds of adorable! And I've also been chowing down on watermelons. They're my favorite fruit!


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