There may or may not be a topic for today's confessions link up. I'm being a rebel and confessing some random stuff today. I hope you're ok with my rule-breaking ways!

I confess that...

....I bought a wireless mouse for my work laptop and it makes me insanely happy. Does this make me pathetic? Probably. But, I'm also not fighting with a stupid cord getting stuck on everything on my desk, either. Plus, it's little and cute, and I got a bright color rather than the dull black one.
(I tried to find a purple one, but they didn't have any....this one will do tho!)

.....this may have been the easiest first week back to work, ever. I'm not sure why, but I feel the most organized that I've felt in the previous years. The week hasn't been jam packed with pointless meetings, which I think is a HUGE part of it. I just have time to get things done, and they ARE getting done. Funny how that works, isn't it?? :)

.....our school's PTA is giving each teacher $75 for supplies for their room. I'm ECSTATIC about this. I've never been given money for school supplies (other than when I worked in DC, but that place was a nightmare), and always end up spending money on stuff that I need for my office. So happy and thankful to get a little help this year!

.....all of the meals I've made this week have been high-carb. I try and watch it so I don't overload too much (I love pasta), but this week that went out the window as every dinner I've had has had some kind of pasta or noodle associated with it.  And the bloat factor is full force! Next week has to be better....

....MG and I are going to do our registry this weekend at the store, and I'm really excited. I've already started some of it online, but I'm excited to do the little scan gun in person! (probably a little too excited if we're being totally honest here haha) Who doesn't like picking out gifts for yourself??

Hoping this long weekend has some fun stuff in store, along with some sunshine so I can take advantage of one more pool day before it closes!


  1. Yay - no pointless meetings, yay - new mouse, yay - money for supplies and finally yay - for gift registry.

  2. money for supplies!? That is the best! And so exciting about the registry! I can't even wait to pick out tons of stuff I want as gifts! So much fun!

  3. It's always nice when the PTA and parents can help teachers out.

    Registry scan gunning is so fun! Justmake sure you have snacks and a list prepared otherwise...OVERWHELM city! And I HIGHLY recommend the Macy's at Pentagon City, very nice bridal staff.

  4. Yay for school supply money! That's awesome that your PTA is supporting its teachers by providing that for you guys:) Love it.

    Have so much fun doing your registry! B and I loved doing that together:) So fun to think about all the shiny new stuff you will be gifted with to start your new life together!

  5. Wedding registry... fun! :) Enjoy my friend!

  6. I bought myself a wireless mouse at work too and it makes me smile at least once a day, HA!

  7. It took me FOREVER to get on board with the wireless mouse thing because I was so afraid I'd lose it. And while I've never had that problem at work (because really, where else is it going to go but on my desk beside my keyboard...), I do lose the one at home a lot! Lol. Thankfully they're not 100% necessary to use a laptop.


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