Thursday Inspiration

It's Thursday, and we're winding down the first week back at work. All of the teachers and myself have been frantically unpacking, organizing, and getting ready for the new school year and our new groups of kiddos.

This year was a little less stressful for me because I didn't have to start at a new school, and I also didn't have to sort through a TON of someone else's stuff that was in my office. WIN-WIN!

But, as with anything, the first week of planning and prep can get a little overwhelming, so I wanted to just post some good quotes that I've found on Pinterest, whether they relate to school or not.

might be slightly more appropriate mid-year for teachers :)

not so applicable to teaching, but to personal life stuff

Happy Thursday!


  1. Happy Thursday to YOU ma'am! I love that last pic/quote the best!!

  2. Hope your first week back is going well!


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