Weekend Recap and First Day of Work

Today's my first day back to work...another school year. So, basically today is gonna be filled with torturous meetings and stuff. Boo!

To get me through, I'm gonna focus on the super fun weekend I had!

Friday night, MG's friend came into town so we had dinner with him, and then the two boys stayed up super late talking or doing whatever boys do. I had to go to bed cuz I had to be up and wide awake for Miss P!nky's bachelorette party!

I got to her place around 10:30am and we left around 11 to head to 2 wineries. When we pulled up to the first one, Bluemont Vineyards, after having a mimosa on the van ride up, the view and the weather were spectacular! It was perfect for the day's festivities!

We had our wine tasting on their outside patio, with an even better view of that scene above.
The wines were all really yummy, and we enjoyed some bread and cheese, the people around us (one of whom looked like a dude from the Jersey Shore, who asked to borrow P!nky's "Bride to Be" sash to take a picture with his partner):
Then we decided to take some pics since the view was absolutely awesome:

After a great time, we headed back into the bachey van, and headed to the second winery
SportySpice being our bachey van chauffeur
The second winery was fun, but the wines and the views weren't as good as the previous place. Luckily it was a great spot to attempt to sober up have a little picnic, and being with a great group of people made it that much more fun. So, we took our time eating some snacks, and enjoying the weather and the wine we'd gotten before we made our way back home. 

Once we got back to P!nky's place it was all decorated with pink and streamers and other fun things....like flamingos....in precarious positions:
We had pizza, more drinks, and hung out, talked, and changed to go out for a night on the town in DC. 

I only made it out for part of the DC night. A day of drinking and little food intake caught up with me so I headed home after we left one bar in DC. The rest of the group went to a club in DC and had a killer time, and I made my way home to recover. 

Overall, it was an incredibly fun day/night, and I had SO much fun celebrating an amazing lady. P!nky's friends were SO nice, and it was really great to be surrounded by such friendly girls.
P!nky, thank you for coming into my life, being my friend,  giving advice and support, and for being the great girl that you are. I'm so happy that I got to be a part of these celebrations, and that I get to see you on one of the best days of your life...your wedding day. You're going to be a beautiful bride!
I love you, girl!

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  1. OH man, cue tears....again! Thank you so much sweet girl! It was so awesome having you there and I was so happy you were able to come hang out!

    It's so crazy awesome that we lived so close, but only met cause of the internet [we ain't creepy haha]! You are fabulous lovey, can't wait to celebrate all the fun times ahead for you!


  2. good luck on the first day of school! I hope you picked out a good outfit :)
    looks like a great weekend!

  3. What a great weekend!!
    Love the pictures and the wine country looks amazing!

  4. Awww, what a sweet post, Jenn! So wonderful that you got to be there to celebrate with P!nky:)

    Good luck on your first day back today. Can't believe that summer's already over:(


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