5 on Friday

It's Friday, which, under normal circumstances, would be mega exciting. For me, it's a little sad, since this is my last official day of summer vacation. And it's cloudy and looks like it's gonna rain today. Boo!
So, instead of sulking, let's look at some 5 on Friday...

centerpiece idea
{1}-Wedding Stuff....kicking butt and taking names! I've accomplished a good amount this week. We signed our DJ contract (need to fax it over), I ordered my wedding dress and veil (MEGA MEGA exciting!!), we started the process of picking out the dude attire, and we're making final decisions on the bridesmaid dresses (thanks to my awesome soon-to-be sister in law who's gone out of her way to help me out...and to my other bridesmaids for bearing with me when I email them multiple times about millions of different styles of dresses!) I should be getting the centerpiece that we are using today, and let's keep fingers crossed that it's nice, since this is what my florist has been designing things around! And, we placed our deposit on our rehearsal dinner site! Phew, I'm tired. And so is my wallet.

{2}-Remember MG's and my "friend"...who our friends/family now refer to as 'bridezilla'? Well, since
then, at social gatherings, she simply ignores me. When I hosted book club at my place and it was over, she just left--didn't say good bye or thank you. And now, we've hit another low. She's sending out emails and invitations to things to our group of friends. She adds people to the list in couples, and now MG is ALWAYS the last on the list, and my name is never on it. I'm amazed at the catty-ness here, especially when SHE is the one who asked US to change our wedding date, and our wedding colors, bridesmaid dresses, and groomsmen attire. I'm debating writing her a letter and handing it to her the next time I see her, asking her if she's put herself in my position, and how she would react if someone asked her to change those things about HER wedding. Ugh....

{3}-Reality Tv--how am I going to keep up now that work is starting again, and I don't have the morning time to catch up on the shows from the night before? These are major first world problems, people. I've already actually started thinking about which ones I'd be willing to cut out. I feel like a junkie. Probably because I am. 

{4}-Bachelorette Party-tomorrow will be spent celebrating this lovely lady's last few days/weeks of singledom. We'll be hitting up some wineries, giving her skanky fun gifts (hehe) and dancing our hineys off. I can't wait!

{5}-Back to School-as good as it will be for me to actually have something significant to do during the day, I'm really not ready to go back to work, especially when next week is going to consist of the long meetings that seem to never end, and very little time to set up my office and look over my caseload. Plus, I have a 2nd school to go to this year, which is going to stress me out complicate things. I'm definitely going to soak up my last day, even if it consists of sitting on my butt for the ENTIRE day! :)

Happy Friday!


  1. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee party party party! I can't wait!

    Yay wedding list stuff!

    Honestly, forget her. She's not worth it, won't take kindly to your letter and will show it off to other people. She's a B*tch and not worth your time.

  2. ooooooooooooh that Bridezilla!! She is the one losing out. Don't let her get to you. and P!nky is so right - she is not worth your time, forget her!

    YAY for all the wedding stuff

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. i agree, just ignore her and don't let it bother you. Don't let her win. What a B... its unfortunate you still have to stay "friends" with them at all.

  4. Oh My Goodness - that bridezilla is crazy! I agree with P!nky - not worth your time what. so. ever!

    Have fun this weekend, girls!

  5. She's crazy! So unfortunate someone decides to act in that manner!

  6. Wow you are busy! I am planning my wedding too and I didn't realize how much that involved! When are you getting married?


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