Weekending Highlights

Happy first day of Winter Break to my teacher friends! 
As you read this, MG and I are on our way to San Diego for our babymoon!! But the days leading up to today were pretty great, too.

My weekend highlights included:

~Finding out who my Christmas elf was on Friday morning at work. It ended up being my friend who had lost her mom a few months ago. She told me that the 12 days of Christmas was something her mom would do for families at their church who had lost someone that year. She said she had a ton of fun doing it and that she wanted to remind both of us that there are good things around. Of course, lots of tears were shed by both of us, and her thoughtfulness touched me SO much. Truly, I'm blessed by the friends that I have.
~Celebrated the start of Winter Break with some yummy Mexican food from Chuy's (I didn't save the snap in time but trust me, it was deeeeeee-frickin-licious!)

~Finished watching season 2 of Fuller House

~Woke up to icy rain and super slick roads and sidewalks...tried to wait it out but the temps didn't rise fast enough for us to get out to Quantico safely to lay a wreath on my dad's grave (there was a 25 car pile up on 95 and a fire truck slipped off the highway). We have plans to get down there after Christmas, at least, but I was bummed not to be there.
~Did a ton of laundry and packed for 30 degree weather in PA and 60 and 70 something degree weather in CA. Not an easy feat for someone who is an overpacked anyway.

~Had a pretty low key day. Got some presents wrapped, got MG's oil changed, and picked up a milkshake at Potbellys (hey, when you can't drink, you find other vices haha)
~Our friend Kurt came over for a laid back night because his wife was out with a friend visiting in town #sweatpantsnight 

~Sunday morning we packed up the car, loaded Cooper and bundled up the bump and made our way to PA.

~Got in some family time on Sunday, and found out that our niece who is a junior accepted an offer at a college about an hour from her house and the scholarship is pretty incredible--so proud of that girl (and can't believe she'll be leaving for college in a year and a half!!)

~Saw Rogue 1 with the fam at 7 and then headed home and got in bed for our early morning flight this morning.

So basically, it was a busy/not busy one haha. 
Can't wait to share the pics from our time in Cali!!


  1. I hope you guys enjoy your babymoon...which you will!! Our nephew (on gary's side) just got accepted to college which is nuts!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Sounds like a busy one to me! Enjoy your babymoon SO much- can't wait to read/hear all about it! :)

  3. what a nice weekend! that is the sweetest story about your christmas elf! and seriously who doesn't love chuy's. we have one i can walk to from my office and it's just the best! have a WONDERFUL time on your baby moon! can't wait to see snaps and such!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Enjoy CA!!!!! I think the weather will be the best part haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. So many accidents. There was a 67 car pile up on 95 right outside of Baltimore too! A fuel tanker slipped off and blew up everywhere. Scary!!

  6. I'm sorry you didn't get to Quantico but Saturday morning was no joke out there. I know your dad would rather you be safe at home!

  7. Have the BEST time in Cali! And enjoy the warmer weather :) Sorry to hear you guys had such yucky weather this weekend and you didn't get to go visit your dad's grave but it sounds like with that weather it was definitely for the best. Better to be safe! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  8. Have a BLAST in San Diego!! Hope you guys have a blast!! XOXO, R

  9. I was wondering if you would make it to Quantico-we ended up not making it to Arlington either. How about that accident? Devastating.

    Enjoy your baby-moon. Such a blessing for you guys!

  10. What did you think of Rogue 1??? I really liked it, although some parts just broke my heart.

  11. Yay for finding out who your secret santa was. That is awesome that she did for you and the meaning behind it. So glad you got to put the wreath up before the weekend ended. Have a safe trip to San Diego!

  12. YAY for finding out your Christmas Elf, such a sweet friend! Have a fabulous babymoon and enjoy every second <3
    Green Fashionista

  13. I'm sorry you didn't make it to Quantico, but it's best to be safe! I hope you can find a good time to go after Christmas. :)

    Yumm...milkshakes. I'm so addicted to ice cream. It's a problem. haha

    Have fun on the babymoon!


  14. Have the best time in California! I'm glad we got to check in with each other a little bit this weekend! <3 <3

  15. Enjoy your baby moon! And how sweet is that baby's first Christmas gift!

  16. That was so thoughtful of your coworkers to theme yours around losing a loved one as you both can related! The milkshake looks delicious and I hope you guys have a blast in San Diego! I've never been so I can't wait to see all the things you explore while there. Happy babymoon and start of winter break!

  17. Hope yall enjoy the Babymoon in California, sounds like fun!! Can't wait to see pics :)

  18. Hope you guys are having a blast! Your snaps sure look like it!


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