Weekend Wins: Unexpected Happies

Happy Friday, lovies! This week brought some unexpected surprises which just added to my list of wins for the week!!

~A totally unexpected "snow" day due to expected ice etc which really just ended up being a cold, rainy day (at least where we were) which allowed me a full day at home with my girl! We got in some good play time together, including more mirror fun (Snapchat friends--hope you enjoyed that gem of cuteness), meals together, and some extra snuggles. Did not see this day off coming, but I wasn't complaining at all!
~Speaking of our little miss, someone finally sprouted her first tooth (still just starting to come up). Not that I wanted it to happen, I've just been waiting and always thinking with a fussy day/night "maybe she's teething"... Her toothless grin will be no more very shortly!

~MG and I have a double date planned with friends of ours for Saturday night (praying that the sickies stay away so we can actually make it out this time). We're doing it up big and trekking into DC for our night out--totally looking forward to it!

~Brunch plans both Saturday and Sunday this weekend--Saturday is an all-girls brunch and Sunday we're having our friends over who we missed last weekend. Again, with a kid, who knows what plans will actually stick, but I'm looking forward to all of the get-togethers: friends, food and drink!

~Happy Hour after work today at my friend's house (who watches Ella) with a ton of girlfriends from work. MG is picking Ella up from daycare and on baby duty until I get home tonight, so it should be nice to just unwind with friends over a glass of wine!

~I tried out Lizzie's Cauliflower "baked potato" soup and I have to say it was awesome!! 1) It was so easy that my husband could do it (a win!)--and he loved it as well; and 2) it was delicious and tasted so similar to potato soup!! And I loved that I was just eating straight veggies! Unfortunately, no pictures were taken because we all, including Ella, devoured it. But I'll share Lizzie's picture so you can salivate, too!
~My FIL is doing better, and did NOT have a heart attack or any other situation related to his heart, thank goodness. It seems like it was a severe muscle strain/tear from lifting and moving furniture earlier that day. We're all breathing sighs of relief that there was nothing more serious going on!

Lots of fun time with friends scheduled this weekend, in addition to time with my family--I'm a happy camper this week's end!

Hoping you've got some good stuff on the docket for the weekend--can't wait to read about it on Monday!


  1. Yay for surprise snow days! Sounds like a great weekend coming up, enjoy!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  2. Yay for unexpected days off. Those are the best! Happy Weekend, friend!

  3. The one thing I miss about living up by you is the unexpected snow days. I don’t miss the traffic at all!

    Enjoy your double date!!

  4. So fun to get an unexpected day to stay home and do all the things with your sweet girl... Sounds like you have a bunch of fun plans lined up for this weekend. Enjoy! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  5. I'm so glad your FIL's scare was not as serious! Sounds like lots of fun on tap this weekend, enjoy!

  6. Yay for her first tooth! That is so exciting and such a milestone.

  7. Glad your FIL is doing better and can't wait to hear how date night in the city went!! XOXO, R


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