Weekending: Fully Fulfilled Plans

It was the weekend where ALLLLLL of the plans we had on the docket were fulfilled, despite a near brush with the flu!

Normally we have like no plans for the weekend, but this one I had about 4 things going on between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon and was sure that something was going to wreck at least one of them, if not all! 

That 'thing' that threatened was a call from my friend who watches Ella on Friday morning saying her son had tested positive for the flu. Nooooooooooo! We kept Ella home on Friday even though she'd already been exposed the day before, and monitored her the entire weekend, thankfully without consequence (I've never put my hand on her head to feel her temp more frequently though, and poor girl is probably over that rectal thermometer at this point).

~Friday after work, my friend had a HH at her house for a bunch of the ladies from work and it was SO much fun. We had wine, cheese and other snacks, and just hung out, chatting and laughing. It was definitely good for the soul.
~While I was out, MG was on Daddy Duty and took Ella out to dinner, just the two of them. I got this picture of their daddy-daughter date and it was adorable:
~I came home in time for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics. Maybe I was distracted, but it was a little underwhelming to me. I remember the one from the London Olympics seemed to go on FOREVER (the show part). 
In typical Friday night fashion, especially after two glasses of wine, I fell asleep on the couch lol

~Saturday it was POURING rain, but I had brunch plans with some of my girl friends I haven't seen for a bit. We went to Palette 22 near our old condo and had "bottomless brunch"...You'd assume that means a "bottomless" drink right? No, apparently that meant all of the food, and you still had to pay a discounted rate for the drinks. Everyone at the table had to order it, so because a few people wanted to, we all did. I think it ended up being a rip-off but it was a good time catching up with everyone and somehow I was gone for 3 hours in the blink of an eye!

~That afternoon we just hung out at home since it was so gross out, and then later we got ready for our double date night with our friends Kelly and Alex. My friend came over to watch Ella, and once we got her down for the night, we made our way into DC to RPM Italian (Bill and Giuliana Rancics restaurant). The food was SOOOOO good. We all had trouble deciding what we wanted, and everything we ordered was phenomenal.
Somehow we were gone for 4 hours and it felt like the blink of an eye. I guess that happens when you're with great company :)

~Sunday was another crummy weather day. MG ran errands in the morning, and then we had our friends come over for lunch. The rainy weather was perfect for pesto grilled cheeses and tomato soup, and we got to break in our new dining room set with company. I didn't take any pictures because I was busy being a good hostess, and just enjoying our friends' company, and chatting about her pregnancy!
Instead, I'll share an adorable pic of Ella in perhaps one of the cutest outfits of all time:
~That afternoon the rain stopped, and the temps warmed up so we took a little walk around the neighborhood, and had some quiet post-nap snuggle time, and I got in some reading while little miss napped.
~We ordered Chipotle for dinner and had a quiet night in the rest of the evening

Hoping your weekend's plans all went off without a hitch, too, and hopefully you had slightly less crappy weather than we did!


  1. Glad the flu managed to skip over you guys; hoping for the same luck since the flu is RAMPANT in our daycare right now!!! XOXO, R

  2. Omg I love Ella's outfit! That is one fantastically-dressed gal!

  3. So glad you guys were able to come out unscathed from the flu!! Lots of fun was had over your weekend!

  4. The daddy/daughter dates are awesome! Kyle loves taking E out to breakfast, they have their favorite place they go to.

  5. I love the Friday photos of Ella. She is sooo cute. I love that she had a daddy date. I love getting those photos too. I am soooo glad no one got the flu!!

  6. It sounds like an awesome weekend! I'm glad Ella didn't catch the flu!


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