{WHW}: Currently in May


Reading....Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin. Had it on my TBR list and finally got it for a good deal on Amazon. So far it's pretty good. Trying to get a couple more books read before I link up for the next Show Us Your Books.

Eating...stuff on the grill more often, because the weather's nice, it's easy and MG is in charge of it!
Tried out a new Mexican casserole last week that was delicious and loaded with veggies (and low calorie!). Linking here.
Ready for...our transfer this week. Progesterone shots have been happening (sore butt!!) and I've started my blood thinner shots last night (those will be daily for the foreseeable future)--it wasn't too bad, but I'm not looking forward to the bruising that's gonna happen. 
If you have a moment, send us some prayers, good juju, sticky baby vibes...whatever you've got!

Buying....cute Summer clothes for Ella. I can't resist the rompers!!
Smiling....at Ella's preschool pictures. We weren't told that it was picture day (remember, the lack of communication I talked about a while back?!?), hence her outfit, but her smile makes my day.
Enjoying....being outside so much now! Ella loves going to the playground in our neighborhood (she'd go nightly if possible), and time out on the deck in the evening is the best. Enjoying these days before the heat and humidity set in.

Watching....Breaking Bad--we started the show last week or the week before, and it's gotten better than the beginning. Really heavy show. We've also been watching Game of Thrones, but I'm NOT watching The Bachelorette this year. I don't think I can watch Hannah B for a whole season.

Wearing....a "boot" on my left foot for the past week because I somehow tore/stretched the ligament in my big toe, causing the bone to shift some. Luckily I can walk on it this week without pain. Not the sexiest footwear choice though ;)
Proud....of my oldest niece Grace for winning PSAC Freshman of the Year on her college lacrosse team. She's an amazing person, on and off the field and I'm glad others saw it.
Sending...lots of love, prayers, faith and support to Jessi and her daughter Andi. And a couple of surprises too ;)
Wear pink on Monday to show #SupportforAndi

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  1. I read Elsewhere back in college and it was the first book that ever made me cry.
    I lovelovelove Breaking Bad. It does just keep getting better and actually has a satisfying ending to the series.
    I'll listen to the recap podcasts from the Bachelorette and skim the Hulu version for highlights (I love seeing the clothes!) but probably won't watch in real time. There's always so much second-hand embarrassment to the show in general.
    Good luck on your transfer!

  2. Brandon watched "Breaking Bad" and loved it and keeps trying to get me to watch it. Let me know your thoughts! So sorry about having to wear that boot! Also, thanks for sharing about precious Andi. I need to try that casserole!

  3. jason loved breaking bad, I have tried just cannot get into it. at least the boot is not like a full leg thing and OMG Ella and the tiny pony! Prayers lady, I know the baby making process is not fun for you, but so worth it.

  4. Eeeeek sending all the good vibes and prayers your way for your transfer. And YES to Breaking Bad. Definitely a heavy show but so SO good <3

    Green Fashionista

  5. Sending "sticky" baby prayers! And of course praying over that sweet Andi.

  6. TOMORROW!!!! So many prayers headed your way! XOOX, R

  7. It's so nice to be able to get outside. I bet you'll have a blast with Ella this summer! Sending prayers and peace for your transfer, and hope you foot feels better soon!


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